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New Opportunities for Cooperation in Designing and Delivering International Aid

New Opportunities for Cooperation in Designing and Delivering International Aid

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This policy brief encourages Turkey to learn from Europe and the United States as it starts
international development programs.
This policy brief encourages Turkey to learn from Europe and the United States as it starts
international development programs.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: German Marshall Fund of the United States on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Turkey’s rapideconomic growth has earned it aplace among the world’s leading emerging markets. Turkey hasalso expanded its geopolitical
infuence through participation
in multilateral initiatives andassumed greater leadership inglobal development efforts. As itsaid efforts increase, the strategicdesign and delivery of aid is asubject of increasing importance.As key allies in Turkish foreignpolicy and as experienceddonors, U.S. and European aidagencies can also share valuableexperience on engaging civilsociety throughout all aspectsof development practices. Thiswill foster greater harmonizationamong U.S., European, andTurkish aid agencies, promotecooperation between thegovernment and the civil societysector, strengthen the qualityand impact of aid delivered,and multiply the impact of Turkey’s soft power in the globaldevelopment arena.
New Opportunities for Cooperation inDesigning and Delivering International Aid
by Filiz Bikmen
February 6, 2013
Washington, DC
Over the pat te year, rkey’ rapdecoomc growth ha eared t a placeamog the world’ leadg emerggmarket. At the ame tme, rkey haexpaded t geopoltcal ecethrogh partcpato  mltlateraltatve ch a the UN Secrty Cocl ad amed greater leader-hp  global developmet eort.
 I le wth thee developmet, rkey’ocal developmet ad (chaeledthrogh IKA, rkey’ ad agecy)reached a peak o approxmately US$1bllo  2011. Accordgly, rkey haalo agreed to cotrbte $200 mlloaally to the UN’ Leat DevelopedCotre (LDC) tatve, wth a totalo $5 bllo by 2015 ad a target o $10bllo total by 2020. T demotraterkey’ pla or amg eve greaterrepoblty  promotg global ocalad ecoomc developmet.Gve th tred, the trategc degad delvery o ad  a bject o creag mportace. Troghotth proce, IKA ca beet greatly by coordatg wth a broader rage
1 Daniel M. Klima and Richard Fontaine, “Global Swing States: Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and the Future of International Order,” German Marshall Fund, November2012,http://www.gmfus.org/programs/asia/global-swing-states/ 
o rkh NGO  haregexperte  degg, delverg, adevalatg ad program.A key alle  rkh oreg polcy ad a expereced door, U.S. adEropea ad agece ca alo hare valable experece o egaggcvl ocety throghot all apecto developmet practce. T wlloter greater harmozato amogU.S., Eropea, ad rkh ad age-ce, promote cooperato betweethe govermet ad the cvl ocety ector (alo kow a the thrd ector),tregthe the qalty ad mpact o ad delvered, ad mltply the mpacto rkey’ of power  the globaldevelopmet area.
The Case for Engagingthe New Partners
Expadg the realm o parterhpbetwee govermet ad the thrdector  promotg hma, ocal,ad democratc developmet yeldmore eectve otcome ad ta-able mpact. For example, USAID (theU.S. Agecy or Iteratoal Devel-opmet) ad EropeAd (DrectorateGeeral or Developmet ad Cooper-ato o the EU) have developed cleartratege ad mecham to egage a
broad ad dvere rage o NGO  the creato ad ae-met o ad polce. A a relt, NGO  thee cotreare alo more aware ad volved  the developmet adprogram o ther repectve cotre. Tee agece alohave deed method to clde NGO a key takeholder the developmet proce ad allocate gcat d todevelop cvl ocety  recpet cotre. Te Swedh AdAgecy (SIDA)  alo amog the leadg door  the areao bldg ad tregtheg cvl ocety globally.IKA  tll at the very early tage o egagg cvl ocety  rkey ad abroad. o date, oly a very lmted gropo NGO ha egaged wth IKA  the delvery o ad.IKA alo lack a trategy to egage local NGO a part-er  developmet program, or do they have a targetedprogram ad allocated bdget to tregthe cvl ocety ( ad recpet cotre). By workg wth rkh NGOad U.S. ad Eropea ad agece, IKA ca developmore collaboratve tratege to egage cvl ocety, thoterg a more clve ad taable approach ordevelopmet ad program.
