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Simple English Grammer for alike syllabus

Simple English Grammer for alike syllabus



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Published by sindhumegharaj
Simple English Grammer for Alike school syllabus
Simple English Grammer for Alike school syllabus

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Published by: sindhumegharaj on Feb 16, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There are 26 letters in English language, they are divided into two parts are calledVowels & Consonants.
Vowels (A, E, I, O, U)
Consonants (all other letters expect vowels)
1.What is sentence?
2. Set of words with complete senses is known as sentence. A sentence is a group awords that gives full meaning.Ex: a. Raja goes to college every morning at 10.30 am.b. The leaves are greenc. The birds are flying in the sky
Simple Sentence:
A sentence which has only one subject and one predicate.Ex: The cow gives milk.The fox is cunning animal.
The parts of sentence
A sentence has two parts. They are called “The Subject:” and “The Predicate”The “Subject” tell us about the person or animal or thing who does the work or who acts.The “Predicate” tell us about what the subject does.Ex: a. the cow eats grass.b. She is dancingc. The cat drank the milk.d. They work in the fielde. The children play games.
The CowEats grassSheIs dancingThe catDrank the milTheyWork in the filedThe childrenPlay games
Kinds of sentence
There are four kinds of sentences.
Assertive Sentence
Imperative sentence
Interrogative sentence
Exclamatary Sentence
1. Assertive Sentence
An assertive sentence says something for certain or definite or makes declarations1
Ex: He is going to collegeMaven is a good boyThe Sun rises in the eastThe road is very wideSugar is sweet
2. Imperative Sentence
An imperative sentence, we express order commends and also request.Ex: Do not open the door Stand up on the benchCome in, pleaseKindly give me a cup of milk Don’t go out
3. Interrogative Sentence
Interrogative sentence asks questions or make enquires.Ex: Where are you going?What is he doing?Are you drinking coffee?How did he lose his bicycle?
4. Exclamatory Sentence
The Exclamatory sentence which express surprise, fear etc. It expresses sudden feeling of  joy, sorrow, anger, wonder and the like.
SlAssertive sentenceNegative Sentence
1Viday is typing a letterViday is not typing a lette2I have completed my workI have not completed my wor3I own a carI do not own a ca4She helps meShe does not helps me5He went to belgaumHe does not go to belgaum6Sita nursed the sickSita does not nurse the sic7Hari cheats the customersHari does not cheats the customers8Sunil patted the oxs backSunil did not patted the oxs bac9Tapan is a naughty boyTpan is not a naughty boy10They were full of sturdiness and singingThey were not full of sturdiness & singing11I will tame youI will not tame you12They have many cleaned words to sayThey have no many clean words to say13I am your teacherI am not your teache1He went directly to the waiting manHe did not go directly to the waiting man2
SlNegative sentenceAssertive Sentence
1They are not making noiseThey are making noise2You did not tell the truthYou told the truth3Budda has not questioned the caste systemBuddha had questioned the caste system4It is not important to recordIt is important to record5He would not replay it tomorrowHe will repay it tomorrow6Sita did not teach the poor childrenSita tought the poor children7We are not going to talkWe are going to tal8I would not like you to listen to meI would like you to listen to me9I had not panned itI had panned it
1They are playing hockeyAre they playing hockey?2Ravi is not working hardIs Ravi not working hard?3He goes to ChennaiDoes he goes to chenni?4She sang welldid she sang well?5Ram is quite good at studiesIs ram is quite good at studies?6Hari charges higher pricesDoes hari charges higher prices?7It was very wicked Was it very wicked?8It was very perfect dayWas it a perfect day?9I am coming out of the shadowAm I coming out of the shadow?10I shall help you in very wayShall I help you in very way?
PARTS OF SPEECH (What is parts of speech)
The words which are used in the formation of sentence are called parts of speech.There are eight parts. They are 1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. verb 4. adverb5. Adjective 6. Preposition 7.conjunction8. Interjection
1. Noun:
A noun is a word used to denote a person, place, animal, and thingEx: Atoka was a wise kingSantee works hardRona is a good girlMy sore is a beautiful place.
2. Pronoun:
The word which is used instead of noun is called Pronoun.Ex: She is a good girl.He is my brother They are studentsShe is cooking3

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