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The Life/Vita of Saint Photios, The Great

The Life/Vita of Saint Photios, The Great

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Published by David Fotis Cheung
The Life/Vita of Saint Photios the Great
The Life/Vita of Saint Photios the Great

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: David Fotis Cheung on Feb 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saint Photios the Great, Confessor, Equal tothe Apostles, Pillar of Orthodoxy andPatriarch (Archbishop)of Constantinople
 Which the Holy Church Commemorates on February 6/19 (OS)Photius, Photi, Photis, Photie, Fotius, Fotios, Foti, Fotis, Photiou, Fotiou, Photie,Fotie, Franklin, Frank, Frankland, Franklyn
Saint Photios the Great, Confessor of the Orthodox Faith, Equal to the Apostles andPatriarch (Archbishop)of Constantinople, and a Pillar of Orthodoxy 
 Which the Holy Church Commemorateson February 6/19 (OS) and on the 1
Sunday of November
Photius, Photi, Photis, Photie, Fotius, Fotios, Foti, Fotis, Photiou, Fotiou, Photie, Fotie, Franklin, Frank, Frankland, Franklyn
Απολυτίκιον. Ηχος πλ. α'. Τον συνάναρχον Λόγον.
Της σοφίας έκφάντωρ λαμπρός γενόμενος, Ορθοδοξίας έδείχθης θεοπαγής προμαχών, των Πατέρων καλλονή Φώτιεμέγιστε· συ γαρ αιρέσεων δεινών, στηλιτεύεις την όφρύν, Έώας το θείον σέλας, της Εκκλησίας λαμπρότης, ην διατηρεί Πάτερ άσειστον.
Ἀπολυτίκιον. Ἦχος πλ. α'. Τὸν συνάναρχον Λόγον.
Τῆς σοφίας ἐκφάντωρ λαμπρὸς γενόμενος,
Ὀρθοδοξίας ἐδείχθης θεοπαγὴς προμαχών,
τῶν Πατέρων καλλονὴ Φώτιεμέγιστε·
σὺ γὰρ αἱρέσεων δεινῶν,
στηλιτεύεις τὴν ὀφρύν,
Ἑώας τὸ θεῖον σέλας,
τῆς Ἐκκλησίας λαμπρότης, ἣνδιατηρεῖ Πάτερ ἄσειστον.
Ἕτερον Ἀπολυτίκιον. Ηχος δ'
Ως των αποστόλων ομότροπος και της οικουμένης διδάσκαλος, τω Δεσπότη των όλων ικέτευε Φώτιε, ειρήνην τηοικουμένη δωρήσασθαι, και ταις ψυχαίς ημών το μέγα έλεος.
 Apolytikion, Pl.4
(Pl. 1
Tone)“Let Us Worship the Word”
 As a radiant beacon of Wisdom hid in God, * And a Defender of Orthodoxy revealed from on High,* O Great Photios, Blestadornment of The Patriarchs, *Thou didst refute the Innovations of Boastful (western/papist) Heresy, O Light of the Holy Churches, * Which do thou keep from all error, O luminary of the Dayspring on High.
 Another Troparion - Tone 4
Follower of the Apostles' way / And teacher of mankind: / Intercede, O Photius, with the Lord of all, / To grant peace to the world // And to our souls great mercy!
 Apolytikion in the Fourth Tone
 As a teacher to the world, being one with the Apostles, intercede with the Lord of all, O Photius, that He may grant the worldpeace, and to our souls His great mercy.
Troparion of St Photius the Great Tone 5
 As a radiant beacon of wisdom hidden in God,/ and a defender of Orthodoxy revealed from on high,/ O Great Photius,adornment of Patriarchs,/ thou dost refute the innovations of boastful heresy,/ O light of the holy Church,/ preserve her fromall error,/ O luminary of the East.
 Another Apolytykion, 4
Since thou wast of like ways with the Apostles, And a teacher of the World, O Photios, entreat The Master of all, that peace begranted unto the world and Great Mercy to our Souls.
Κοντάκιον. Ηχος πλ. δ’. Τη υπερμάχω στρατηγώ.
Της Εκκλησίας ο φωστήρ ο τηλαυγέστατος, και Ορθοδόξων οδηγός ο ενθεώτατος, στεφανούσθω νυν τοις άνθεσι τωνασμάτων, η θεόφθογγος κιθάρα η του Πνεύματος, ο στερεότατος αιρέσεων αντίπαλος, ω και κράζομεν’ χαίρε πάντιμεΦώτιε.
Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone, “To thee the Champion Leader”
