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TFP 01-13

TFP 01-13

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Published by Mando Conde

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Published by: Mando Conde on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Editor...
January 2013 The Texas Free Press - 2
Happy New Year!I am sure many of the read-rs of this publication wouldgree that our 2nd Amendmentights are surely at stake rightow and as of the past feways, the Obama administra-ion is at it once again to takeway as many guns rights as ithinks it can get away with. So,here are articles in this issueegarding 2nd Amendmentights. Our 2nd Amendmentights are probably the onlynes that have not been com-letely overtaken by the bama administration. If weose those, we are doomed to auture of a globalist tyrannynd slavery to that government.I personally know one or twoeople who admittedly do notwn guns and, for one reasonr another, do not wish to ownuns, but at least they have aight to make that decision for hemselves rather than bowingo a government taking awayheir right to choose.So, I once again pose theuestion, “What can we do bout a government bent on de-stroying America?” The bestsolutions I can come up with,nd I am certainly no expert, iso take care of yourself andour family financially, grows much of your own food asou can, take care of your 
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By Pat Shannan
Gunther Russbacher was a29-year veteran of the CIAwho achieved notoriety whenhe testified that in 1980 he had been the pilot of the supersonicSR-71 that flew Vice Presiden-tial candidate George Bushfrom the Paris meetings back to the US. Those meetings con-cluded with the “October Sur- prise” undercover deal withIran. Russbacher’s whistle- blowing cost him seven yearsin federal prison.When he was released in1996, Gunther was more defi-ant than ever and began ex- plaining the pattern of what weare seeing today with the mul-tiple mass shootings – fromhow the Subjects are chosenfrom “Level One” all the waythrough the mind control pro-gram that eventually leads tothe “suicide” of the “sleeper.”Initially, a group from the in-telligence community can-vasses the county hospitals andimmigration centers in order tofind viable candidates. Theytry to locate people who haveno close family or friends.When selected, these peopleare put under heavy hypnosiswhere a definitive pattern of their usefulness is determined by psychiatrists. Showing highIQ, the candidate is placed in a“call file.”If the tested applicant hasmore than 120 IQ, a "recall"command and an accompany-ing "trigger" word will be writ-ten into his personality duringthe Level One hypnosis ses-sion. This "trigger" will acti-vate his recall program whenwe are ready for him,” saidRussbacher. “We then system-atically do a backgroundsearch and create a file for fu-ture reference.”When fully qualified, thesubject will be "recalled" andtaken for further tests for vul-nerability. If he passes, he isthen brought to Level 2 hypno-sis where specific instructionsare placed through hypnoticcommands and suggestionsinto his personality, and he isgiven diverse small orders. Bycompleting these satisfactorily,he receives a "recall servicenotice" and a “handler.” TheHandler supplies a “trigger”word that includes instructionson when and where to report,and the Subject will have nomemory of either.Level 3 hypnosis injects an“overwrite,” a new identity or  personality and can eliminateall fear and nervousness. Thisis similar to having multiple personalities, except the origi-nal personality is repressed or hidden under the "overwrite"and will not surface for a set period of time determined bythe Programmer. Just enoughinformation will be written infor the operative’s alias andstory to be believable by every-one, including law enforce-ment officials. Now the subject believes that he must and cando everything his programmersask him to do.Russbacher elaborated, “If 
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in toto.
Pay attention to whatis going on in your local areawith county and city govern-ment. Pay attention to whatour state legislature is doing.On another note, please beaware of the fact that adver-tisers who wish to promotetheir religious beliefs or polit-ical beliefs are not an indica-tion of my own beliefs nor those of anyone associatedwith
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Though I am a Christian, Ioften disagree with many oth-ers who say they are Chris-tians, just as Catholics andBaptists or Methodists andLutherans may disagree witheach other, and Republicansand Democrats may disagreewith each other.
That’s all for now. Have ahappy and prosperous NewYear!.
