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Fusion Marketing Bible by Lon Safko

Fusion Marketing Bible by Lon Safko

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Published by Mike Lewis
Buy the book here: http://amzn.com/0071801138
Buy the book here: http://amzn.com/0071801138

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Published by: Mike Lewis on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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i’ n ab he tl,i’ all ab sey
s wh  sey
“I know half my advertising isn’t working. I just don’t know which half.” 
Lord Leverhulme,
the ounder o Lever Brothers(now Unilever)
he soundest strategy you can have is to startwith a sound strategy. That may sound silly,but when it comes to social and digital me-dia, most marketing people start with a tool, suchas Facebook or Twitter, and try to build a strategyaround that tool. Marketing isn’t just about thetools, though. You wouldn’t assemble your teamand say, “We’re going to build a strategy exclu-sively around print ads.” You’d make print adspart o your overall strategy. In the same way,Fusion Marketing starts with the developmento a successul, integrated, and interconnectedstrategy using tried-and-true traditional marketingand media, social media, and the latest in digitalmedia.
The Fusion MarkeTing BiBle
Don’t jump into social media without a plan. One Fortune 500company I consulted with had more than 19 million riends, all chat-ting about its products. At rst I was impressed, but once the initialexcitement about the number wore o, I asked, “So how are you mon-etizing that?” The people present ell silent, looking like deer in theheadlights. They were using a tool, but they didn’t have a strategy. I you’re not monetizing your riends, your tweets, your e-mail lists, andyour blogs, then why are you using social media?
you doshould be directly related to revenues. I it isn’t, stop doing it!Facebook, Twitter, blogging, and YouTube aren’t strategies,they’re tools. Having a large number o riends, ollowers, and read-ers is great exposure, but you have to do something with those eyes,ears, and credit cards.
develp  Cle Cve sey
Develop a clear, individual, well-dened conversion strategy that willultimately increase your revenue.Increasing your likes on Facebook could be a specic conversionstrategy. Increasing your ollowers on Twitter could be another strat-egy. Building your e-mail list could be another. Getting more conver-sation and comments on your blog might be one, too. But how do youconvert this activity to revenue? That’s your next strategy.
iT’s noT aBouT The Tools, iT’s all aBouT sTraTegy
Here are some potential objectives and conversion strategies:Increase my e-commerce.Gather user-generated content.Increase web trac to a specic page.Build loyalty and peer support.Crowdsource innovation.Drive attendance at events.Build brand awareness.Improve customer service.Reduce tech support.Increase e-mail subscriptions.Increase telephone sales.Liquidate inventory.Here are some o my personal objectives and conversionstrategies:Drive book sales.Raise sponsorship or PBS television special on social media.Develop a radio campaign to promote the book.Increase my number o speaking engagements.Send direct mail to top 100 speakers’ bureaus.Raise awareness o the book in universities.Develop ree press coverage.Increase my likes on Facebook.Increase my activity on LinkedIn.Drive attendance at my seminars.

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