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The Feast-february 10, 2013 Issue

The Feast-february 10, 2013 Issue

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Published by Cynthia U. Santiago

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Published by: Cynthia U. Santiago on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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      E      L      S
Today, I receive all of God’slove for me. Today, I openmyself to the unbounded,
limitless, overowing
abundance of God’suniverse. Today, I open
myself to God’s blessings,healing, and miracles.
Today, I open myself to
God’s Word so I would
become more like Jesusevery day. Today, I proclaimthat I am God’s beloved,I am God’s servant, I am
God’s powerful champion.
And because I am blessed,
I am blessing the world. In
Jesus’ name. Amen.
A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILYFebruary 10, 2013
8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
First Feast Session,Plenary Hall
9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Second Feast Session,Reception Hall
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Third Feast Session,Plenary Hall
3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.
 Fourth Feast Session,Plenary Hall
 Have Fun and Be Blessein the Happiest Place on Earth!
Changing Your Relationship With Wealth
Talk 1: Happy
Talk 2: Healthy
Talk 3: HolyBig Day: Grow Your Self,Grow Your Wealth
COOL youth ggs!
See pages 4-5.
Why Money
Runs Away
from Their
EVERY WEEK, I bring my wife Marowe on a special date night.On the days we’re exceedingly tired, we sometimes telleach other, “Let’s just watch a movie and eat popcorn.” So wecheck the movie schedule together. Obviously, she prefers the
romantic lovey-dovey icks while I push for comedies or action
stuff. But since this isn’t a major decision but a minor one, I givein. (Groan.)But on the way, in the car, we get to talk. And our talking isso enriching, so refreshing, we end up dumping our movie plans because we want to keep talking. So we get into a restaurant,hold hands, and we just chat the night away.This scenario happens again and again, I wonder why westill bother to “plan” to watch a movie when we know we’ll giveit up later. (We’ve NOT watched a movie—just the two us—for a very long time. But we’ve watched movies with the kids,mostly cartoons.)After 14 years of being together, we just like talking to oneanother. And that’s the reason our marriage is very strong.Hear me out: Any healthy relationship is built onregular communication.In the same way, do you want to have a healthy relationshipwith money? Then you need to build regular communicationabout it as well.A lot of people don’t like to think or talk or read or study
about money. That’s why their money complains and les for 
divorce! Usually, money just runs away with some other guy.I strongly suggest you think about your money, read aboutyour money, study about your money, and plan about your money.I’m not asking you to love money. That will destroy you. ButI’m asking you to have a healthy relationship with money.
When you do, you’ll experience a nancial breakthrough in
your life. That’s my prayer for you in this series!
Have a terric Feast today!
May your dreams come true,BO SANCHEZ
Valentine Special Three Love Stories
See pages 6-8
FR. FROILAN BRIONES,SSS, said last Sunday’s Gospelfrom Luke 4:21-30 is about prejudice and discrimination.In the Gospel, Jesus narratedtwo stories in the Old Testamentwhere God helped the non-Jewsand foreigners alike.
The rst, about a famine in
the time of Elijah. The prophetis sent by God to farawayZarephath outside of Israel.There, he meets a widow andher son. Elijah asks the womanfor food. All the widow has are
little our and oil for her and her 
child. Nevertheless, she makesa meal for Elijah. Then, she is
rewarded with a jar of our and
a jug of oil that never runs out.The other story is aboutlepers during the time of Elishawhen there was still no cure for leprosy. Naaman, a foreigner stricken with the same disease,asks the prophet to heal him.Elisha instructs the man towash himself in the river Jordan seven times. His leprosymiraculously disappears.Fr. Briones said the Jewsthought highly of themselvesand looked down on allforeigners, so they got offendedafter hearing Jesus’ stories asthey felt Jesus was challengingtheir beliefs. So they plotted tokill Jesus.God’s grace is for all,Fr. Briones reminded us. Heencouraged everyone togive love the Christian way
as dened in Paul’s second
letter to the Corinthians. Fr.Briones lamented the manydivisions in our society. Hesaid all these would be brokenif we remember that we are allmembers of God’s family.
-- Cessna Papas
All Preciousin God’s Eyes
“WHO wants to become rich?”Bro. Bo Sanchez asked assoon as he went onstage, andthe Feast attendees roared asthey raised their hands. Bro.Bo then immediately warnedthe crowd that the new series,
 Happy, Healthy, Holy Money,
will be about something that wewon’t hear from other preachers because not all preachers talabout money.But, Bro. Bo pointedout, we should talk aboutmoney because God wantsus to have an abundant lifeas expressed in James 1:17:
“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down fromthe Father...”
Bro. Bo explained thatGod doesn’t mind us becomingrich-- on one condition: that wewill be rich on the inside beforewe become rich on the outside.
If we are rich on the inside rst,
we can handle the money thatwill come in. Bro. Bo pointed
out that money is a magnicentmagnier. If we are greedy andselsh, money will just magnifyour greed and selshness. But
if we are good, money willmagnify the good in us.So how do we usemoney? Bro. Bo referred us toPsalms 35:27: “..
.Let the Lord 
be magnied who has pleasure
in the prosperity of  His servant.”
Bro. Bo said God takes pleasure in our prosperity.But we are squeamish about becoming rich because we’veoften been told that money can’t buy happiness. So we’ve had bad relationship with money.He said, however, that there arethree kinds of rich people:
The Filthy Rich
Bo said that the lthy richare those who are greedy, selsh,
and sometimes cruel people.The reason people can say thatmoney can’t buy happiness is
 because of the lthy rich. Bro.
Bo said they are like Gollum in
the lm trilogy
The Lord of the Rings
who, at rst was normal
 but who became a monster when he desired to possess thering that he heard would makehim powerful. Similarly, if you