Yours Truly,Penny PeavyEditor/Publisher 361-547-9062 penny@thetexasfreepress.com
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the IQ is high enough we willstudy his abilities and our needs, and determine how thesubject can be further used.”At Level 4 hypnosis, the sub- ject no longer differentiates be-tween right and wrong. Thesubject will be told he is a"Super Human" and all lawsare written for other people andhis moral code and fear of dying are replaced with new"Superman” feelings. If the in-tent of the programming is tocreate an assassin who will killon cue, all morality, fear, andrevulsion of bloody body partsmust be eliminated. A com- pletely new person is beingcreated and his only memoriesare the ones supplied by thetreatment.The photos of family andfriends will be of deep cover agency personnel. If ever amission goes "sour" and thenews media starts looking for his family, the "agency createdfamily" will be produced for anews conference or an inter-view.If the subject is going to beused to infiltrate a patriotgroup, religious commune, po-litical campaign or environ-mental movement, the subjectwill be given all the knowledgeand beliefs that are commonlyheld by people in his targetedgroup. The subject will believethat his fervently held opinionsare his own. He will be believ-able to other members of thegroup.Upon completion of Level 4,the subject who has been cho-
16 Mass Shootings in 2012Should Tell Us Something
sen to become a "programmedsleeper assassin" is fully pre- pared for Level 5 at whichtime a code word is etched intothe subject’s brain. This is com-monly known and referred toas the "trigger" which will acti-vate the subject into actionwhen the plan is in place.“He is now referred to as a“Clear Eyes,” Russbacher ex- plained, “and is a ‘sleeper as-sassin.’” His programmingusually includes killing himselas well. Those who don’t, suchas Sirhan and James Holmes,still cannot remember commit-ting the crime, why they did itor even being hypnotized. Os-wald was killed because he wasan innocent patsy whose mem-ory had not been captured.By considering this informa-tion with all the undercover criminal activity governmentagencies have been caught at inrecent years, the reader shouldnot be fooled by this “falseflag” activity. In Switzerland,where every family is requiredto own and receive instructionon firearms, such levels of in-sanity have never been re- ported.
Reprinted with permissionwww.patshannan.netPat Shannan is author of thebook 
 Everything They* Ever Told Me Was a Lie.
Happy New Year!
“Firearms are secondonly to the Constitutionin importance; they arethe peoples' liberty'steeth.”
--George Washington
This feature is being renewed. We welcome news fromvolunteer fire departments and community clubs andorganizations.Send your “press releases” by e-mail topenny@thetexasfreepress.com
January 2013 The Texas Free Press - 3
If you think you are some-hat protected from policiesnd initiatives of the UNgenda 21, think again.If you live in a rural area,ou probably choose to do so.ou wanted to be away fromhe traffic and congestion, anderhaps you wanted to live on aake or out in the brush or theoods somewhere, or maybeust in a very small town. Per-aps you are a farmer or ancher.Sometime in the summer of 011, Obama signed Executiverder 13575 establishing thehite House Rural Councilhich apparently seems to be aeans of furthering the goalsf United Nations Agenda 21hose chief buzzword is “sus-ainability.” Under this order,he heads of every executiveranch department of the fed-ral government are “mem-ers” of the rural council,ncluding, but not limited to,he Department of Defense, theepartment of Justice, the De-artment of Labor, the Depart-ent of Health and HumanServices, the Department of ousing and Urban Develop-ent, the Department of En-rgy, the Department of ducation, the Domestic Policyouncil, and, of course, theepartment of Homeland[in]Security. Hmm.Many who live in rural areasre not farmers or ranchers. Ac-ording to policies stated ingenda 21, single-family hous-ng and any private ownershipf real estate will become ahing of the past. Here’s a sce-ario that could be coming toou:There’s a knock on your oor. You are not expectingnyone. Yet, because you be-ieve you live in fairly benignommunity, you answer theoor. The people standing out-side your door, dressed in suits,xplain that the governmenteeds your property becausehe government is going to turnhe area into “recreational use”or the “public good” in theame of “sustainability.” Theyeply they are taking your prop-rty away from you by “emi-ent domain.”You say, “But this is myome, and I own it, and I don’tant to sell it.” They reply thatou have no choice. You thensk how much money you willet from the government for stealing your home. They tellou that the market value of our home is zero because of he local government agree-ent to “master planning.”hey say there is no marketalue for your home because of he government’s plans to takell the homes in the area for the public good.” Terri-ied, you ask, “But where will Iive? Everything I have is in-ested in my home.” Their re-sponse: “Don’t worry. We’reoing to give you a place toive in a 16-foot by 16-footstack-and-pack apartment inhe nearest city. You’ll be closeo work, close to modern healthare (Obamacare facilities),lose to supermarkets, (GMOood purveyors), close to allinds of shopping (for goodsroduced in China) and youill be able to walk or ride a bi-ycle to all these places.”