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Basketball Coaching Zone Attack Resources

Basketball Coaching Zone Attack Resources

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Published by brianw_55
Zone Attack Principles, Plays, and drills for basketball coaches to add to their collection of resources
Zone Attack Principles, Plays, and drills for basketball coaches to add to their collection of resources

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Published by: brianw_55 on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thoughts on Building a Zone Attack
 1) What is your philosophy against the zone defense?2) What do you want to emphasize in your zone attack?
Get the ball inside.
The ball must be touched inside before a perimeter shot is taken.
Attack from the short corner.
Keep a man in the high post area, or flash into the post from below or behind the defense.
Screen the interior of the defense, screen on the perimeter, or both.
Patience and penetration by both the pass and dribble.
3) Executing sound basketball fundamentals of ball-handling, passing, cutting, screening andfaking will beat any zone defense!4) Primary emphases against zone defense
Beat the defense down by fast breaking.
Patience and penetration.
Shot discipline.
Rebounding organization
two rebounders on the back side.
5) Offensive perimeter guidelines
spread the defense.
“Get where they ain’t” –
Adolph Rupp
Get in the gaps of the zone.
Be “shot ready” on the perimeter with the hands in shooting position and the knees and
hips down ready to catch and shoot.
Where did the defender come from who is guarding your area? Take him away from thatarea.
Reverse the ball from side to side.
Use the dribble smartly
dribble from point to wing
dribble away from the baselinetoward the wing
Freeze a defender by dribbling at his inside shoulder.
Fill the high post by cutting from the back side wing position.
Backside wing must go to the offensive glass.
6) Inside and post guidelines
Fill the post from behind and under the defense.
Post strong and pin a defender inside or out.
Step out and fill the short corner.
Step out and fill the point to reverse the ball.
When the high post receives the ball
the low post goes to the rim.
When the low post (short corner) receives the ball
the high post cuts to the rim.
Screen the middle man in the zone defense.
Screen the back side wing of the defense.
Sprint out and screen a perimeter defender guarding the ball.
7) Details
Emphasize the use of pass fakes and shot fakes.
Take the ball to one side of the court
reverse the ball
attack the short corner,
Take the ball to one side of the court
reverse the ball
attack the middle of the defense.
Attack the weakest defenders in the zone.
Fill the high post from under and behind the defense.
Fill the high post from the back side wing.
Fill the high post from the point.
Use stacks against the zone and then overload an area.
Distort the zone by dribble penetration.
Dribble off the point to pull defender out of position.
Dribble at the inside shoulder of a perimeter defender to freeze him.
Reverse the ball.
When passing from the wing to the top, the ball must be dribbled or passed across the
line” before it can be returned to the passer.
Keep a post player away from and below the defense.
Have that post “pin” on ball reversal.
Flash into the middle of the defense from the back side wing.
Flash a post into the middle from behind and below the defense.
Attack the zone from the short corner.
If the ball is received in the middle of the defense, look low and then opposite.
Handle the ball!
Pass away from the defense.
Look to make the bounce pass into the post.
Play to your strengths and the defenses weaknesses.
Have discipline and get great shots.
Try to make one defender guard two offensive players.
Catch, dribble freeze a defender and then pass.
Against one guard front zones, look for the diagonal skip pass from corner to back side wingthen the down pass to the corner.
Have good ball movement and good player movement.
Move the ball quicker than the defense can move.
Zone attack
Stacks are a great way to distort the look of the zone.
On the skip pass, #5 screens the middle defender and #4 curlsdown toward the baseline.
After screening, #5 will try to seal the defender and post up in themiddle.
Note: #1 can dribble the ball to the wing. If this occurs, #2 willrun a shallow cut and fill the point.
The wings can be stacked in the middle of the defense with onefilling the point while the other can choose to cut to the ball sidecorner, the back side corner, fill the back side wing, or post in themiddle of the defense.
Form double stacks and vary the cuts of the wings as they breakout of the stacks..
Note: this is a great way to play against people who are running amatchup zone.
Note: There is a triangle formed on the ball sid

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