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US Treasury: june06

US Treasury: june06

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Published by Treasury

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Published by: Treasury on Jan 22, 2008
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Page 1
June 2006 Voting ReportBoard DateBank GroupWindowCountryProjectDoc .AmountUS Position
6/1/2006 WB IDA Albania Education Excellence and Equity Project R2006-0082 $15.00 Support6/1/2006 IDB OC Brazil Strengthen Business Activity in Bahia PR-3040 $10.00 Support6/1/2006 IDB IIC Chile Delta Leasing Habitacional Amendment PR-235-3 $0.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IBRD Ecuador Human Deevelopment Bond Project Phase I R2006-0067 $60.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IDA Gambia Third Education Sector Project Grant R2006-0083 $8.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IDA Pakistan First North West Frontier Province Development Policy Credit R2006-0076 $90.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IBRD Pakistan Pakistan $100.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IBRD Pakistan Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project R2006-0065 $50.00 Support6/1/2006 WB IDA Pakistan Third Punjab Education Development Policy Credit R2006-0079 $100.00 Support6/2/2006 WB IDA Armenia Avian Influenza Preparedness Project APL Credit R2006-0279 $6.25 Support6/2/2006 IDB FSO Bolivia Microenterprise and Small Business Support Fund PR-3041 $10.00 Support6/2/2006 WB IFC Yemen HAS - National Cement Company Loan R2006-0128 $35.00 Support6/2/2006 WB IFC Yemen HAS - National Cement Company Swap Equivalent Exposure R2006-0128 $4.00 Support6/5/2006 WB IFC Indonesia PT Karunia Alam Segar (Noodles) R2006-0132 $20.00 Support6/5/2006 WB IFC Indonesia PT Tirta Alam Segar (Fruit Drinks) R2006-0133 $7.00 Support6/5/2006 WB IFC Mexico Concesionaria Irapuato La Piedad Guarantee (Road Construction) R2006-0138 $52.73 Support6/5/2006 WB IDA Senegal Agricultural Services and Producer Organizations Project 2 (APL 2 Credit) SecM2006-0280 $20.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Argentina Basic Municipal Services Project R2006-0072 $110.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Argentina Urban Flood Prevention and Drainage Project 2nd Phase APL R2006-0056 $70.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Armenia NAREK LLC Equity (Retail Stores) R2006-141 $20.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Brazil Ceara Rural Poverty Reduction Project Additional Financing R2006-0074 $37.50 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Brazil Road Transport Project R2006-0071 $501.25 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Brazil Second Programmatic Loan Sustainable and Equitable Growth R2006-0070 $601.51 Support6/6/2006 GEF WB Cameroon Sustainable Agro-Pastoral and Land Management Grant R2006-0016 $6.00 Support6/6/2006 IDB IIC Chile Eurocapital S.A. PR-399 $3.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Hungary OTP Sub-sovereign Schools Energy Efficiency Program Guarantee R2006-0136 $125.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Mexico Banco del Bajio Equity R2006-0134 $45.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Mexico Banco del Bajio Loan R2006-0134 $75.00 Support6/6/2006 IDB IIC Mexico Monex Financiera S.A. SOFOL PR-398 $2.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Nigeria Access Bank Subordinated Loan R2006-0139 $30.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IBRD Poland Third Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project R2006-0076 $180.20 Support6/6/2006 ADB OC Regional Fighting HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific R86-06 $8.67 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Regional Marbleton Property Fund LP Equity R2006-0140 $20.00 Abstain6/6/2006 WB IBRD Turkey Electricity Generation Rehabilitation and Restructuring Project R2006-0077 $336.00 Support6/6/2006 WB IFC Turkey Sanko Cement R2006-0137 $75.00 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC Colombia Carvajal II (Paper Manufacturing and Publishing) R2006-0143 $50.00 Support6/7/2006 IDB OC Ecuador Municipal Modernization Quito, Phase I PR-3039 $37.10 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC India Continental Carbon of India Limited II Equity R2006-0142 $2.00 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC India Continental Carbon of India Limited II Loan R2006-0142 $7.00 Support6/7/2006 AFDB AFDF Malawi Secondary Education (Education V) Project Grant WP/2006/42 $21.75 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC Mexico Vuela (Low-Cost Passenger Airline) R2006-0144 $30.00 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC Ukraine Velyka Kyshenya Equity (Grocery Store Chains) R2006-0145 $10.00 Support6/7/2006 WB IFC Ukraine Velyka Kyshenya Loan (Grocery Store Chains) R2006-0145 $45.00 Support6/8/2006 GEF WB Costa Rica Mainstreaming Market-Based Instruments for Enviironmental Management Grant R2006-0015 $10.00 Support Development Policy Loan
Page 2
