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Zoot Suit Riots Original Documents

Zoot Suit Riots Original Documents

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Published by StanfordSheg

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Published by: StanfordSheg on Feb 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Document A:
LA Daily News
Harold Tabor, 32, Long Beach sailor, was severely beaten by a gang of zooters at 103rdand Graham st He s!ffered a bro"en nose, serio!s facial c!ts He told officers at Georgia st hos#ital that he had been visiting his sister, $orothy %dmonson, 1133 %ast 103rd st&' was #assing a #oolhall en ro!te to a grocery store when the gang ho##ed me, & he saidGeorge Lorigo, 1(, was arrested on a charge of battery after Tabor)s beating The sailor was later transferred to Long Beach naval hos#ital for *+ray eaminationTwo soldiers and a -egro zoot s!iter were ta"en into c!stody after a riot at the corner of .econd and .#ring sts /nd #olice, cr!ising thro!gho!t the city in sco!ting forays, dis#ersed mobs, h!nted for others olice ordered gro!#s of more than three to & brea" it !#& everywhere in the downtown area, and the #resence of armed officers on every street resembled martial law r!le Two officers were stationed on every corner of ain, .#ring and Broadway, between irst st and ico blvd Two more officers were in the center of each bloc".!ads of riot brea"ers, #ac"ed 14 in a tr!c", roamed the city, investigated mob re#orts,arrested s!s#ects Traffic on ain st was b!m#er to b!m#er, moving as slowly as city officials trying to solve the zoot s!it #roblem-avy shore #atrol officers and Bagley army military #olice added to the martial law resemblance They wal"ed in and o!t of bars, dancehalls, dr!gstores, b!s stations They "e#t servicemen on the move, as"ed for #roof of leaves and liberties5ne of the most serio!s o!tbrea"s of terrorism occ!rred in 6atts There three % trains were stoned /t least three #assengers were in7!red by shattered glass windows /bo!t ( #m an inbo!nd train from -ew#ort was &shelled& by #ach!cos 5ne #erson was c!t serio!sly / few min!tes later, nearly every window of an o!tbo!nd Long Beach two+car train was smashed when it was ca!ght in a crossfire of #ach!co stoning Two were serio!sly c!t on this car, incl!ding a navy n!rse /n inbo!nd .an edro car barely esca#ed the stoningGangsterism in 6atts contin!ed into the early ho!rs of today Twelve -egroes amb!shed a 18+year+old white high school st!dent, as"ed him if he was a &zoot s!iter& and when he said &no& the fight started The victim, 9oe  .tedd!m of 443: Banders st, 6atts, received a five inch c!t on his left forehead, re!iring si stitches at the emergency hos#ital, 30;0 .la!son st, to mendolice too" $aniel alone into c!stody at .ith and ain sts when they discovered a long cl!b hidden down his #ants leg.ervicemen contin!ed to roam the city)s streets thro!gh all this hectic night des#ite the &o!t of bo!nds& order iss!ed at 3<1= yesterday afternoon
't came from >ear /dm $ 6, Bagley, a commandant of the 11th -aval district in .an $iego, and addressed to all activities, it read<&?ntil f!rther notice, ece#t for s#ecial occasions a##roved by the commanding officer, the city of Los /ngeles will be o!t of bo!nds for all enlisted #ersonnel of the naval services not attached to the stations within this city, or in travel stat!s&/ctivities located in the city of Los /ngeles will, ece#t in s#ecial cases, grant liberty to married men or those s!bsisted off stations& /!gmented #olice forces contin!ed their ro!nd!# of riot s!s#ects, meanwhile /rrests of zoot s!iters were re#orted in all sections of the co!nty /mong those ta"en into c!stody were Lewis %nglish,23, of 4:: %ast ifth st, and /dam @as!ez, 1;, address is !n"nown %nglish was charged with carrying a concealed wea#on when officers fo!nd a1; inch b!tcher "nife in his #ants @as!ez was t!rned over to 7!venile a!thorities as a riot s!s#ectB!t zoot s!it #anty gangs of hoodl!ms contin!ed to lose their tro!sers to servicemen, and in many cases nearly lost what was in )em.ervicemen, too, #artic!larly sailors, re#orted cas!alties 5ne sailor, $onald 9ac"son, 20, of .anta Barbara, had 7!st arrived here on leave when a gro!# of reat #leaters  7!m#ed him at irst and %vergreen sts His head was beaten His abdomen was severely c!t His bac" was vicio!sly "ic"ed

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