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Target Shooter

Target Shooter

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Published by devildgog
Target Shooting
Target Shooting

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Published by: devildgog on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mrch 2012 Iss
NOW Read WORLdWIde BY OVeR 10,000 dedICaTed ReadeRS IN OVeR
MaRCH 2012 Iss
Mrch 2012 Iss
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Air Splitter & Barrel Tuners for Air Rie
Benchrest by Carl Boswell.
Benchrest rimre
shooters will know a thing or two aboutmuzzle devices (barrel tuners) and tuningthe barrel. This process has gone from theringing of the barrel, using such processesas the Hopewell method, to somethinga lot more 21st century using electronicmonitoring equipment to achieve tuning.
The Long View by Les Holgate.
Well here wego ago again - time to blow the winter cobwebs
o your F Class rie and equipment and try to put
into action your New Year’s resolution of “Mustdo better at League shoots.” (or was that justmine!)...
Choosing Sights for competition shooting. By GwynRoberts.
Moving on from making your stocks and grips
t you properly, the next thing to consider is which type
of sight (or sights) are going to be the most suitable for
the type of Gallery Rie competitions that you intend to
compete in.
This Smallbore Business – by Don Brook.
Accessories -overkill or what? Gees, I have long seen the attempts from
manufacturers to ensure that everything on a free rie isso adjustable that it ts all. Even from my good mate in
the UK, Barry Dagger - who is four foot zip - to the lengthof Harald Stenvaag from Norway, who is so tall that whenhe lays down for his prone, he is half way there! Now that,my readers, is indeed a challenge...
I compared MVs andvelocity spreads obtained from
Lapua’s new ‘Palma’ small rieprimer (SRP) / small ash-hole
cases against identical loadcombinations in normal largeprimer (LRP) examples last month,with particular reference to the
eects produced by low (< °C)
ambient temperatures. It appearsthat SRP cases are not well suitedto chilly conditions with some
powders - Viht N and N
both struggling for instance.
Practical Shotgun: This month, weak-hand reloading from a caddy - By MikeSiva-Jothy.
I saw my rst Practical Shotgun
competition a few weeks ago and good fun it
looked too – as using any semi-auto rearm
usually is! Mike Siva Jothy won the comp.
& more...
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The Grunig & Elmiger ‘Return’ Butt-plate byConor McFlynn.
If you read our February edition,you may recall the account of Irishman ConorFlynn’s spectacular win in the World Field TargetChampionships in Italy. Now Conor describes one
piece of equipment that contributed to his success.
Laurie isin the process of a ‘silk purse from a sow’s ear’
rie build which started o as an ‘out of the box’223 SPS Remington. The idea is to see just whatwe can do with a budget factory rie without
spending the earth...
The website www.targetshooteronline.com is part of Target Shooter magazine with all contents of both electronic media copyrighted. No reproductionis permitted unless written authorisation is provided. Information, prices and data is believed to be correct at the time of posting on the internet which ison or around the 1st of each month. Advertisements that are firearm related are from companies or individuals that Target Shooter magazine believesare licensed to hold such firearms and accepts no responsibility if companies or individuals are not so licensed. Letters and photographs submitted bymembers of the public to Target Shooter magazine will be accepted on the basis that the writer has agreed to publication unless otherwise stated. TargetShooter magazine has no control over the content or ownership of photographs submitted. The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarilythe views of the publishers and relate to specific circumstances within each article. These are the opinions and experiences of writers using specificequipment, firearms, components and data under controlled conditions. Information contained in the online magazine or on the website is intended to beused as a guide only and in specific circumstances caution should be used. Target Shooter Magazine does not except any responsibility for individualsattempting to recreate such testing using any information, data or other materials in its electronic pages. Publishers of Target Shooter magazine.
Well, no sooner had we got back from the Shot Show that it was ‘all systems go’ forNewark. It was great to meet so many of you and, for me it was a great Show. Our
little stand was representing not only the magazine but also Diggle Ranges, rimre andcentrere benchrest, the 50 Cal. Association and the Long Barrel Pistol & Gallery Rie
crew.When I get to meet shooters face to face for a chat, I’m always amazed how manyof you don’t actually compete in any sort of shooting discipline and have little
understanding of F Class, benchrest or what have you. My own Club at Diggle is totally
competition orientated and we cater for just about everything.
I love to see a new shooter come along – perhaps not even having an FAC - then gothrough probation, basic training, buy a rie, start reloading and enter their rstcompetition. Then maybe a year or two later they will be picking up their rst award ina Club competition or even winning one of our Championships.The great thing about our sport is that you do not need to be super-t or even that
active to be competitive – just keen and enthusiastic. We’ve taken shooters frombeginner to shooting for their country in two or three years – what an achievement foranyone!Yes, plinking and just messing about with guns is immensely enjoyable but you are
really missing something by not taking your sport to the next level. And please don’t
think that taking part in competition shooting is all serious – just the opposite – there
is plenty of fun and banter in the GBF Class Association even though we take our sport
seriously.If your own club is a little ‘inactive’ and you feel like getting goingin competitive shooting, then we are here to help. We try andcover most target shooting disciplines so, if you need help orinformation, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Vince, Yvonne & Steve
Vince Bottomley -vinceb@targetshooter.co.ukYvonne -yvonne@targetshooter.co.ukSteve - steve@stevethornton.co.uk
Welcome to the new look March 2012 edition of Target Shooter Magazine
- Vince Bottomleyvinceb@targetshooter.co.uk
Advertising and Office Manager 
- Yvonne Wilcock.yvonne@targetshooter.co.uk
Compiled, Designed & Web Production
by Steve Thornton. www.thorntonconnect.com
Contributors -
Vince Bottomley - Laurie Holland - Mike Siva-Jothy - Ken Hall - Don BrookeAlan Whittle - Tony Saunders - Gwyn Roberts & Carl Boswell
Cover & Back Page Photograph
by Steve Thornton
March 2012

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