6/8/2006 WB IBRD Costa Rica Mainstreaming Market-Based Instruments for Enviironmental Management Loan R2006-0079 $30.00 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Guinea Senegal River Basin Multi-Purpose Water Resources Development Project Grant R2006-0086 $18.04 Support6/8/2006 ADB OC India Blue River Capital I Equity (Benefits SMEs) R91-06 $25.00 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Mali Senegal River Basin Multi-Purpose Water Resources Development Project R2006-0086 $30.08 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Mauritania Senegal River Basin Multi-Purpose Water Resources Development Project R2006-0086 $31.78 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Mongolia Information and Communications Infrastructure Development Project R2006-0084 $8.00 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Nicaragua Fourth Roads Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project R2006-0085 $60.00 Support6/8/2006 ADB OC Regional Asia Healthcare Fund Equity R89-06 $20.00 Support6/8/2006 ADB OC Regional Aureos South Asia Fund Equity (SMEs) R90-06 $17.50 Support6/8/2006 WB IDA Senegal Senegal River Basin Multi-Purpose Water Resources Development Project R2006-0086 $30.08 Support6/8/2006 WB IBRD Turkey Halkbankasi (SMEs) R2006-0080 $60.00 Support6/8/2006 WB IBRD Turkey Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi (SMEs) R2006-0080 $120.00 Support6/9/2006 WB IFC Bosnia & Herz EKI Bosnia (Housing Finance) R2006-0153 $4.80 Support6/9/2006 WB IFC Bosnia & Herz MI-BOSPO (Finance) R2006-0152 $3.60 Support6/9/2006 IDB IIC El Salvador Banco Uno S.A. PR-403 $5.00 Support6/9/2006 AFDB AFDF Eritrea Education Sector Development Program Amendment WP/2006/55 $0.00 Support6/9/2006 AFDB AFDF Eritrea Emergency Reconstruction Program Amendment WP/2006/54 $0.00 Support6/9/2006 AFDB Ethiopia Humanitarian Emergency Assistance Drought Grant WP/2006/51/App $0.50 Support6/9/2006 WB IDA Moldova Avian Influenza Control and Human Pandemic Credit R2006-0299 $4.00 Support6/9/2006 WB IDA Moldova Avian Influenza Control and Human Pandemic Grant R2006-0299 $4.00 Support6/9/2006 IDB IIC Peru Banco Continental S.A. PR-402 $40.00 Support6/9/2006 WB IFC Serbia & Mont NLB-Continental Banka a.d. Equity R2006-0147 $7.20 No6/9/2006 WB IFC Serbia & Mont NLB-Continental Banka a.d. Loan R2006-0147 $24.00 No6/9/2006 WB IFC Turkey Ekim Turizm Ticaret ve Sanayi (Vechile Leasing) R2006-0149 $48.00 Support6/12/2006 WB IFC Croatia Agrokor Group R2006-0150 $49.60 Support6/12/2006 WB IFC Regional Asian Lion Fund Equity R2006-0154 $6.00 Abstain6/13/2006 GEF WB Brazil Management Aquatic Resources Amazon Region Project Grant R2006-0017 $7.18 Support6/13/2006 WB IFC Brazil Rio Bravo Securitizadora S.A. Guarantee R2006-0156 $21.00 Support6/13/2006 WB IFC Egypt Sonut Expansion (Coco-Cola) R2006-0155 $14.00 Abstain6/13/2006 WB MIGA El Salvador Biothermia Energy Guarantee R2006-0028 $1.80 Abstain6/13/2006 WB IDA Kosovo Energy Sector Clean-Up and Land Reclamation Project Grant R2006-0090 $5.50 Support6/13/2006 WB MIGA Maldives Agreement on Legal Protection for Guaranteed Foreign Investment R2006-0027 $0.00 Support6/13/2006 IDB IIC Mexico Financiera Compartamous S.A. PR-401 $20.00 Support6/13/2006 WB IDA Niger Rural and Social Policy Reform DPL Credit R2006-0087 $50.00 Support6/13/2006 GEF WB Regional Corazon Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Project Nicaragua/Honduras R2006-0019 $12.00 Support6/13/2006 WB IFC Regional Mercator Poslovni Sistem, d.d. (Retailer) R2006-0157 $49.60 No6/13/2006 IDB IIC Regional Societa Italiana per le Imprese all'Estero PR-400 $30.00 Support6/13/2006 WB IBRD Romania Social Inclusion Project R2006-0084 $58.50 Support6/13/2006 WB IBRD Russia Registration Project R2006-0088 $50.00 Support6/14/2006 IDB MIF Bolivia Competitiveness of Agrifood Chains in Tarija Grant AT-742 $1.05 Support6/14/2006 IDB OC Brazil ATE II Transmission Project PR-3042 $107.80 Support6/14/2006 IDB MIF Chile Promotion of Clean Energy Market Opportunities TA Grant AT-741 $0.98 Support6/14/2006 IDB OC Colombia Health Service Networks Modernization PR-3043 $50.00 Support6/14/2006 IDB MIF Regional Financing SMEs in El Salvador and Nicaragua AT-743 $5.00 Support6/14/2006 IDB MIF Regional Financing SMEs in El Salvador and Nicaragua TA Grant AT-743 $0.30 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Bangladesh Local Governance Support Project R2006-0095 $111.50 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Bulgaria Boni Holding (Stock Company) BDS06-098 $18.00 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Bulgaria Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Credit Line Framework BDS04-002 Ad 1 $66.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IFC China Stora China-II (Wood Fiber) R2006-0161 $50.00 Abstain6/15/2006 WB IFC China Zhejiang Glass Company Equity R2006-0158 $25.00 Abstain Fund
Page 3