 become a lthy rich man, you
don’t possess money but money possesses you.
The Guilty Rich
The guilty rich arethe people who are usuallyabundantly blessed, good,church-going, and Bible-reading people-- rich people who are notcomfortable with their wealth.An example is a woman whoearns a lot of money but is stillnot happy. It turned out thatwhen she was young, talksabout money were shunned intheir house because her parents
thought gaining prot was
 bad. Bro. Bo said he advisedthe woman to read his bookson wealth and attend the Feastregularly to slowly change her mindset on money.Bro. Bo cited a surveyamong 150,000 persons to
nd out who are the happiest
countries in the world. Surveyresults showed less fortunatecountries, including thePhilippines, were in the top 10while rich countries like France,Germany, Japan, and Americaranked among the lowest with
Singapore, a rich rst-world
country, at the bottom of the list.The survey, Bro. Bo pointed out, shows that moneycan’t really buy happiness.But, he said, desiring to bewealthy is not about buyinghappiness. God designed moneyto increase helpfulness-- asstated in 1 Timothy 5:8:
if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for 
members of his household, he
has denied the faith and is worse
than an unbeliever.”
The Truly Rich
Bro. Bo said the TrulyRich is the person who useshis money to help others. Hesaid it is our moral obligation to
 be nancially stable, and even
earn more, not for ourselves for we should not be thinking of  just ourselves, but the peoplearound us who need our help. He
specically addressed fathers
who, he said, have two major tasks: to provide for their familyand to teach their children,especially their sons, how toearn money.Bro. Bo prophesied thatif we will follow the teachingon being Truly Rich, in10-20 years, we will be therichest good people in thePhilippines. If we just continueour search for abundance tohelp people, we will becomemulti-millionaires.
-- Mark Villacorte Photos by ELS 
TERESA DUMADAG sharedlast Sunday at the Feast howGod provided for her one time
she suffered a nancial crisis.
She said one day, she justdidn’t have enough money--not even for groceries for her family. She reviewed her budgetover and over again but she justcouldn’t solve her dilemma.Mustering enough faith,she asked God to help her.Throughout the week, however,there seemed to be no solutionto her problem. Undaunted, sheCome Monday, surprise!Someone bought the car she had been trying to sell for so long--at a price that more than met her immediate needs.Teresa thus shared two of God’s promises that have been
fullled for her:
God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and thelove you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.
-- Hebrews 6:10
 And God is able to bless
 you abundantly, so that in all 
things at all times, having all 
that you need, you will abound in every good work.
-- 2 Corinthians 9:8remained faithful to God, givingher tithe at the Feast, evenas she didn’t know how shewould make both ends meet thefollowing week.
THE FEAST February 10, 2013
Editor’s Note:
 Have youreections on the Feast talks? Share! and let theworld know God’s Wordsare true! For details, email 
 feasteditor@gmail.com,or call 09399044065.
Talk 2: Healthy Money
 Are You Financial Fit?
Deuteronomy 29:9
Therefore keep the words of this covenant, and dothem, that you may prosper in all that you do.
Joshua 1:8
Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate onit day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do.
Personal Reection and Group Sharing:
Are you nancially t? How can you be morenancially t this year?
 ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  __________________________________________  __________________________________________  __________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  __________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  __________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________  ___________________________________________ 
HAVE you ever felt so tiredthat you were able to sleep14 hours straight in one day?How about missing the Feastweeks in a row because you just wanted to rest at home andsleep but you couldn’t feel theworm named “guilt” slowlyconsume you deep inside?I have, and I am not proud of it.I took up Accounting,took the exam to become a
Certied Public Accountant,
and while waiting for theresults of the board exam,I worked in a call center. I passed the exam, and happily,I resigned from the call center and started working in a bank to practice my profession.At the bank, there weretimes when we were working19 hours a day, 7 days a week -- non-stop. I never wantedto complain but I think I amalready at my limit for beingtoo timid about my burden.It really is true that it’s a“dog eat dog” world out there.Add some politicking amongthe players, and, if you’retimid like me, you’ll mostlikely end up at the bottom of the manpower hierarchy.That was me when Iattended the Feast Sundaywhen Bro. Bo Sanchez talkedabout
, the last talk of the series
I hadhit rock bottom. Under the sea.In the Netherworld, if that isreally possible.That Sunday, I got outof work at 8 a.m. after our weekend 10-hour overtimework. I decided to attend theFeast just so I won’t succumbto depression. Then Bro. Botalked about the main essence
of being signicant-- that
is, “helping others achievetheir dreams.”And wham, I realizedhow I’d been simply workingfor hours on end-- for what?I felt so worthless, tears justwelled in my eyes. As I cried,I remembered all the wordsof encouragement that mycolleagues and friends havetold me. I also remembered myrole as a member of the Feast
PICC Media Ministry. At rst,
I applied to serve as a writer and photographer-- which Iloved to do. Of late, however,the leaders discovered I ama CPA. So they appointedme to head the Ministry’sFinance Department.Ah, at last! I realized the
signicance of my title as acertied accountant. I haven’t
given much importance to ituntil now. And, because of my new responsibility, I nowfeel that what I am doing is
signicant. I am signicant.
Well, maybe not right now for the company that I work for, but for the God who made it possible for me to pass theCPA board exam.I do remember making a pact with Him that when I passthe board exam, I would serveHim every which way I could.Well, here I am, Lord.Use me for Your glory.
THE FEAST February 10, 2013

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