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A Case study on Conflict Management

A Case study on Conflict Management

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Published by Mahfuza Akter Mili
Compromising (You bend, I bend )Symbol: Fox
Compromising (You bend, I bend )Symbol: Fox

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Published by: Mahfuza Akter Mili on Feb 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ssignment of Managerial NegotiationAssignment No : 04 (Four)Topic : A Case study on Conflict Management
ubmitted To
Mr. S.M. Hasan IqbalChief Technical AdviserEuropean UnionCourse Instructor : Managerial NegotiationDepartment of Business Administration
ubmitted ByMahfuza Akter [Mili]ID :
 ( Student of MBA )
Ghosheti Begum is one of your best friends from childhood. She is your colleague too in the same
pharmaceutical company “ Goder Upor Bishfora ” with similar responsibility. Both you are doing well &
the boss Mr. Lal Mia is happy with both of you. You both are very ambitious in life. While Ghosheti is
struggling with her family’s financial crisis you are enjoying the well off condition. Her father Mr. Chikon
Ali is a retired teacher who did not save a lot before retirement. Ghosheti is badly looking for someexposure not only to grow professionally but also to solve their financial turbulence. On the other handyou have such a personality that does not allow any career building opportunity to pass through withoutyour attention and you are not just ready to miss anything like that.Since childhood, you have a close relationship with her family. With the elapse of time, you developedsome emotions for eldest brother, Chaklader who is also in love with you. This is known in both families.You are well accepted by their family & your parents are also eagerly waiting for him to come as a familymember. You chalked out a plan with him and it is to be announced anytime.Few months later, a very relevant and crucial scholarship opportunity came to your department whereyou two are contenders. You are just excited to avail this opportunity because it will give your career anew and bright look. On the other hand, Ghosheti is desperate to give her 100% for this opportunitybecause this is highly flashy scholarship and the incumbent will get lot of financial benefits. This is thelast time your organization has been offered to handle this scholarship. But only one person will get this.Mr. Lal suggested both of you to settle the issue and come up with one name for the scholarship.You both are in clear conflict. What will be your strategy to handle this situation?
To analysis the case study viewed the fallowing situation -
Two opponents with equal power are strongly committed to mutually exclusive goals
Stand a strong relationship
To achieve goals to complex issues
Goals are moderately important, but not worth the effort or potential disruption of more assertivemodes
To arrive at expedient solutions under time pressure
find yourself too sensitive or embarrassed to be effective in bargaining situations
find it hard to make concessions
As a backup mode when collaboration or competition fails to be successful
To handle such situation need to applied the conflict management style -
Compromising (You bend, I bend )Symbol: Fox
The middle ground approach.Pros: Useful in complex issues without simple solutions; all parties are equal in power.Cons: No one is ever really satisfied; less than optimal solutions get implemented
( Foxes use a compromising conflict management style; concern is for goals and relationships.Foxes are willing to sacrifice some of their goals while persuading others to give up part of theirsCompromise is assertive and cooperative-result is either win-lose or lose-loseFoxes seek a compromise
they give up part of their goals and persuade the other person in a conflict togive up part of his/her goals.Foxes seek a conflict situation in which both sides gain something
the middle ground between twoextreme positions.
relationships are maintained and conflicts are removed
compromise may create less than ideal outcome and game playing can result )
 Reason for choosing this conflict management style
is intermediate in both assertiveness and cooperativeness. The object is to find someexpedient, mutually acceptable solution which partially satisfies both parties. It falls on a middle groundbetween competing an accommodating. Compromising gives up more than competing but less than
accommodating. Likewise, it addresses an issue more directly than avoiding, but doesn’t explore it in as
much depth as collaborating. Compromising might mean splitting the difference, exchanging concessions,or seeking a quick middle-ground position
Determine whether a true consensus can be achieved. If so, reinforce through merits of their position andconstructively guide the conflict into a free communicating environment where the consensus can bepursued.
Use the following strategies to handle the compromising management style -

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