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spirituality 27.pdf

spirituality 27.pdf

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Published by Francisco Ascencio

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Published by: Francisco Ascencio on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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spirituality - lesson 27: tado ando
 sitting in the quite residential suburb of oaska, in japan, is the ibaraki kasugaokakyokai - church of the light. in 1989 tadao ando was asked to design a christianchurch in the neighborhood he grew up in, the budget was very small but andoskillfully created what would become one of his most acknowledged buildings.the building consists of two areas - the chapel and the sunday school (added in1999), which are seperated by freestanding walls intersecting at 15 degrees. thewhole space is only 113 sqm and is contained by ando's signature material,concrete. these walls have no decoration and could have run the risk of beingover bearing. instead the building refrains from mitigating the experience of contemplation and helps distinguish scared from the ungodly, the internalreligious intimacy from the outside world.
the power of light
 what really defines the chapel is the use of light and shadows. the most notable,and important, feature is the cruciform window in the concrete rear wall, whichallows light to enter the space. where traditional christian chapels may haverelied on crucifixes as religious icons, ando uses light and nature as a symbol of spirituality. the window creates a cross which glows intensely with the sun's raysand becomes the focal point for visitors.
the simplicity of the surrounding wallscould have been constricting, instead they are forgotten and focus remains on
the light, ever changing throughout the day and through the seasons. andocreates an impression of emptiness that allows only for the surrounding of lightand stillness.every window slices seamlessly through the concrete walls, which have theappearance of being freestanding. ando had originally wanted the cross shapedwindows to be glass-less, so that the wind could enter the space adding atension to the area, however the clients insisted on some comfort.
thedominating cross also caused concern when it was realised that the pastor wouldneed to preach from the side of the cross, not directly in the centre, they wereconvinced however; and rightly so, its presence is paramount to the wholedesign. another unusual configuration is that once entering the place, the floor descends towards the cross, the seating, much like a theatre, is staggered to theend.

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