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Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Origins of AGW

Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Origins of AGW



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Published by evelynvdr
Lord Monckton Launch, 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Speaker Ann Bressington, Independent MLC (Member of the Legislative Council), South Australia
Lord Monckton Launch, 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Speaker Ann Bressington, Independent MLC (Member of the Legislative Council), South Australia

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: evelynvdr on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ann Bressington
Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome and Originsof the Religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)
2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre
I first stumbled across Agenda 21 in about 2008, and quite frankly, my first reaction was to dismisswhat I was reading, because I didn’t believe that any government in Australia would take us downthis road. Then I began to see a legislative pattern emerging in Parliament which concerned megreatly, and I also started to see the tenor of legislation that we were passing. I did air thoseconcerns in Parliament and was dismissed and ignored. The words “Agenda 21”, ladies andgentlemen, were never meant to be spoken, and if they were, then of course it would be dismissedas a Conspiracy Theory, because if people knew Agenda 21 and what it stood for, there’s plenty of information out there where they could actually learn what the end game was, and governmentsdidn’t want that to be known.My Dad always said to me that people only lie for two reasons. One reason is because you’reashamed of what you’re doing, and the second reason is that you don’t want people to be warned just before you screw them. And I honestly believe that these secrets have been kept for both of those reasons.Ladies and gentlemen, the origins of the environmental movement as we see it began back in 1968when the Club of Rome was formed. The Club of Rome has been described as a crisis think tank,which specializes in crisis creation. The main purpose of this think tank was to formulate a crisisthat would unite the world and condition us to the idea of global solutions to local problems. In adocument called “The First Global Revolution”, authored by Alexander King and BertrandSchneider, on pgs. 104 & 105 it is stated: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came upwith the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the likewould fit the bill. … All these dangers, of course, will be caused by human intervention that willrequire a global response.” That’s the origin of global warming, ladies and gentlemen.In 1975 Australia agreed to bring in a new economic order via the Lima Declaration on the SecondConference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. The outcome of this was,as I said, the Lima Declaration, which was the blueprint for the redeployment of tools, jobs andmanufacturing to the developing nations, leaving countries like Australia short of technology, amanufacturing base and jobs. Blind Freddy can now see what the outcome of that has been for our country with the unworkable Trade & Tariffs Agreements, hand in hand with this that followed as amatter of course. This is now a reality, with around 90% of our agriculture and manufacturing justgone.Australia signed the Lima Declaration, and hundreds of others, with the support of all major  political players: Whitlam, Fraser, Hawk, Keeting, Houston, Howard, Rudd, the Democrats, theGreens, and even the Nationals. It has been put to me that all of these treaties were the foundationfor the rollout of Agenda 21, and it seems that Australia has been moved around the globalchessboard, and our so-called leaders with either complicit or naïve to the long-term consequences,and now we’re almost at checkmate.
In 1992 former President of the United States, George Bush, Sr. said: “Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require profound reorientation of human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced - a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals, and anunprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources. This shift will demand that aconcern for the environmental consequences of every human action will be integrated intoindividual and collective decision-making at every level.”Cutting through the code, I want everyone to consider what the words “profound reorientation of allhuman society and unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources” actually means.For everyone here tonight not familiar with Agenda 21, I would suggest that this is the beginning of your learning curve, not the end.In 1992 Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN Earth Summit and member of the Club of Rome, said: “It is clear that current life styles and consumption patterns of the affluent middleclass, involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen convenience foods, useof fossil fuels, ownership of motor vehicles, small electrical appliances, home and workplace air conditioning and suburban housing are not sustainable.” Put those statements together with the previous ones and it must become clear that Agenda 21 is about controlling every aspect of our lives: How we eat, what we eat, how much we eat, how we move around, food production, theamount of food and where we even live.Dixy Ray, former Washington State Governor and Asst. Secretary for Oceans and InternationalEnvironmental & Scientific Affairs stated: “Agenda 21 seeks to establish a mechanism for transferring the wealth from citizens to the Third World. Fear of environmental crisis would beused to create a world