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spirituality 30.pdf

spirituality 30.pdf

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Published by Francisco Ascencio

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Published by: Francisco Ascencio on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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spirituality - lesson 30: wall clocks -HOMEWORK SUBMISSIONS
 many thanks to everybody who sent in their 'clock' designs. please look throughyour fellow participants work and give your feedback in the comments sectionbelow (constructive criticism only!). we will send you our feedback via e-mail inthe coming days.
 time is similar to luck. it's there but you can't feel it or see it, yet it has an effecton our lives. there's also something playful about the way time treats us,sometimes seeming never-ending, at other times going so quickly that we alwaysseem to be running after it. so instinctively dice and time seem to fit together.time is what you make it.the wall-clock consists of a green metal base that recalls the color of the greenbaize used for covering gambling tables. the dice contain magnets so that theystick onto the base, but can be moved (or thrown) to form the numbers you
choose, wherever you want. a number of dice are given with the clock so youcan make up as many numbers as you want.
“my own clock”
 peace of mind, free will and contemplation made tangible in clock function. thesquare enclosing the circle, seeking out organic and alive.
“my own clock” is made of red pottery and tempe
red glass. the bubble is dividedinto 24 parts, that relate to 24 hours a day. but you can decide you want toremind you that only written or drawn in sections circle corresponding to the time
you want to use. “my own clock” is not an accurate clock, by co
ntrast produces avery diffuse boundary only by the depth of water.

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