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Tasti D-Lite Way_Ch_1

Tasti D-Lite Way_Ch_1

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Published by Mike Lewis

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Published by: Mike Lewis on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction toa Tasti Story
The power o social media is itorces necessary change.
—Erik Qualman, author,
Socialnomics: How SocialMdia Transforms th Way W Liv and Do Businss
asti D-Lite’s core product ormulation was developedin 1987 in New York City in the Upper East Sidekitchen o Celeste Carlesimo. Seeking to ulll thechanging dietary needs and tastes o New Yorkers, Celeste andher ood scientist ather Louis created this healthier dairy-basedsot-serve version o ice cream that would eventually expandinto an oering that would include over 100 favors as well asline extensions or smoothies, shakes, and sundaes. Without the butter at content to properly categorize it as icecream and no active cultures to call most o the favors rozen yogurt, the “What is it?” question has always been a curiosity or those eeling the need or a ormal classication. For those who have made the short journey rom suspicion to obsession,“Tasti D” or simply “Tasti” has become sucient. For them thequestion has become, “Where can I get more o it?” Capturingthis sentiment online has been ascinating to watch.
 Anne Treasure
Today I had tasti-d-lite for the rst time. Peanut butterfudge. My life will never be the same.
Nw blivr:
Anne shares her first experience.
Emerging rom the rst round o ro-yo wars in the late 1980s,robust organic growth through the 1990s, and the start o thenew century ound Tasti D-Lite being served in some 90 dierent outlets primarily in the New York City borough o Manhattan. As demand or the product grew, Tasti D-Lite was oten boltedonto existing concepts and businesses with names such as Candy Club, Igloo Caé, Frozen Monkey, and Sweet City. Most o theoutlets at this point were licensed distributors o the product, and Tasti D-Lite could be ound within candy shops, alongside maga-zine stands and even at the back o a urniture store. The popularity o the rozen treat and signature blue cupbecame rmly rooted as a staple within Manhattan’s cultureand would ultimately overfow into television and other media.
In 2004, several episodes o HBO’s hit series
Sex and the City
eatured unsolicited appearances o the product, which only spread the status and appeal to a wider audience, many memberso which were a match or the shape conscious brand demo-graphic. Mentions and appearances continued on shows like
The Apprentice
30 Rock
as well as an appearance on the bigscreen in 2011 in the movie
Our Idiot Brother 
starring Paul Ruddand Elizabeth Banks. Another unsolicited cameo in the NBCshow 
30 Rock
came early in 2012 ollowed by appearances on theHBO series
. When stars like Tina Fey initiate these kindso appearances, the mystique and appeal continues to validateand eed the interest in Tasti D-Lite.
Kara Schmiemeier
I wanna go to the tasti d lite here solely for the reason itwas on sex and the city! #charlotteandharry
Sex and the City:
For many, appearances ontelevision create interest in Tasti D-Lite.
Celebrity appeal aside, it’s always been about the love o theproduct or the aithul. The deep aection ound within thecore customer base has resulted in remarkable word-o-mouthpublicity which continues to drive brand awareness.Embrace these anatical customers on the web, and you’vegot yoursel a story. This story.
In 2007, the Tasti D-Lite concept and ormula were sold to theNew York-based private equity group SPG Partners consistingo Ian Snow, Ogden Phipps, Sean Epps, with Jim Amos as oper-ating partner, chairman, and CEO. Franchising would becomethe uture o Tasti D-Lite with growth plans that included inter-national expansion. A dream team o seasoned industry veterans
Introduction to a Tasti Story

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