The Potential for Partnership with Turkish NGOs
Over the pat decade or o, the cvl ocety ector rkey ha grow  ze ad tregth. Icreaed adher-ece to teratoal tadard wth regard to bacrght ad reedom looeed the tght grp o law adreglato that, or early two decade, lmted the pacead atoomy o NGO ad odato. Te copead amot o EU ad other blateral dg ha alocreaed, helpg to bld a troger ector ad creaethe capacty o NGO at the atoal ad local level.Drg th tme, parterhp betwee NGO ad local/atoal govermet have alo bee o the re, whch hachaeled the experte, experece, ad reorce o cvlocety to promote rkey’ hma ad ocal developmet.For example, the NGO AKU (Search ad Rece Aoca-to), ha cotrbted exteve rele, rece, ad reco-trcto experte or atral dater maagemet. ACEV,the Mother Chld Edcato Fodato, ha deged adrolled ot program or hdred o thoad o people the area o wome’ lteracy, ather trag, ad early chldhood edcato. Te Edcato Reorm Itatve atthe Itabl Polcy Ceter/Sabac Uverty ha appledt ar-reachg capablte to motor edcato pedgad polcy, covee takeholder, ad help the Mtry o Edcato coder more eectve alteratve. Gve theopportty ad a clear ramework or collaborato, thecollectve kowledge ad experece o thee ad otherNGO cold eectvely be chaeled toward rkey’ adprogrammg eort abroad.
Developing Inclusive Strategies for Social Changeand Sustainability
Eqally vtal or developg ad mplemetg eec-tve developmet trategy ad programmg  the actvevolvemet o NGO  ad recpet cotre. I thlght, the approach o door ha bee a bject o greatdebate, leadg to the creae  the creato o varoprcple ad code o codct or “ad eectvee.”Whle Cha’ approach  Soth Arca, or example, habee crtczed or excldg the local poplato, rkey’approach o applyg a more “tmate model”  delvergad  Somala  certaly to be appladed.
Te ItablProgram or Acto or the Leat Developed Cotretatve (to whch rkey  a major door) alo goebeyod bac rele program ad clde tratege orocal chage, ch a empowermet o wome ad yoth,whch  alo to be commeded.However, the heer complexty o ocal chage eortreqre the actve partcpato o cvl ocety to make rethat dvere voce o rght-holder are heard, ad that rght-bearer are held to accot or ther repectve acto adacto. Gvg NGO a voce drg the deg ad mple-metato o program creae the clvee o devel-opmet program, ad ere that NGO are o board orthe log jorey o chagg ocal bele ad ytem (law,polce, ad practce) that perpetrate cycle o jtce adeqalty. IKA hold take actve ad clear meare toere th  all o t cotry operato.Yet  order or NGO to be eqal ad eectve parter the developmet proce, they mt have capacty adkll. IKA hold create pecc program to pport thedevelopmet o a trog ad vbrat cvl ocety, ad bldthe capacty o NGO. Ivetg  th eld  crtcal or
2 World Policy Institute, “Turkey Shocks Africa,” Winter 2012,http://www.worldpolicy.org/journal/winter2012/turkey-shocks-africa
both mmedate goal ad the log-term taablty o the developmet program that IKA wll pport.Whe creatg cvl ocety parterhp ad pport trate-ge, t  vtal that door alo thk ahead to ther potetalext tratege, a oe day  the tre, they wll evetally cale dow ad ad operato. For example,  the extew year, the U.K. Departmet or Iteratoal Develop-met (DFID) wll be plag ther ext rom Ida. T gog to have a gcat mpact o the cvl ocety ector, whch DIFD ha allocated coderable reorce tobld. Keepg th  md rom the very begg wllbe mportat or IKA, whch ca draw o the expereceo eaoed door, ad develop tactc to tregthe thecvl ocety ector whle alo ecoragg local dometcder to ame a actve role.I rkey or example, ce the Ottoma Era ad or moto the Repblca Era, prvate phlathropy ha dedwhat I reer to a the “hardware” o ocety: chool, hop-tal, dorm, ad o o. Yet, the “ofware”  eqally crtcal,pportg hma developmet, ad chagg the ocalbele ad ytem that perpetrate eqalty.
