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ENG11H 7 Naturalism

ENG11H 7 Naturalism

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Published by Josh Cauhorn

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Published by: Josh Cauhorn on Feb 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mr Josh Cauhorn / English 11 Honors1
7 – Naturalism and Stephen Crane’s “Open Boat”
45 mins
IDOE Standards Covered 
Standard 3: READING: Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Text
Students read and respond to grade-level appropriate historically or culturally significantworks of literature that reflect and enhance their study of history and social science.
Structural Features of Literature: Analyze characteristics of subgenres, types of writings such as satire, parody, allegory, and pastoral that are used in poetry, prose,plays, novels, short stories, essays, and other basic genres.• Satire: using humor to point out weaknesses of people and society.• Parody: using humor to imitate or mock a person or situation.• Allegory: using symbolic figures and actions to express general truths abouthuman experiences.• Pastoral: showing life in the country in an idealistic - and not necessarilyrealistic - way.
Analyze the way in which the theme or meaning of a selection represents a viewor comment on life, using textual evidence to support the claim.
Analyze or evaluate works of literary or cultural significance in history (American,English, or world) that:
reflect a variety of genres in each of the respective historical periods.
were written by important authors in the respective major historical periods.
reveal contrasts in major themes, styles, and trends.
reflect or shed light on the seminal philosophical, religious, social, political, or ethical ideas of their time.
Analyze the clarity and consistency of political assumptions (statements that takefor granted something is true), beliefs, or intentions in a selection of literary works or essays on a topic.
Analyze the philosophical arguments presented in literary works to determinewhether the authors' positions have contributed to the quality of each work and thecredibility of the characters.
At the end of this lesson, the student will be able to:
Come to a personal conclusion on the validity of Naturalism. (11.3.1., 11.3..2.,11.3.5., 11.3.7., 11.3.8)1.1Summarize aspects of Naturalism using textual proof from studied texts.
1.2Synthesize this knowledge with personal beliefs.1.3Defend or deny the validity of Naturalism using clear, logicalargumentation.
Prepare Hulu video: http://www.hulu.com/watch/4166/saturday-night-live-raft-captainCopy Naturalism Notes SheetsTO DO list for today:-Hulu video-intro to Naturalism; definition-read and write: 20 mins-socratic seminar 
0-7 mins // Anticipatory Set
As students walk in, begin class with the Hulu video. Introduce Crane book; stateobjectives for today: we will have an informed discussion on Naturalism.
8-15 mins // Introduce Naturalism
Present PowerPoint, introducing Naturalism. Make sure kids are filling out their graphicorganizer.
15-35 mins // Read part of Law of Life and write in notes sheet
Students will read pgs. 749-752 in their textbook, then fill in their notes sheet. Remindthem to try to integrate parts of the story into their notes sheet, for they will be using it indiscussion.
35-44 // Socratic Seminar of Naturalism
Have students think of key questions and use notes sheets just filled out to discuss thevalidity of Naturalism. Ask them to write down points that stand out to them, for this willbe one of two essays on the test. They must integrate historical context and literatureinto the essay on the test.
Close out the lesson, reiterating naturalism and asking students to read for tomorrow if they haven’t yet.
Materials Needed 
-Naturalism PowerPoint-Hulu video

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