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BT Optimise Contact Datasheet

BT Optimise Contact Datasheet

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Published by BT Let's Talk
Insight to improve customer experience and reduce costs.
Insight to improve customer experience and reduce costs.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: BT Let's Talk on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Data sheet
BT Optimise Contact
Insight to improvecustomer experienceand reduce costs
Better rst-contact resolution for a more efcient
contact centre
Through smart technology, your customers haveadopted increasingly sophisticated ways to contact you.And they have increased expectations when they do.More than ever, people expect an instant, satisfactoryresolution, rst time, every time – even when it’s acomplex request.Today, you don’t merely have to be highly efcient andexpertly responsive; you have to be seen to be so by yourcustomer. Through advanced analysis, measurementand optimisation of its operational performance andstaff, your contact centre can have a real impact on yourorganisation’s efciency and external brand.
Optimise every customer interaction
BT Optimise Contact allows you to monitor, explore and honethe performance of your contact centre staff, the efciency of your operations, and the quality of customer interaction.You can gain insight into the root causes of any inefciencies.You can make cost savings by deploying the right stafnglevels to meet changing demands. You can direct morecontacts to ‘networked experts’ whose knowledge enhancesthe customer interaction, opening up opportunities to addvalue to customer relations and even sell more.With Optimise Contact, your contact centre staff andmanagers become better-equipped and informed so they canoperate with more decision and condence. This means yourcustomers will enjoy faster resolution, and a more rewardinginteraction experience.
Ensuring your Contact Centre is both cost efcient and offeringa satisfying customer experience can be a real challenge.BT Optimise Contact can give you the insight to deliver sharpercontact centre efciency, reduced costs and a more satisfyingcustomer experience.
BT Optimise Contact
BT Optimise Contact can meet your need for:
Contact recording:
Capture, index, and retrieve audioand screen interactions between customers and agents.Better monitor customer care standards and dealmore easily with regulatory requirements and dispute
Quality management (QM):
Monitor and appraise
customer interactions, and see where efciencies andimprovements can be made for a faster, more directresolution
Performance management:
View role-appropriatescorecards containing the key performance indicators(KPIs) relevant to your business to ensure your contactcentre and staff are performing against their goals
Automate and simplify training by makinglessons available on the desktop and deliver them atthe most opportune time. Ensure you consistently buildemployee skills and awareness of new regulations,processes, products and programmes
Work force management:
Get visibility into stafng,processes and workload across the contact centre.Reduce costs and enhance performance by stafngappropriately to meet current and projected workload
Interaction Analytics:
Gain insight into customer
behaviour, market opportunities, process issues andrising trends through speech and text analytics
Real time interaction analytics:
Identify issues in ‘realtime’ within a call and recommend the next best actionfor the agent
Digital signage:
Intelligent visual communicationssolutions display real-time data and up-to-the-minutecontent. Enjoy 24/7 visibility of call volumes and agentperformance levels. Improve employee efciencies andenhance service levels
Queuing solutions:
Answer more calls with the samenumber of agents and reduce customer waitingthrough call back option. Smooth peaks and troughs,and balance contact centre workload for maximumefciency.
Globally recognised technology enabling outstanding customer interactions
Coca-Cola wanted to add an understanding of thequality and value of contact centre interaction to itsexisting knowledge of call volumes and durations.The company chose BT to provide a call recordingplatform to assess customer contact quality, helpingaid staff development and identify best practice.After assessing Coca-Cola’s need, we supplied theNICE Perform technology platform to effectivelymonitor interactions, and help develop and manageagents’ performance. Through highlighting examplesof customer service excellence, and sharing andrewarding best practice across the business, saleshave grown by four per cent, together with signicantimprovement in customer and employee satisfaction.
“BT took the time to understand the
issues facing our organisation andused its experience and knowledge tosuccessfully deliver a solution whichreally is helping us to transform andgrow our business.”
Andrew Mends,
Head of UK Call Centres,Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited
Optimised Contact for local government
Transform Sandwell is a partnership programmebetween BT and Sandwell Metropolitan BoroughCouncil in the West Midlands. The project aimsto deliver quality services to more than 280,000residents, together with cost efciencies and benetsto both the council and the people it serves. BT’spartner Verint Systems implemented its Impact 360Workforce Optimization suite to support over 170agent seats across three contact centres. The newsuite helps manage agent schedules and skill sets toensure the right number of advisors to full demand.It monitors and captures interactions. It analyses datafrom recorded calls to understand trends and identifyimprovements. It also captures desktop application useand navigation to help ensure workow efciency.
“[The solution] will provide SandwellMBC with a truly optimised and costefcient operation to benet both thegeneral public we serve and our staff.”
David Jux,
Corporate Contact Centre Manager,Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council
BT Optimise Contact
Costs and time saved; customer experience optimised
Optimise Contact sharpens your operational performance and helps you deliver what customers want – excellentservice, rst time:
Gain invaluable insight:
Identify inefciencies, understand route causes and take action to addressUnderstand why inefciencies occur and discover the reasons why customers callDevelop your offer/products in response and present solid, measurable reasons for implementing strategy change.
Optimise your workforce:
Ensure you have the right people with the right skill set at the right time to help customersInstantly assess the quality of agent/customer interaction, and pinpoint areas of performance which requiredevelopmentPlan optimum stafng levels and streamline call owEmpower staff to respond with condence and answer the questions customers ask.
Improve the customer experience:
Reduce handling times and link customers with better-informed employees who cananswer their enquiries rst timeReduced queuing and personalised call back options remove the frustration of waitingBetter-equipped and informed agents resolve issues more quickly and deliver sharper serviceRespond to uctuating trafc. Manage peaks and troughs in demand without loss of customer service or increasedagent headcount.
Reduce costs
Spend less time on dispute management with recorded callsIdentify and correct inefciencies through call analyticsGet more value from better-trained, better-informed staff.
The cloud. The contact centre. The cost efciency
BT Optimise Contact is available to you onsite but we’ve also putsome Optimise Contact technology into the cloud. You can enjoyall the benets of a leading WFO solution exibly, on demand,on a per user per month basis.By operating ‘virtually’ through the cloud, there’s no need forupfront investment in the latest physical infrastructure. You justpay as you go. This means exibility, scalability, a clear technologyroadmap with the latest updates and more cost efciency.You can evaluate the worth of new applications without high set-upcosts, and without prior commitment. You can refresh your legacysystems by implementing a blend of applications that best suits yourneeds, and only pay for what you use. You can scale your capabilityup or down in response to uctuating market conditions. Throughthe power of the cloud, and BT’s pool of world-leading expertise,you can achieve a competitive advantage AND real cost-efciency.
Technology available in the cloud:
Contact recording
Workforce managementQuality monitoringSpeech and text analyticsPost call surveyPrices start from £30 per user per month plus a one off set up fee.

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