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Mathematical Biology Lecture notes

Mathematical Biology Lecture notes

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Published by Ahmed M. Al-Zahrani
lecture note
lecture note

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Published by: Ahmed M. Al-Zahrani on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mathematical Biology
Lecture notes for MATH 4333(formerly MATH 365)
Jefrey R. Chasnov
The Hong Kong University ofScience and Technology
The Hong Kong University o Science and TechnologyDepartment o MathematicsClear Water Bay, KowloonHong KongCopyrightc
2009–2012 by Jefrey Robert ChasnovThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License.To view a copy o this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/hk/or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco,Caliornia, 94105, USA.
What ollows are my lecture notes or Math 4333:
Mathematical Biology 
, taughtat the Hong Kong University o Science and Technology. This applied mathe-matics course is primarily or nal year mathematics major and minor students.Other students are also welcome to enroll, but must have the necessary mathe-matical skills.My main emphasis is on mathematical modeling, with biology the sole ap-plication area. I assume that students have no knowledge o biology, but I hopethat they will learn a substantial amount during the course. Students are re-quired to know diferential equations and linear algebra, and this usually meanshaving taken two courses in these subjects. I also touch on topics in stochas-tic modeling, which requires some knowledge o probability. A ull course onprobability, however, is not a prerequisite though it might be helpul.Biology, as is usually taught, requires memorizing a wide selection o actsand remembering them or exams, sometimes orgetting them soon ater. Forstudents exposed to biology in secondary school, my course may seem like adiferent subject. The ability to model problems using mathematics requiresalmost no rote memorization, but it does require a deep understanding o basicprinciples and a wide range o mathematical techniques. Biology ofers a richvariety o topics that are amenable to mathematical modeling, and I have chosenspecic topics that I have ound to be the most interesting.I, as a UST student, you have not yet decided i you will take my course,please browse these lecture notes to see i you are interested in these topics.Other web surers are welcome to download these notes romhttp://www.math.ust.hk/˜machas/mathematical-biology.pd and to use them reely or teaching and learning. I welcome any comments, sug-gestions, or corrections sent to me by email (jefrey.chasnov@ust.hk). Althoughmost o the material in my notes can be ound elsewhere, I hope that some o it will be considered to be original.
Jeffrey R. Chasnov
Hong KongMay 2009iii

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