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Kill Team Part2

Kill Team Part2

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Published by Jinx686
Games workshop White Dwarf kill team article, reproduced from PDF resources available on games workshop website.
Games workshop White Dwarf kill team article, reproduced from PDF resources available on games workshop website.

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Published by: Jinx686 on Feb 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greetings citizens and welcome to Chapter Approved. Thismonth we are pleased to present the latter half of the Kill-team combat simulation introduced to us last month by Lexmechanic Kelly. The former half of this treatise into the artof commando and covert operations was concerned with thebuilding blocks of guerrilla warfare. This month, amidst a greatclamour of bells and whistles, we are proud to present diverseembellishments upon the initial guidelines, including detailedmission briefs and rules for Elite Kill-teams.
Each month, Chapter Approved takes a look at theWarhammer 40,000 game and its rules, introducingnew scenarios, weapons, rules and army list entries ofall types, frequently stolen from codexes in progresshere at the Studio. It also acts as a forum fordedicated players of Warhammer 40,000 who haveproduced inspired, well thought out and just plainbrilliant additions to the game (as reviewed andarbitrated by that well-known model of fairness andbalance – me). If you’ve got something good forChapter Approved then write to me at the addressgiven here.Note: Please don’t include rules queries etc, with your letters,as the volume of mail means that in most cases I won’t beable to send individual replies. Andy Chambers (Chapter Approved),Games Workshop,Willow Road, Lenton,Nottingham,NG7 2WS, UK 
Hello and welcome back to thesmall-scale commando raiding game ofKill-team. Last month we looked at whatdifferent races use for their Kill-teams,basic rules, a set of six mission types andnarrative gaming ideas for each of thosemissions. If you’ve played through a fewof them and are hungry for another levelof detail to go with your newly-forged Kill-team, then look no further. The next fewpages are specifically tailored to bolsterthe simple mechanics of the Kill-teamgame into a more complex and involvingnarrative. The main rules and narrativesremain the same, but the methods ofachieving them will have to change ifyou’re to fulfil your mission.
Each race has types of unit thatspecialise in stealth and infiltration.Despite this, some of the Kill-teamsintroduced in last month’s article werenot specialists at all, no doubt raising acouple of eyebrows; where were theEldar Pathfinders, the Tau Stealth Suits,Mandrakes, even the Lictors? Well, wesaved the best for last.Basic Kill-teams are more numerous andtherefore more forgiving, allowingbeginners to make mistakes and stillhave a good chance of achieving theirobjectives. The Elite Kill-teams are forthe more experienced player, and areextremely specialised. There arecorrespondingly far fewer operatives inan Elite Kill-team, so it’s a lot more trickyto win with them; one lucky Goon cancripple your chances of achieving theobjectives. You’ll pack one hell of apunch, but specialists are only called inwhen the odds are high, and you’relikely to be seriously outnumbered by awhole ton of bad guys… make nomistake, this ain’t gonna be easy.Each Elite Kill-team has a number ofpoints to spend on their operatives,listed in their entry on the table below.You may choose any number ofoperatives within the points allowed,upgrades, wargear and options from theappropriate entry in that race’s Codex, just as if you were choosing a squad fora normal game of 40K. In this respectyou have far more tactical flexibility. Thenormal rules for Kill-team aresuperceded by the following rules whenusing Elite Kil-teams:
Any and all special rules that affectan Elite Kill-team are in effect, withthe only exceptions listed below. Thismeans the Kill-team can use specialmovement modes, abilities, and anyother dirty trick it has available to it.The Kil-lteam still counts as beingfearless and so will automaticallypass all Morale and Pinning teststhey are called upon to make.
Units have no minimum squad sizefor the purposes of designing yourElite Kill-team.
Goon squads may be deployed within4" of each other rather than 6".
Any unit with a jump pack (orequivalent) may move 12" as normal,but may not jump over enemymodels. They may elect to move onfoot instead of using their jump packs.The Elite Kill-teams and the number ofGoons they face are as follows:There are a few adjustments andreminders for each Kill-team that shouldbe borne in mind when using Eliteteams. These are as follows.
