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The Greenthorpe Saga

The Greenthorpe Saga

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Published by: Jørdan Wiłłiam Jett on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Public Domain


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The Greenthorpe Saga
 Chapter 1: The watchman
Chapter 1: The watchman by SlaYo.
 The once thriving village of Greenthorpe had fallen into despair long ago.Abandoned factories surrounded it and now stood side by side as iron monuments to dayslong gone.Reduced to a rustic village it lay on the edge of the Peddleburg region.The families that had stayed behind after the depression some two hundred years ago ledquiet lives, harvesting crops or taking care of their cattle. None of them were alive duringthe days when the charitable Lawrence Greenthorpe still occupied the old mansion justoutside of town.He had always been a warm and kind man and even though none of the villagers hadknown him in life, they all had a deep respect for him. The Peddleburg region would benowhere today if not for the economic boost brought forth by him.The luxuries in live might not have been as plentiful any more but the villagers were contentwith what they had.There was food on their tables every day and their children had the opportunity to getproper education and room enough to play. Greenthorpe still had a very attractive townsquare in which the villagers took great pride.During the days of warmth the fountain in the central would be turned on. It was a truesight to admire how the water would squirt feet into the air and gracefully trickled down intothe round, marble basin below.Many a romance had laid its foundation on the edge of this basin as the sun slowly set overthe town hall with its tall bell tower, with 59 feet the highest structure in town.The town hall had still kept its function even though the number of employees was nowconsiderably less than in the days of yore. Several little shops were located around thesquare and every morning the delightful buzz of everyday life could be heard as the bakerdisplayed his fresh loaves of bread and the grocer sold fresh fruits and vegetables harvestedbefore on the fields just outside of town.The town only had a single tavern named ´Hare and there´ and was the centre of social life,the place to be on birthdays, wedding parties and the like.One such wedding celebration was taking place this very evening as two young lovers hadvowed to spend their lives together.The ´Hare and there´ was filled to the brim with rabbits dancing, eating, drinking andsinging.The tables that were pushed against the wall were filled with the most delicious and exotictreats to provide the guests with everything they desired.In one corner sat four youngsters huddled close together wound up in what seemed aheated conversation."I tell you, there is nothing there." A slightly overweight, bespectacled youngster namedMarkie said quite steadfast.The girl to his right, Lara, firmly shook her head."I cannot believe how anyone can be so naive." She crossed her arms in her trademarkfashion.The boy to her right pulled her ponytails and Lara gave him an angry look.Tim was slender and the tallest of the four of them. "Watch out of the boogeyman will getyou." He laughed and he tried to make a scary face that was funny if anything else.He had been making fun of Lara ever since she brought up the 'Spectre of Greenthorpemansion.' A nonsensical tale spread from parent to child about the ghost of LouieGreenthorpe who ate everyone who dared to enter the mansion. Louie was the late son of 
Lawrence and Audrey Greenthorpe born to them after the completion of the mansion andtheir permanent settlement in town.He gave them many happy years until a terrible tragedy befell them and took their onlychild away from them. Audrey and Lawrence died shortly afterwards and with them did theflame that kept burned in the heart of the town.Across from Lara sat her little sister who had been listening to what the others had beensaying with big eyes. She could keep her tears back no longer and cried out for her motherwho came rushing at her straight away."Have you boys been telling her ghost stories again? Do not think I will not tell your motherthis time." The pleading of the boys did not help and they were grounded for the next twoweek and were to go straight home after school.In class they had been talking about the mansion and they got excited over the prospect toenter the scary house, as children do. Two weeks later they were playing soccer in the field just outside of town next to the road that led to the mansion.Markie got tired and took a rest underneath an apple tree looking at the mansion a shortdistance away.Tim and he crossed eyes and with a boyish smirk they both got up and ran towards themansion in silent agreement.Tim stepped up to the front door after passing the old and creaky gate closely followed byMarkie who started to question whether this was such a good idea after all.He took the doorknob in his hand took a deep breath and pushed the door open."There is no such thing as ghosts." Tim whispered to himself."No, but if our mom's know we are here, they will kill us." Markie said and he knew he wasright. His had told him not to go play near the house a hundred times and would be veryupset.He shuddered and left the thought for what it was as Tim pushed them door open andwalked into the great hall ever so slowly, looking back at his friend over his shoulder onemore time.Fear in his eyes and excitement.Tim gazed in awe at the many things that decorated this hall, paintings covered with thedust of ages. An old grandfather's clock, ticking away the seconds slowly, the once brownrug had now turned slightly yellow and a disgusting smell of urine filled his nose, a vaseholding something that had once been flowers, was standing on a wooden table against thestaircase that led to the first floor.An ancient pirate treasure could not have pleased him as much as this old muck, he was inthe house all the parents were afraid of. He and Markie were heroes.Markie covered up his mouth and nose with the sleeve of his shirt, against the smell butalas it did not have much effect.A rat quickly made its way out of the mansion, Markie and Tim got the eerie feeling thatthey should do the same as a gust of wind blew past them, but something kept them here.They had come this far and they were not planning on letting the adventure and excitementend here, besides, ghost stories were for babiesA door creaked ahead of them and they quickly looked in the direction it was coming from,pale in the face, little drops of sweat found their way down the soft fur on their backs."What was that?' Whimpered Markie, grabbing Tim's wrist and squeezing it a little harderthen he intended to.'"Hey, that hurts." Tim said, getting his grip on reality back."It must have been another rat,look at this place; it looks like one huge rat cemetery."To the sides of the halls lay small bones and carcasses, yet a path had been swept cleanthrough the middle. As if someone or something still lived here."Boo. I'm coming to get you Markie." Tim laughed as his friend stood cowering and lookingat the door.

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