Far-reaching beacon of the Church and God, inspired Guide of the Orthodox, you are now crowned with the flowers of song.
 You are the divine words of the Spirit's harp, the strong adversary of heresy and to whom we cry, "Hail all-honorable Photius."
Kontakion of St Photius the Great Tone 8, “To thee the Champion Leader”
 With garlands of chant let us crown the Church's far-shining star,/ the God-inspired guide of the Orthodox, the divinely-sounded harp of the Spirit and steadfast adversary of heresy/ find let us cry to him: Rejoice, O most venerable Photius.
Kontakion in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone, “To thee the Champion Leader”
Let that resplendent and far-shining star of Christ God's Church, * let that divinely-given guide of all the Orthodox, * be nowcrowned with comely garlands of songs and praises ; * the Good Comforter's divinely-sounding harp of truth * and the steadfastadversary of all Heresy: * Let us cry to him: * Rejoice, O Photios most ven'rable.
Thou was shown to be an Angel from among men, O Father, Who from the earth didst attain unto Heaven. Wherefore, as Iconsider thee rivalling the incorporeal choirs, I am amazed, and with longing reverently cry to thee such things as these:
Thou through whom the Trinity is worshipped;
thou through whom God is hymned rightly.
mostupright canon of the Orthodox;
most steadfast rebuker of the iniquitous.
Height of humility hard to reach formany;
depth of discernment to deep for the eyes of mortals.
for thou bringest to God many of the saved.
 who art the monastic Saints' companion.
thou by whom the profane are undone;
thou by whom thefaithful are confirmed.
Rejoice, O Photios most ven'rable
Χαίροις ὀρθοδόξων φωταγωγέ, καὶ τῆς Ἐκκλησίας, νυμφοστόλε καὶ ὁδηγέ· χαίροις κακοδόξων, ἡ δίστομος ῥομφαία, ὦΦώτιε τρισμάκαρ, ῥητόρων ἔξοχε.
Χαίροις ο λαμπρότατος της Χριστού, Εκκλησίας μύστης, Ορθοδόξων προασπιστής, κακοδόξων μάστιξ, Ιεραρχίας κλέος,ο μέγας θεοφάντωρ, Φώτιε Άγιε.
Rejoice Saint Photios, most illustrious initiate of Christ's Church, champion of Orthodox Christians, scourge of those holdingfalse beliefs, glory of bishops, and God-revealing theologian.
Rejoice, you who illuminates Orthodox Christians and escorts and leads the bride, the Orthodox Church; rejoice eloquentsword against those holding false beliefs, O thrice-blessed Photios, greatest of orators.
Rejoice, thou lamp of Orthodox Faith and Life; rejoice, thou grace-filled beacon exposing hateful error; O Photios, we thefaithful bless and acclaim thy name.
Megalynarion of St Photios the Great, “Of the Soldiers standing guard../”, Tone 1
 A Lighthouse raised aloft by the spirit's resplendence,/ O Photios, thou hast guided the Church through the darkness/ andtempest of heresy with thy bright beams of saving light./ We whom thou has rescued from the shipwreck of error/ sing thy praise with longing as our Shepherd and father,/ while asking thy mighty prayers.
The Compiled Lives of Saint Photios, The GreatPatriarch of Constantinople, Confessor, and Equal to the Apostles
The Life of Saint Photius
On the Sixth of the Month of February We Commemorate Our Father Amongst the Saints PHOTIUS the CONFESSOR,Patriarch and Archbishop of CONSTANTINOPLE And Equal to the ApostlesCelebrated on February 6 (19)
Praised be Photios, Who with the Sword of the Spirit,Cut the adders to The Creed in Pieces!The Sixth ended the exile of Photios.

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