6/15/2006 WB IFC China Zhejiang Glass Company Loan R2006-0158 $50.00 Abstain6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Croatia Agrokor Equity (Retail Food Chain) BDS06-096 $132.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IBRD Egypt Financial Sector Development Policy Loan R2006-0081 $500.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Ghana Fourth Poverty Reduction Support Credit R2006-0071 $140.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Guinea-Bissau Multi-Sector Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project Grant R2006-0097 $15.00 Abstain6/15/2006 WB IFC Indonesia PT ORIX Indonesia Finance R2006-0160 $80.00 Support6/15/2006 ADB OC Kazakhstan Private Banks Assistance R94-06 $125.00 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Kazakhstan Regional Gas Distribution System BDS06-097 $30.00 Support6/15/2006 WB MIGA Kenya Kibos Sugar and Allied Industries Limited Guarantee R2006-0029 $6.35 Abstain6/15/2006 WB IFC Nigeria Guaranty Trust Bank Plc R2006-0151 $30.00 Support6/15/2006 GEF WB Panama Atlantic Mesoamerican Biological Corridor Project Grant R2006-0018 $6.00 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Regional Royalton Partners Equity (Equity Fund) BDS06-101 $60.00 No6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Russia Centre Invest Bank Syndicated Loan BDS06-102 $10.00 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Russia DeltaLeasing Syndicated Loan BDS06-103 $6.00 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Russia Kulon Istra Warehouse Park BDS06-106 $36.83 Support6/15/2006 EBRD EBRD Russia Rusfinance Bank Rouble Loan BDS06-108 $72.96 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Tanzania Agricultural Sector Development Project R2006-0093 $90.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Tanzania Financial Sector Support Project - technical assistance R2006-0092 $15.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Tanzania Local Government Support Project Additional Financing R2006-0094 $98.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IDA Tanzania Tax Modernization Project R2006-0091 $12.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IBRD Tunisia Second Higher Education Reform Support Project R2006-0089 $76.00 Support6/15/2006 WB IFC Ukraine Industrial Union of Donbass (Steel) R2006-0159 $100.00 No6/16/2006 WB IDA Bosnia & Herz Energy Community of South East Europe (APL 3) Program SecM2006-0322 $36.00 Support6/16/2006 WB IFC India Chennai Water R2006-0168 $25.00 Support6/16/2006 WB IFC Regional Raiffeisen International: Southern Europe Housing Program R2006-0163 $45.00 No6/16/2006 WB IFC Russia Eurosib Terminal R2006-0165 $33.00 Support6/16/2006 AFDB AFDB Sudan Preparedness to Combat Avian Influenza in 2006 Emergency Grant WP/2006/62 $0.50 Support6/19/2006 WB IFC Africa Panari Center (Construction) R2006-0167 $6.30 Support6/19/2006 WB IFC China United Rural Cooperative Bank of Hangzhou Equity R2006-0164 $10.90 Abstain6/19/2006 WB IFC Dominican Rep. Aerodom II (Airport Management) R2006-0166 $15.00 Support6/19/2006 WB IFC Madagascar BNK-Leasing Equity R2006-0162 $0.10 Support6/19/2006 WB IFC Turkey Kiris Otelcilik Ve Turizm A.S. Jeopardy Case R2006-0187 $0.00 Support6/20/2006 WB MIGA Afghanistan Investcom LLC Guarantee (Cellular Telephones) R2006-0030 $33.53 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Afghanistan Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project Grant R2006-0098 $30.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Bulgaria Stomana II (Steel) R2006-0170 $21.40 No6/20/2006 WB IDA Burkina Faso Agricultural Diversification & Market Development Project R2006-0105 $66.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Burkina Faso Post Primary Education Project R2006-0104 $23.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Burkina Faso Poverty Reduction Support Credit (PRSC - 6) R2006-0096 $60.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IBRD Croatia District Heating Project R2006-0096 $29.80 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Haiti Second Economic Governance Technical Assistance Project Grant R2006-0089 $2.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Liberia Emergency Infrastructure Project Grant R2006-0100 $30.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Mozambique Market-Led Smallholder Development Zambezi Valley Project R2006-0102 $20.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Pakistan Dewan Petroleum Equity R2006-0173 $12.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Pakistan Dewan Petroleum Loan R2006-0173 $15.00 Support6/20/2006 IDB IIC Paraguay Bowfluvial S.A. de Navegacion PR-404 $3.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IBRD Philippines National Program Support for Basic Education Project R2006-0094 $200.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Philippines Plantersbank II Equity R2006-0174 $7.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Philippines Plantersbank II Loan R2006-0174 $18.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Russia Commercial Bank Rusfinance Bank Guarantee R2006-0169 $50.00 Support6/20/2006 WB IDA Uganda Uganda Public Service Performance Enhancement Project R2006-0101 $70.03 Support6/20/2006 WB IFC Uzbekistan Hamkorbank Credit Line R2006-0171 $3.00 Support

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