Elite Kill-teamPtsNo. of opposing 3-man Goon squads
Assault Marines 160551010101175138Chaos Raptors 175661111111375149Eldar Warp Spiders 165661010101275148Ork Stormboyz 160551010101175138Dark E. Mandrakes 13544777854106Tyranid Lictors 160557771064127Tau Stealth Suits 180661111111376159Necron Wraiths 165661010101275148Last Chancers 190668881376128
   S  p  a  c  e   M  a  r   i  n  e  s   C   h  a  o  s   M  a  r   i  n  e  s   E   l   d  a  r   G  u  a  r   d   i  a  n  s   O  r   k   B  o  y  z   D  a  r   k   E   l   d  a  r   T  e  r  m  a  g  a  n   t  s   T  a  u   G  u  n   D  r  o  n  e  s   N  e  c  r  o  n   W  a  r  r   i  o  r  s   I  m  p  e  r   i  a   l   G  u  a  r   d   I  n  q .   S   t  o  r  m   T  r  o  o  p  e  r  s
Space Marine Assault Squads:
Firing up such a heavy-duty piece ofkit as a jump pack makes a hell of alot of noise. Whenever a SpaceMarine Assault squad moves usingits jump pack the enemy gains aklaxon counter.
Chaos Space Marine Raptors:
Aswith Space Marines, Raptors make aterrible howling shriek when in flightand will therefore contribute a klaxoncounter to the enemy’s storewhenever they use their jump packs.Aunit with Furious Charge will alsocontribute a klaxon counter wheneverit charges as its bloodthirsty howlsgive away their position.
Eldar Warp Spiders:
Warp Spidersmay not use their jump generators tomake a jump in the Assault phase;the risks inherent in such a desperatemanoeuvre are too high for such asmall task force to realisticallyundertake. They may move throughenemy models, however.
Ork Stormboyz:
The primitive jumppacks used by Stormboyz are loud,smoke-belching affairs that willcontribute a klaxon counter to theenemy’s store whenever they areused.
Dark Eldar Mandrakes:
Mandrakesuse their Hidden Deployment rule asusual, bearing in mind their truelocation must be revealed by the endof the protagonist’s third turn.
Tyranid Lictors:
Lictors may usetheir Secret Deployment rule, butsuch is the concentration of enemythat they may only choose to hide incover that is more than 18" away fromthe central objective.
Tau XV15 Stealth Suits:
Tau StealthSuit leaders and Shas’vre may takeDrones in their Kill-teams, althoughthese Drones can never completeobjectives (other than during theAssassinate mission) as theirprogramming just isn’t sophisticatedenough. The spotting distance for aGoon squad attempting to detect aStealth Suit model is always treated asone less than it would actually be.
Necron Wraiths:
Necron Wraiths mustdeploy in pairs. These units may actindependently despite the usual Kill-team rules.
Last Chancers:
Schaeffer’s LastChancers may deploy as independentmini-units as described in their Codexentry, despite the usual Kill-team rules.
In any movie including numerous low-quality bad guys there is invariably aboss goon, the guy with the cheap suit,shades and pony tail, the captain of theenemy soldiery, or the immensely stronghenchman earlier shown crushing diceor some such meaningless feat ofbravado. It can really add to a game ofKill-team to have a large and self-important badass at the centre of things,especially if he meets an appropriatelygrisly end…
The Boss Goon will differ dependingon race. Use the table below todetermine the appropriate bad guy.
The antagonist in a game of Kill-teamthat uses Elite teams automaticallyhas
15 points
to spend on his BossGoon. This will usually only beenough to cover the cost of theupgrade to Veteran Sergeant status(or equivalent).
However many points the protagonistspends on specialist kit (see later)can be added to the points spent onthe Boss Goon, or spent on defensiveequipment. This can mean theantagonist’s head honcho can beanything from a simple squadupgrade to a fully-kitted out killingmachine. Simply choose the BossGoon’s options, wargear andweaponry as usual.
It is typical for the members of acommando team to have specialist gearwith them to successfully accomplishtheir mission. This might vary fromsimple silencers to holograms and blindgrenades. Likewise, it’s not unheard offor enterprising bad guys to fortify theirstrongholds with all manner of traps andalarm systems.
AKill-team can choose one of thefollowing upgrades per ExperiencePoint it has accrued: for each of thesuccessful missions it has played inits career, the Kill-team will have oneExperience Point.
If the Kill-team is wiped out to a man,they lose all of the Experience Pointsgained so far and must beginaccruing them all over again.
Keep a record of what specialist kit yourKill-team has accrued over the courseof its career, along with a total of howmany points it has spent on its kit.
Space MarinesVeteranSergeantChaos AspiringSpace MarinesChampionEldarWarlockOrksNobDark EldarSybariteTyranidsMutant Gaunt(Weapon-beast)TauShasuiNecronsN/A*Imperial GuardVeteranSergeant
* Necrons, being essentially machines, find it impossible to muster even the tiny amount of character and initiative necessary to scale the dizzying peaks of Goon-hood.
