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Cheating Death Script - Updated

Cheating Death Script - Updated

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Published by AlexEdmonds
From Script to Screen
From Script to Screen

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Published by: AlexEdmonds on Feb 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cheating DeathWritten By Alex Edmonds
FADE IN to CLOSE UP of Jerry's feet walking in a hallwayCLOSE UP of the back of his body where we see the label"JANITOR"CLOSE UP of his face from the side. TRACKING as he walks.DOWN SHOT from the ceiling still TRACKING him.BANG! a light bulb breaks and the Janitor looks up indisgust.CLOSE UP of ladder being placed on the floor.ClOSE UP of Jerry's hands and feet climbing up, he reachesfor the broken light bulb and tosses it aside.DOWN SHOT Jerry proceeds to insert the new light bulb butdoes not realize the power is on and his hands are wet fromwhere he did not dry them properly and he is fatallyelectrocuted.FADE TO BLACK.FADE IN
CLOSE UP of Jerry lying face down in an unfamiliarenvironment. He gets up and looks around and notices whatseems to be a kiosk hovering out of black smoke with anillusive character behind the glass (Croupier Death). POVSHOT.He walks up to the kiosk looking slightly confused. CLOSE UPof the Death sliding him an old rusty coin through the hole.MID SHOT of Jerry still very confused but he takes the coinanyway and looks back at Death.MID SHOT Death points to the left of Jerry and then grabsthe closing barrier of the kiosk and pulls it all the waydown.MID SHOT Jerry turns to the left not noticing the kiosk andDeath slowly fade away like a cloud behind him.POV Jerry see's a great cemetery entrance and walks towardsit.EXT. CEMETERYPOV PAN of the cemetery when he enters and he again sees
2another figure in the distance. (Grave Digger Death) ZOOMSIN.Death signals to him with a lantern and walks off down thefoggy path of the huge cemetery. Jerry follows.MID SHOT, TRACKING Jerry walking down the path whilstlooking all around the cemetery but not looking where he isgoing.SLAM! He bumps into what looks like an enormous grave stoneright in the middle of the path. Death is no where to beseen at this point. He soon realises that it is in fact aslot machine and that is why he was given the coin.UP SHOT of Jerry looking at the ghostly grave like machine.He looks at the controls and what the different icons mean.SPLIT SCREEN of him inserting the coin and pulling thelever.CLOSE UP of rollers. Displays 3 thumbs up, he wins thechance at a challenge where by, if completed, he can get hislife back.Back to Jerry looking at the slot machine. It and everythingelse around him slowly starts to dissapear and it gives theillusion of movement - rushing him forward and everythingelse backward until he is standing in a new environment - agreat chasm.
Thinking he would end up back on Earth, Jerry is lookingeven more confused at this point and there is a new figurestanding there with him (Ring Master Death).MEDIUM SHOT of Death. He does nothing but raise his hand andpoints to the other side of the chasm.CLOSE UP of Jerry looking at him and then looks across thechasmPOV of him looking across the chasm to see a wire strungtightly across (camera rushes forward) and on the otherside, a ghostly duplicate still of himself inserting thelight bulb right before he died. He now understands what hemust do.POV looking down the chasm with his feet at the bottom ofthe shot. Camera PANS UP to see what lies below.EXTREME LONG SHOT of the chasm as he takes a deep breath and

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