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Diamond Envelope - Newsletter Fall 2012

Diamond Envelope - Newsletter Fall 2012

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Published by Ed Sochacki
Welcome to Diamond Envelope's 2012 Fall Newsletter
Welcome to Diamond Envelope's 2012 Fall Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Ed Sochacki on Feb 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fall 2012Fall 2012
Please contact our team with any questions or inquiries
Tim BurgessDavid GraunkeA.J. JaniaAlan JaniaMichael JaniaSusan JaniaKaren Johns-WrobelGina MichalakDebbie Peterson Julie ShaumanSandra VahlTony Waters
Diamond News is a publication of Diamond Envelope Corporation
published in our main ofce in Aurora, Illinois
and is available to our
Employees, Vendors and Customers.We welcome any comments or article suggestions.Please send them to our editors.
Debbie Peterson
DIAMOND ENVELOPE CORPORATION2270 White Oak CircleAurora, IL 60502Phone: 630-499-2800Fax: 630-499-2801www.diamondenvelope.com
 Joy Bailey
Thank you to this edition’s contributors:
 Joy Bailey, David Graunke, Alan Jania,Michael Jania, Susan Jania,
Debbie Peterson and Linda Wilk
Fall 2012 Edition
   N   E   W   S   L   E   T   T   E   R
Common Sayings and their Strange Origins
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride
This phase, surprisingly, was used to sell Listerine mouthwash! Topromote their product, the manuacturers o Listerine employed thepersonal experience o girls at the time, who desperately wanted tosettle down but seemed always to be let on the shel. First used in the1920’s, it portrays a situation and a possible explanation or the lack o success these girls had.Here is the transcript o the ad: Poor Edna was getting on or thirty andmost o her girlriends were either already married, or about to tie theknot. How she wished that, instead o being their bridesmaid, shecould be the bride! However, any romance o hers invariably endedquickly. There was a reason. Unbeknownst to her, she suered rombad breath and no one would tell her, not even her closet riends. Theadvertisement sold millions o bottles o mouthwash and also gave theEnglish language a new saying!
Fall 2012Fall 2012
 Letter from the President 
The sense o expectation that comes when we receive envelopes in ourmailbox has been given a name by the USPS, “The Mail Moment”. It isnot uncommon to walk to your mailbox thinking “I wonder what is in heretoday?” The recompense o that anticipation could be a birthday card;a note rom a long time riend or it could even be a hety electric bill.Whatever it is, it does nd the stimulus to make us eeling some emotion.Can you say the same about an email you have received lately? I guess youcould since the email is an ecient way to get a response. However theimmediacy o email also brings stress expecting an answer right away. 20%o Americans eel they are under pressure to respond to all emails. Those thatwalk around with smartphones coness to have experienced email overload!There is a luxury o leisure that goes with the printed medium that allowsthe recipient to casually glance at bills, advertisements, set aside a avoritecatalog or reerence later and open that hand-written wedding invitation toa long awaited event. There is just something good about slowing down andtaking a moment to savor the moment.The human connection people have to their mail is true and real. Mankindhas been sending and receiving messages since the beginning o time. TheUSPS delivers the mail to 151 million homes, businesses and PO Boxes everyday (well 6 out o 7 at least). Unlike digital networks that reach some 78%o Americans the mail reaches every adult across this great continent – areal testament to our need to communicate thus the continued value o mailin our society. It seems to me that despite our love aair with the newestelectronic gadget, we still have a fame burning in our hearts or a letter inour hand…
 Alan Jania 
As I was driving through my neighborhood theother evening I could not help but notice severalneighbors walking down their driveways to theirmailbox about to bring in the daily mail. I quicklythought now this is something we all have incommon. At some point in lie we all laugh, we allcry, we all love and we all get the mail.
Diamond Envelope is please
d to
announce that our newlydesigned Website is up and running. To see whatDiamond Envelope has to offer please visit
In a continuing eort to maintain our position as the premiere enhanced fexographic envelopeprinting company in the United States, we have once again, made a large capital investmentin our pre-press area. This new capital investment upgrades the three acets o printing weemploy, lithography, jet-oset, and enhanced fexography. Ater a tireless exploration o themost advanced plate-making technology available, we aligned ourselves with
, or ourdirect to plate applications, and
or our solvent-based fexographic plate making.Both applications, which are already in-service, have a reputation in the commercial printingworld as being the “best-o-class” or the applications they will be serving Diamond EnvelopeCorporation. We are proud o yet another cutting edge advancement that keeps DiamondEnvelope Corporation on top o the envelope printing industry. I you would like to tour ouracility and check out our newest pre-press technologies, please let me know so a tour canbe arranged.
Pre-Press Technology Advancements
Michael Janiamichael@diamondenvelope.com
Expectations Not Rules – It’s that simple
Now or a little break in paper and envelope news…Fans o the HBO show
Hard Knocks 
know by now that Chad Johnson nee Ochocinco was released rom theDolphins ater the rst couple episodes this season. However, in this season’sopener Johnson used oul language during a press conerence and you saw a rookiehead coach, Joe Philbin, reprimand Johnson or making the organization look bad.Philbin added, “We all have an obligation, we all have a responsibility. He needs toeither all in line or not, it’s pretty simple”.We don’t have any “Chad Johnson’s” here on the Diamond Envelope team. I wedid, I’m sure our head coach wouldn’t be keeping him around or very long either.I eel our sta currently is some o the best in the industry, delivering high customerservice levels and competitive results making our team run as a cohesive unit. Mostimportantly delivering product on time and in line with customer expectations.Ater this episode Herman Edwards, ormer head coach o the Kansas City Chies andcurrent ESPN ootball analyst, was eatured on ESPN’s Mike & Mike in the Morningwith some reactions and comments to Coach Philbin’s approach to handling thesituation. His most interesting comments were about the expectations he set or hisNFL players versus using “rules”.In the rst meetings with his team each season he would start out with a list o hisexpectations. His rst expectation was “Be on time”. Ater number one he wouldsay, can anyone guess what my next expectation is… “Be on time” and by the thirdexpectation the group understood and in unison would say, “Be on time”. Edwards’theory was that i you were always on time, it showed you cared and you are thereor the team. The team knows you care in return.I you weren’t on time, then you had to stand next to Edwards and i you werestanding next to Edwards on the sideline, it meant you weren’t playing. Playerswould say to him, “you’re killing me coach” and his response was “Be on time”.He continued with the ollowing, “It’s what we all learned in kindergarten. We gotcookies and milk, naps and recess. To a kindergartner you can take away the cookiesand milk and even the naps; but when you take away recess [play time], making thechild sit inside while watching riends play outside, that’s the worst eeling in theworld. “It’s that simple” Edwards concluded.The Diamond Envelope Corporation team never wants to sit next to Coach on thebench; we like to be an active player in a competitive industry. In many aspects, the“Be on time” expectation is a part o the culture at Diamond Envelope Corporation.Whether it’s responding to customers in a timely ashion, shipping product on timeor just arriving to work prepared or the day, the Diamond team delivers on thisexpectation. It’s that simple!
Fall 2012Fall 2012
Susan JaniaManuacturing Logistics Manager

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