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Unit3_Storytelling_FINAL SCRIPT.pdf

Unit3_Storytelling_FINAL SCRIPT.pdf

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Final script.
Final script.

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Published by: Samantha Niemti Niemczyk on Feb 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Unit 3: Storytelling and Commission- Script A Chef, a Stick of Dynamite and a Desert IslandWritten BySamantha Niemczyk
 1EXT. SCENE1 - MORNINGEXTREME WIDE SHOT. The whole island with surrounding itwater. Boats in docks. The sound of wave and seagulls.EXT. SCENE2WIDE SHOT. The OLD CHEF walks out from the luxuriousrestaurant and stands on the patio.While he walks CAMERA ZOOMS IN.MID SHOT. OLD CHEF looks relaxed, customers crowded in thebackground.Customers FADE AWAY while the time passes. OLD CHEF turnsaround to see the restaurant almost empty.MID SHOT. The OLD CHEF looks around trying to locate theproblem.ZOOM IN:HIGH ANGLE. Line-of-the-action. A small SNACK BAR is beingopened. People are crowded around, interested in what ishappening.CUT TO:MID SHOT. The OLD CHEF throws his hat to the floor.EXT. SCENE3WIDE SHOT. The OLD CHEF sneaks around the snack bar.CLOSE UP. He looks round the corner.MID SHOT. The YOUNG CHEF is serving and preparing the food.CLOSE UP. The OLD CHEF turns around and leaves.INT. SCENE4WIDE SHOT. The YOUNG CHEF is preparing food, his back facingthe camera. OLD CHEF'S hat can be seen moving left in theright corner of the scene.The YOUNG CHEF leans left.The OLD CHEF throws bugs in the plates and bowls on theworking top and runs away. The YOUNG CHEF turns right again.
 2CLOSE UP. Plates and bowls with bugs inside.MEDIUM CLOSE UP. The YOUNG CHEF is thinking. After a momenthe knows what to do.INT. SCENE5MEDIUM CLOSE UP. A hand writing something on a black board.The camera turns right to show the front of the black boardwith 'BUG SALAD SPECIAL' written on it.CLOSE UP. OLD CHEF'S angry face.EXT. SCENE6WIDE SHOT. SIDE of the snack bar. YOUNG CHEF is fishing.WIDE SHOT. YOUNG CHEF'S back is facing the camera. CameraZOOMS IN to the bucket full of fish.CLOSE UP. Bucket full of fish is being replaced with bucketfull of FUGU fish.WIDE SHOT. YOUNG CHEF stands up and approaches the bucket.LOW ANGLE. YOUNG CHEF is thinking. After a moment waves hishand happily and walks away.INT. SCENE7WIDE SHOT. OLD CHEF standing in front of the black board. Hethrows his hands in the air and walks away angrily.CLOSE UP. The black board with 'SAFE AND TASTY! BEST FUGU ONTHE ISLAND' written on it.INT. SCENE8SNACK BAR. KITCHEN.MEDIUM CLOSE UP. Camera moves slowly from YOUNG CHEF'Shands, cutting lemons, to his content face.MID SHOT. The YOUNG CHEF walks away. The OLD CHEF can beseen appearing from under the working top.

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