government and UN central direction.”From a report in the 1976 UN’s Habitat One Conference: “Land cannot be treated as an ordinaryasset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Privateland ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth -therefore contributes to social injustice.” In other words, ladies and gentlemen, if you work hardand you exercise good financial management and invest in property, you are contributing to socialinjustice.In a report from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development: “We need a newcollaborative decision process that leads to better decisions, more rapid change, and more sensibleuse of human, natural, and financial resources in achieving our goals.” And at the same time,Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chair of the Wildlands Project says: “Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.” J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on SustainableDevelopment: “Participating in a UN-advocated planning process would very likely bring out manyof the conspiracy-fixated groups and individuals in our society.” And here we are. “This segmentof our society, who fear One World Government and UN invasion, through which our individualfreedoms will be stripped away, would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined theconspiracy by undertaking Agenda 21. So we will call our process something else. We will call itcomprehensive planning, or growth management, or Smart Growth. We ended up with SustainableDevelopment.”The redeployment of human and financial resources has now become visible to us all via the cuts toservices and programs to assist the sick, the young, the elderly, and of course, the creation of another level of poverty, now identified by the term “the working poor”. I was speaking to a personlast week, and he said to me: “If Hitler was still around, he’d be sitting back thinking, ‘I didn’t need bullets for a global takeover.’ And he’d be right.”
We see daily cash grabbing by new taxes called levies, supposedly because we’re cash strapped inthis State, and at the same time see big projects spending that does not fit with message that we’rein financial crisis. But we, the people, have to tighten our belt, while the government seemsabsolutely unaware and unconcerned of the amount of debt that it is accumulating. This in turnmeans that taxes, levies, fines and other penalties increase, as well as the cost of living risingexponentially, and the ordinary citizen’s ability to exist well is compromised with almost every lawthat we pass.We’re constantly paying for so-called services that we don’t receive. This is wealth redistributionat the grassroots level, redeployment of financial resources, ensuring only hardship for citizens that just really want to get on with their lives.The Parliament has also ventured into the rights of people to own and retain their property andmanage it without government interference: In particular, the laws around water allocation, naturalresource management, The Native Vegetation Act, The Development & Planning Act, which are allequally toxic to our food producers, as they are to our long-term security, we city dwellers.Everyone needs to remember, we all pay a Natural Resource Management levy on our tax rates. Sothis is not just going to affect the food producers. The intrusions into our property that Peter wastalking about that land producers are going through will roll out into the suburbs and into the city, because they have the authority to do that.We already have fiddled in Parliament with land titles of people in rural areas, and I’m talkingabout the Burroughs from McLaren Vale legislation that passed, and the buzz words used to justifythat was “Heritage Status” - at the same time that our right to own and manage our land, haveaccess to water, produce adequate food to ensure that our only option is not to consume often toxicand substandard food from places like China.This government has been working overtime to take away our rights to Common Law through many pieces of legislation. Common Law is what guarantees us an ability to correct injustices. Thiscoming year, I promise you, you will also hear debate over a number of pieces of legislation thatwill further erode our Common Law rights, and you have to get behind me, ladies and gentlemen, tostop this from going through.As Agenda 21 became more and more apparent to me, I began using the line in Parliament thatgovernment was now declaring war on its own citizens, and that goes back as far as 2008. This, of course, led me to being labeled a conspiracy theorist. But here we are now, openly talking aboutAgenda 21 and the ramifications we will see in a short period of time if this is not stopped in itstracks.Let me just say that I often hear that we cannot stop what is happening. Two-party preferredsystem, vote Labor, vote Liberal, what does it matter? And in fact, that’s probably true for theHouse of Assembly, because that’s where government’s formed. But, ladies and gentlemen, here inSouth Australia we have the Legislative Council, the house of review. And, my friends, that iswhere the true power does lie. And the last thing that governments want you to understand is thatno matter who is in power, the Legislative Council is there for checks and balances. And when theLegislative Council isn’t overly influenced by the major parties, legislation can be blocked.Remember, on most of these policies that I’ve spoken about here today, there has been bi-partisansupport for everything that has gone through. When the major parties join together, then theCrossbenchers and minor parties, basically our vote is null and void. The way to avoid that is tomake sure that when the major parties do join together they don’t have the numbers. For way too

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