“But I don’t want that. I likehere I live right now, and Iave my own garden!” Youeply. “Besides I have a Con-stitutional right to own prop-rty,” you reply. “I own thislace outright, through a life-ime of blood, sweat andears!:”“Sir, I hate to tell you, buthe government has every righto have your property and toove you to the city,” thegoons reply. “Oh, yes, and bythe way, you won’t be needingthat big pickup truck you have parked out here. There will beno place to drive it and no placeto buy gas for it, so we’re tak-ing that, too. You can buy your-self a bicycle.”“But I’m too old to ride a bicycle! I am 75 years old!”“The regulations do not dis-criminate against anyone on the basis of age,” they reply.“What about my dog? Mychickens? My goat?”“Don’t worry, we’ll takecare of them.”“What about the apart-ment? Will I have to pay rent?”“Of course, but your SocialSecurity check should cover it.”“How will I eat?”“You will get food stamps,at least enough to buy soybeansand rice.”“How will I get my foodsupplements and vitaminswhen I won’t have anymoney?”“Don’t worry. Obamacarewill buy you the latest patenteddrugs.”(Oh, really?) “Will I beable to see my doctor of choice?”“Well, that depends on whothe doctor is. It has to be a doc-tor who uses the prescription pad and who forces you to takevaccines and other preventivehealth measures, and one whoenters everything about your  body and your responses toquestions into a computer toshare with other Obamacare providers.”“You mean doctors who pre-vent me from having goodhealth?”“No, no, no. We mean doc-tors who will prescribe won-derful drugs, manufactured byrenowned pharmaceutical com- panies, drugs that will makeyou feel good all the time. Youwill be living in paradise!”“I like my neighbors. Theyare like me and have the samevalues I have. I don’t want tomove. I have a right to choosewhom I live around!”“Hmmm, no you don’t. Wewant you to live in a multi-cul-tural, multi-racial environmentwhere everyone is equal.”“Well, everyone is equalunder the law, but not everyoneis equal! My daughter is a lotmore motivated and more in-telligent than my son. They arenot equal except under the law!My daughter is a successfulcattle rancher, and my son is ascummy creep who does notthink he has to work for a liv-ing!”“In the new world order, theywill be equal.”“How so?” you ask.“They will each live in a 16 by 16 pack-and-stack apart-ment, or, in the case of your daughter, will be assigned to acamp to be re-educated, will beassigned a job by the govern-ment and will receive the same pay.”Your visitor is getting ir-ritated by the questions andmotions to his compadre tohave a private conversation.Their conversation goes likethis:Agent 1: “What are wegoing to do? Should we just ar-rest this resister and take him toone of the camps where he willdie soon, or should we just killhim now?”Agent 2: “We don’t needany smart people who knowtheir rights. I say we just killhim now. He will be nothing but trouble.”.BANG! BANG!YOU’RE DEAD.The powers that be, whosecurrent chief puppet is Barack Obama, will do anything totake away our rights to ownfirearms. Today, December 14,2012, it appears that they(meaning the puppeteers) shotand killed about 28 people,mostly very young children, atan elementary school in Con-necticut. The expected re-sponse from the Democrats andthe progressives, the socialists,the Communists and globalist-controlled media is that weneed GUN CONTROL.What is it about gun controlthat they do not understand? In-stead of keeping the averagelaw-abiding citizen from beingable to own and carry guns andinstead of teachers being ableto carry concealed weapons,they want no law-abiding citi-zen to be able to carry guns.Only criminals and the govern-ment would have guns.The distorted and virtuallynon-existent logic of the guncontrol crowd goes somethinglike this:Premise A: Guns kill people.(A false premise)Premise B: Allowing no oneoutside the government to ownor carry guns will save lives(Another false premise)Conclusion: Banning guns willdecrease crime, especiallymass murders by crazy people.(A completely false conclu-sion)This faulty logic defies imagi-nation and is promoted by ig-norant people, many of whomhave no experience at all withguns and no knowledge of thetrue statistics about guns in thehands of law-abiding citizensvs. guns illegally owned bycriminals.The government’s wish tocontrol guns is much more sub-versive. The people in Wash-ington, D.C., are puppets of theglobalist power elites. The power elites realize that Amer-ica is the last holdout for thedomination of the world intocomplete totalitarianism, alsoknown as the New WorldOrder. The power elites knowthat 2nd Amendment rights inAmerica are the last greatthreat to their agenda. Takeaway gun rights, and Americais completely in their hands tofurther their evil totalitariangoals.Many gun advocates seem to believe that the 2nd Amend-ment is about hunting rightsand the right to defend oneself and one’s family against crim-inals. Humans have always hadthe right to hunt animals for food (except under currentstringent restrictions as towhen, how and what you canhunt), and it should be an ac-cepted notion that everyone hasthe right to defend againstthose intent on harming peopleand property. What many of these advocates seem to over-look, either consciously or outof stupidity, is that the 2ndAmendment is really about protecting ourselves from our own government’s tyrannicalintentions.If you watched Obama’sfake tears either on mainstreammedia or on the internet, notethat he was chiefly polking hisfingers at the outside edges of his eyes furthest from his nose.Anyone who has actually shedtears knows that they flowfrom the sides of eyes nearestthe nose, not from the outer edges. Did you ever actuallysee any tears or anything thatlooked like tears? I didn’t.