Bldghdred o chool or grl  ot eogh; t  eceary to alo ecorage prcple o geder eqalty  edcato— a mave ocal chage eort that ca take geeratoto acheve. Whle may oreg ad agece ad program(the EU, b-lateral d) ad other oreg odato areaware o the mportace o dg ch eort, or motrkh door, the appeal o phycal bldg or edca-toal cholarhp  greater. However, ad agece adother oreg orce o d ca alo help local dometcdoor dertad th vale ad develop tratege topport ocal chage. T  a mportat role or IKA.I order to ere tmot accotablty ad trapar-ecy o ad d, IKA hold take great care  devel-opg trgetly traparet ad accotable practce electg ad dg parter, wthot beg overbeargly complex ad th dcoragg. Fd that are allocated toNGO or ad delvery are a orm o pblc d. A ch,the allocato o thee d hold adhere to rgoroprocedre ad polce wth clear ad pblc reportgtadard, or both recpet ad IKA.
3 Filiz Bikmen,
Turkish Policy Quarterly 
New Opportunities for Cooperation withthe United States and Europe
Te trategc allace ad parterhp betwee rkey adthe Uted State ad Erope  wthot qeto o cetralmportace, ow more tha ever — ot oly de to rkey’creag role  global developmet, bt alo  lght o recet coct ad repectve developmet challege t mmedate eghborhood. Te expao o IKA’ adprogram create ew opportte ad chael or coop-erato wth Erope ad the Uted State — partclarly developg tratege or workg wth cvl ocety.USAID ad Eropea ad agece have exteve expe-rece  th area. Tey have deed ad appled clearramework or egagg ther ow dometc NGO  theproce o degg, mplemetg, ad aeg devel-opmet ad program. For example,  2002, EropeAdpblhed two mportat docmet to gde t trategy or workg wth “o-tate” actor o two level — oe the ormato o developmet polcy, the other or exteralrelato  recpet cotre. Tey alo, throgh deg-ated program, extevely pport actvte to tregthecvl ocety  ad recpet cotre, to ere that cvlocety  a actve ad eectve cotrbtor to the develop-met ad democratzato proce.Spportg actvte that are vtal or a trog ad actvecvl ocety  alo a commo trategy o thee agece. Forexample, USAID ad SIDA provde exteve pport to theIteratoal Ceter or Not or Prot Law (ICNL), whchwork wth govermet, cvl ocety orgazato, adthe teratoal commty  more tha 100 cotreto mprove the legal evromet or cvl ocety, phla-thropy, ad pblc partcpato arod the world. ICNL the project maager or USAID’ Cvl Socety OrgazatoStaablty Idex, whch provde p to date ormatoabot the legal ramework, acal vablty, ad orga-zatoal capacty o cvl ocety  50 cotre  MddleEat/North Arca, Cetral/Eater Erope, b-SaharaArca, ad Soth Aa. SIDA alo pport ICNL ad otherglobal NGO parter throgh the Cvl Socety Itatve,a program to creae ad eectvee ad tregthe UNmecham wth regard to promotg ad protectg therght to reedom o aocato, aembly, ad expreo.Te Eropea Commo drectorate, cldg Ero-peAd ha provded exteve pport ad worked  cloe

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