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Grounds Management Plan

Grounds Management Plan

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Published by Ryan Galles

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Published by: Ryan Galles on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Remsen Golf Course
Remsen, IA United StatesJanuary 28, 2013
Remsen Golf Course
Grounds Management Plan 2013
Golfer expectations and the complex nature of golf course management have become increasingly evident.Fine conditioned golf courses are the result of many contributing factors. Each significant factor must beplanned and integrated to achieve success. Some variables exist, regardless of plans, that we have littlecontrol over such as weather and soil conditions. However, we can take these variables into considerationin our management program and provide a reasonable buffer against them.The Grounds Management Plan has been drafted to provide a guide for high quality golf coursemaintenance practices at Remsen Golf Course. The document should be reviewed annually by the GreensCommittee and Golf Course Superintendent; amended and revised as needed to give us continuity in theyears ahead.
The General Objectives of the Grounds Department shall be as follows:
1. To maintain a well conditioned golf course that exceeds clubs in our area.2. To present our members and guests with quality golfing conditions.3. To establish continuity for our maintenance operations over the years by developing and perpetuating anoverall Long Range Plan.4. To follow established chains of command. The Greens Committee shall recommend policy and givedirection to the Golf Course Superintendent. The Superintendent shall be responsible for the developmentof recommendations to the Greens Committee and carrying out their policies.5. To plan and schedule operations with minimal amount of interference for both the golfer and workerwithin practical limitations.6. To give our golfers as much freedom as possible from restrictions on the use of the course, carts, etc.,with a minimum of signs.7. Guide efficient management including labor, budget control, equipment and research.8. To maintain cooperative relationships with other departments and personnel.9. To achieve a feeling of accomplishment, satisfaction, enjoyment and gratitude for all personnel.10. Attend and belong to regional, state and national Superintendent associations to develop greaterknowledge in turf management and course maintenance.11. To keep members/guests informed of our operations and progress through periodic reports, clubpublications and social media.12. Implement sound environmental management decisions.
Standards and Plans for Putting Greens
1. To develop uniform texture and density with a minimum of thatch.2. To maintain a trueness of roll with a USGA Stimpmeter reading of 9.5
10.5 feet in the summer monthsand 9
10 feet in the spring and fall. This standard shall be maintained at all times except for maintenanceand extreme weather conditions.3. To maintain the character of architectural design in the mowing pattern of the putting surface outline.4. To maintain the height of cut of the collar to satisfy aesthetics, playability and cultural practices.5. To develop a basic agronomic plan for all greens including drainage, soil type, age, irrigation, fertility, pestcontrol, traffic wear, etc.6. To maintain a dry putting surface for firmness by sound irrigation practices.7. To maintain a frequent topdressing program based on turf growth to improve ball roll and greensfirmness.8. To provide adequate sunlight and air circulation through tree pruning and removal. Ten hours of sunlightper day.9. To provide uniform irrigation sprinkler coverage.10. To provide a high density weed free turf around all putting surfaces.
Maintenance Standards
1. Daily mowing (7 times/week) with riding greens mowers in season.2. Roll putting greens as necessary to achieve desired putting speed and surface smoothness.3. Daily monitoring of the root zone to determine exact water needs of each green.4. Light topdressing as needed throughout the growing season.5. Aggressive vertical mowing and grooming during summer months to control organic matter.6. Full aeration will be performed in May and September. The exact dates will be established with the Golf Course Board in January of each year.7. Greens heights will begin at .140 in April, .125 in May and .110 through September then finish October at.140.8. The above is contingent on the limiting factor of weather, which can alter strategies in order to insure thelong term survival of the turf.9. Greens that are heavily prone to debris should be blown before mowing.10. The hole is to be placed no closer than 7 feet from the edge of the green.11. Greens will be lightly top-dressed bi-monthly during the growing season.
Grooming Standards
1. Greens are to have a consistency of cut that promotes an even surface and a sharp definition betweengreen and collar. Scalping of fringe is unacceptable.2. Previous hole plug must be placed even with the putting surface and the new hole location placed nocloser than 6 feet from the previous hole location.
3. The new hole should have sharp edges and be sunk with a cup setter to 1”.
4. Greens should be free of leaves and debris.5. The collar is to be evenly cut and trimmed to .500
6. Greens maintained to prevent spread of Poa annua as much as possible.

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