(Tear ducts are close to thenose, not close to the outer edges of the eyes. Obama wasclearly following instructionsfrom cartoon characters pokingat tears.)Here’s my list of a few of the things the governmentneeds to control if they use thesame logic as they do on guns.Boats (they kill people), auto-mobiles (they kill lots of peo- ple), swimming pools (theydrown people), all grainsgrown in American (GMOfoods kill people) and all grain products (they kill people by promoting obesity and dia- betes), all knives includingkitchen knives (they stab peo- ple to death), baseball bats(they can kill), golf clubs (see baseball bats), golf courses(they kill people with lighten-ing strikes), trees (they fall andkill people), chain saws, ham-mers, electric saws, planers,sugar (it mysteriously gets inyour body and is probably the biggest mass killer in Amer-ica), artificial sweeteners (next biggest killer behind sugar),statin drugs, psychiatric drugs,alcohol, houses (they asome-times kill its inhabitants), andthe list could probably includeeverything you own becausethe gun control freaks believethat guns kill. A look aroundmy house on objects that“could kill” would have to in-clude all my computer equip-ment, a heavy banjo, myhardback copy of Strong’s Ex-haustive Concordance of theBible and an unabridged dic-tionary. This doesn’t even in-clude the kitchen gear or thefats that kill by causing greasefires on the stove.I watched a great video onthe internet this morning inwhich Mike Adams (the HealthRanger) laid a gun on theground and told it to kill. After all, if guns kill people, this guncould allegedly kill. He did thiswith a semi-automatic pistol, ashotgun and a military styleweapon. It’s no surprise thatnone of the guns even fired,much less killed anyone. Theguns only fired when he pickedthem up and put his finger tothe trigger and pulled.A second meme being pro-moted now is that “what weneed is more expedient ways of locking up crazy people.” Thelogic here goes something likethis:Premise A: All these peoplewho engage in mass shootingsare crazy. (Probably faulty, asmost of them are probably pro-grammed by government oper-atives to behave in a certainmanner.)Premise B: With more psychia-trists, crazy people can be iden-tified, drugged and locked up,to heck with their rights.(Faulty logic: There is no waythey can all be identified, anddrugs are probably part of the problem.)Conclusion: If we just lock upthe crazies, we’ll be safe frommass murders. (Faulty conclu-sion.)Again, this is another way for the government to willy-nillysend anyone who is not “nor-mal” in the eyes of the govern-ment to be indefinitely detainedas a crazy person (probably in aFEMA camp) and “re-edu-cated” to behave just exactlylike the government wantsthem to behave, subservientand submissive. TSA agentswill stop you on the highway tosomehow “discover” if you arecrazy and should be locked upor if you have a semi-auto inthe glove compartment.Right now it looks as iObama will push forward ongetting rid of the 2nd Amend-ment, even if by executiveorder. If I were a manufacturer of arms in America, I would besending Obama fabulous com-mission checks, as gun salesare going through the roof. Noone has ever been such a won-derful influence on gun sales asBarack Obama.As one of my friends toldme, “I had one pistol, one .22rifle and one single-shot shot-gun before Obama was elected. Now I have four pistols, threerifles and two shotguns, sling-shots and baseball bats. Oh,yes, I also have bought a cou- ple of golf irons even though Idon’t play golf.” Now the gun control peoplesay they just want to take awayour semi-automatic weapons.Of those who own guns, whodoesn’t own at least one semi-automatic pistol and perhaps asemi-automatic .22 rifle? Theywant to leave “we the people”with only revolvers, single-shotshotguns and bolt action rifles.In other words, they want tomake sure the government hasmuch better weapons than wedo.If you have a concealed carry permit in Texas, you alreadyknow that there is a long list o places you cannot carry your gun. It is complicated, and, iyou do not memorize the list,you almost need to carry thelist in your car and consult itevery time you get out of thecar. If you examine the loca-tions of mass shootings, theyare nearly always in “gun freezones.” A “gun free zone,”such as a public school, is prac-tically an invitation for one othese mass killers to do his business there. He knows noone in that area will have a con-cealed firearm. It’s like spear-ing fish in a bathtub full of fish.Schools are prime prospects for mass shootings.There is one sure way okeeping your own children safefrom these school mass shoot-ings, and that is to educate your children at home. The wholeidea of sending children to agovernment-sponsored, gov-ernment-run public school that promotes a government-ap- proved curriculum, along withthrongs of same-age children,is absurd. More on that subjectnext month.
Fiction, of course...
“Educate and inform thewhole mass of the people...They are the only sure reliance for thepreservation of our liberty.”
--Thomas Jefferson
“Experience hath shewn, that even under thebest forms (of government) those entrustedwith power have, in time, and by slowoperations, perverted it into tyranny.”
-- Thomas Jefferson
From the Far  West Side 
by Farris West
 What’s Wrong With This Picture 
by Gwen Guyser 

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