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Tybox ft. Stanley Ipkuss - DiY [Lyrics]

Tybox ft. Stanley Ipkuss - DiY [Lyrics]

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Published by Stanley Ipkuss
Prod. Johnny Red of F1rstClass
Listen/Download: http://bit.ly/VEh3mK
Prod. Johnny Red of F1rstClass
Listen/Download: http://bit.ly/VEh3mK

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Published by: Stanley Ipkuss on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tybox Ft. Stanley Ipkuss – DiY [Prod. Johnny Red of F1rstClass]
 [Hook: Ipkuss]Tybox, he tryna live that rap lifeStanley Ipkuss, tryna live that rap life And our folks be sayin’ to get our act rightBut honestly man I’m tryna live that rap lifeFirst Class, you know they live that slap lifeT Mac, you know he gotta live that rap life And our folks be sayin’ to get our act rightBut honestly man I’m tryna live that rap life [Verse: Ipkuss]The main question is where do we go from aqui?Quittin’ always suggested, but I couldn’t even stop meI remember the days when paint crusted on my fingersDiggin’ through the crates for wax to chop and bust through my speakersNow I’m forced to think about, how to quickly change your mindTo think my lifestyle’s cool and wont disintegrate through timeBut I’m good, so I take a shiny pic to trace your eyesJust for a click, and that’s thanks to all these generation Y’s [Verse: Tybox] And we’re fucked up with no place to designated driveNew era, new version of a segregated lifeIf I see it on a screen its definitiveKeep a nigga controlled by showin’ ‘em these imagesFast forward, livin’ life in five second incrementsSeeing lights flash and tryin’ to learn the sequences And it’s turning me delusional, but it’s all about who you know, in this rap life
 [Ipkuss]Think you on ‘cause you be tweetin’ ‘bout all of your rap tiesI guess you would if they believed they got a fat slice [Tybox]Of that fast life, money and mad hypeSo you always comin’ out of pocket like a jack knife [Ip]: I keep my tracks tight with sexy photos bundled up[T]: And send ‘em to the hot girls we know to blog on Tumblr [Ip]: Then meet other customers and feed ‘em my raps[T]: But consigns important[Ip]: So guess I gotta tweet about that, man [Hook: Ip]I swear I hate this rap lifeBut, everyday with this rap life And my fam be sayin’ to get my act rightBut honestly man I’m tryna live that rap life, like[T]Mendo Dope in that rap life And, Pearland in that rap life And my momma tellinme to get my act rightBut honestly I’m just tryna live that rap life [Verse 2: T]When I’m stressed out on raisin’ funds, man this microphone weighs a tonI meet a lot of people who talk fast nigga they racin’ gumsBut they just tryna take and run
 And all I ever really wanted was to make a masterpieceBut these cats on the path of greedI see ‘em doin’ anything, just to get their cash increased And I’m askinwhat’s happeninto raps and beats? [Verse 2: Ip]Music cranked out and handled like a factoryTactics be weak, so gotta keep your facts in reachWhile you keep in mind the Barbies and bling, and how it’s fun and greatI’m thinkin’ ‘bout article seventeen section 108Gotta keep my six rights, bundled up and fit rightFor litigation fist fights, so the chips I grip tight And I’ll rip ties with anyone that’s ignorant About their money schemes and how to operate their businesses[T] And people thinkinit’s absolutely ridiculousObviously ain’t got plans like Stan Ipkuss’s[Ip]That’s because from every aspect We look legitimate And focused on Our sentences while keepinoptions limitless[T]: So I can only tell this tale in rhyme[Ip]: So what you gettin’?[T]: I don’t know if I can say that it’s mine[Ip]: And how’s it written?[T]: On a document I failed to sign[Ip]: And how you livin’[T]: Man I’m just livin’ a day at a time [Hook: T]Man I swear I hate this rap life

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