Asquad of Last Chancers confront an Ork patrol in the jungle.
Golden Rule:
As with many of ourgames the golden rule is to usecommon sense when applying theserules to your game of Kill-team. Ifyou just can’t resolve an issue, roll aD6 for it, but keep in mind the gameis pretty light-hearted in nature.
No upgrade can be taken more thanonce unless specifically noted.
Any points spent on upgrades areautomatically allocated to the amountof points the antagonist can spend ondefensive equipment and/or his BossGoon. In this way, no matter who isplaying the antagonist, you shouldnever have an easy fight on yourhands…The specialist pieces of kit you can fieldas the protagonist or antagonist are asfollows:
Silencers10 pts
The Kill-team have had their ranged weapons specially modified so that the first salvo they launch makes little or no noise. This enables them to take out a full team of sentries without alerting their fellows to the incursion.
The Kil-team is not nearly as likely totrigger the alarm with the silencers fitted.When the Kill-team opens fire for thefirst time, roll a D6; on a 1, a klaxoncounter is added to the antagonist’sstore as usual. On any other result noklaxon counter is added.
Distraction15 pts
The Kill-team have spent considerable resources ensuring that a loud and startling event takes place on the other side of the enemy compound, drawing enemy forces away from their posts at the critical time and allowing the Kill- team egress into the enemy grounds.
The distraction can be played at anytime in the antagonist’s Movementphase, provided he has less than 3klaxon counters in his store. Roll a D6.The protagonist may move that manyGoon squads 6" in the direction of hischoice, regardless of whether they wereactivated or not. However, theantagonist gets to choose which squadsare affected in this manner. This countsas their movement for that turn, so donot roll for control afterward.
Change of Guard 10 pts
Having staked out the enemy territory for some time the Kill-team have ascertained exactly when the sentries go off their shift and change guard,striking at just the right moment to benefit from the resultant confusion.
Play the change of guard at any timewhen the antagonist has no klaxoncounters in his store. All activated Goonsquads become deactivated, and viceversa. Continue the turn as normal.
Scrambler 40 pts
The Kill-team have with them a powerful scrambling device that disrupts enemy communications and temporarily disables their alarms.
The Kill-team may use the scrambler atany time. The antagonist mustimmediately discard D3 klaxon counters.
Spanner in the Works 5 pts each
As the enemy sentry approaches, one member of the Kill-team picks up a discarded tool, rock or other hard object and hurls it into a nearby cluster of machinery, barrels etc, momentarily distracting the patrol whilst they slink away.
Declare when a spanner is being usedbefore control for a Goon squad isdetermined. The protagonists may add+2 to their result for this roll only.
Smoke and blind grenades 10 pts
The Kill-team can use this equipment to mask their approach, making it extremely difficult for enemy squads to pinpoint them in the artificially generated haze.
Once per game, after eitherMovement phase, the Kill-team candeclare that it is using the smoke andblind grenades. They count as beingin cover in all respects until thebeginning of their next turn.
Gung-ho 10 pts
There comes a time in many covert operations when stealth goes out the window, and the only option is to go hell-for-leather for the objective.Needless to say this invariably leads to the enemy swarming to their position like flies around grox dung…
The Kill-team may assault 6+D6"rather than the usual 6" in the turn thisis used, and will strike first in closecombat regardless of other factors.The enemy automatically gains anadditional klaxon counter when thiseffect is played.
Camo Gear10 pts
The Kill-team has refined their camo tactics to the point that they can hunker down and become almost unseen even when in the open.Combined with the patience of the hunter, this can considerably enhance the Killteam’s stealth capabilities.
In any turn in which the Kill-team doesnot move, shoot or assault, theantagonist must discard a klaxoncounter at the beginning of his turn.
Wirecutters5 pts
The Kill-team have come well prepared for penetrating the thickest defensive terrain, toting wirecutters and electrocharges that can disable or cut through light obstacles.
The Killteam rolls 3D6 for determiningthe distance it can move through difficultterrain, picking the highest result.
Stummers 10 pts
Stummers, devices designed specifically to deaden noise and make detection that much more difficult, can cut out one of the sentry’s main tools of the trade; a sharp pair of ears…
The Kill-team can employ theStummers once per game, declaringtheir use after the antagonist hasdetermined which squads are

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