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Dreaming Stars

Dreaming Stars

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Published by George Hind

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Published by: George Hind on Feb 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dreaming StarsWritten ByGeorge Hind
1INT. SON'S BEDROOM. NIGHTInside the room is the seven year old son and his mothergetting him ready for bed. As he gets into bed he looksoutside his bedside window at the bright shining stars,while he watches them twinkles and sparkle his eyes catchesa shooting star fly past and can't help but question it, sohe turns to his mother.SONMum?MOTHERYes?SONWhat are shooting stars?The mother can see the gleam in her sons eyes she cant helpbut smile. She walks up to the bed and sits next to him,starting to stroke his head in a sooting way.MOTHERNow that's a really good questionand I have the perfect story totell you exactly what they are. Hmmnow where should I start, ah yes Iknow. in a faraway land there wasan evil man named Caligo Nox whowanted to control peoples dreams...EXT. DREAMLAND. NIGHTIn this dreamland the sky is forever purple, the sun neverrises and the moon never shines but in the sky are the dreamselves of the sleeping humans on Earth floating softly,looking very content as they rest, travelling through aportal back to the waking land. All of a sudden they start to drop being sucked through agiant device that takes them into a dark lair.INT. DARK LAIR. NIGHTThe owner of the lair is Caligo Nox, he loves to see peoplehurt, capturing the dream selves and turning their happygentle dreams and turning them into nightmares it gives himgreat pleasure to see the suffering on their faces.He holds onto them longer then they should be asleep for,making them stay asleep longer then they should be on Earthresulting in giving them a bad day and night.
2EXT. DREAMLAND. NIGHTClose to the waking worlds portal lives a great Magicianknown as Lumen. For years he has been living in a Lighthouseon top of the mountains, it has no bulb or electrcity andhas always wanted to know what its purpose of being builtwas for since he has lived there.INT. LIGHTHOUSE. NIGHTThrough his windows he can see the dreamers falling out thesky and into Caligo's lair and has always known that he'sbeen fixated on the dreamers of Earth and his ways oftorture.Lumen has always studied the dreamers and knows that theyseem to be attracted to light more then anything which iswhy Caligo's vacuum device is able to draw the dreamers downfrom the sky before pulling them into his lair. After great thought on how to save the dreamers from Caligoand his machine, Lumen thinks why not put his magic and theLighthouse he has lived in for years to some use.Picking up his great staff Lumen rushes to the top of histower.LUMEN*Shouts* SHINE!EXT. DREAMLAND. NIGHT A giant ray of light shoots of from the light house shiningbrighter then any light has shone before covering every partof the land, even Caligo's lair returning the dreamers hehas captured back to the sky. All the dreamers start to goback to as they were looking content and travelling backthrough the waking worlds portal returning to their trueselves to wake up for the next day. That day Lumen makes ithis soul purpose to keep the dreamers happy and make surethey return home safely with no nightmares.INT. SON'S BEDROOM. NIGHTMOTHERSo you see shooting starts aresimply dreamers entering andreturning from the Dreamland.SON*laughs* You're telling fibsThe mother smirks and gives her son a kiss on the foreheadbefore walking to the door, with her hand on the light

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