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Dream Novel Outline

Dream Novel Outline

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Published by Zachary Cole
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Published by: Zachary Cole on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Takes place in present day Mexico.
Tells the separate tales of two Mexican families.
One family is rich (The Padilla Family) and the other ispoor (The Castorena Family).
Both are trying get to America. Each for different reasons.
Poor family is being forced from their homes in theMexico City slums by a real estate firm. In anattempt to escape their economic woes, the familyplans to move in with cousins in SouthernCalifornia in search of more hopeful, wealthierprospects.
Rich family is moving to America to escape thealienation, mundane habits, and absurdity that their lifestyle has created for them. Father worksfor real estate firm in the Torre Latinoamericana.Oldest son suffers from bipolar disorder and wantsto go to America to be a writer.
The Castorena’s have a very strong family unit, which, aside
from religious conviction, is their focal point and derivativeof their strength. They are a very traditional.
hile the Castorena’s may suffer
economic disparity,because they have each other, they are spiritually wealthy.
Although the Padilla
’s have an abundance of wealth, as a
family unit, they are alienated from each other andthemselves. The
suffer from poverty of the spirit.
Though their lifestyles are very different, the two families
are very similar in the fact that they’re both trying to
go toAmerica to escape the clutches of their current lives andseek something better for themselves and their families.
Castorena family has to save up money to illegally immigrateto America, each family member from youngest (7 years-old) to the oldest (17 years-old) must work together as
vendors in Coyoacan, a tourist oriented borough of MexicoCity. They take part in the protest against sociospacialexclusion on the behalf of the vendors and artisans who arebeing driven from their place of work within the plazas.
Before they can move, the Padilla family has to wait for theirschool-age children to finish their academic pursuits andfind proper housing in the new country of America.
After years of half-trying, Leon Padilla graduates from art school and is attempting to regain control over his life inspite of his mental illness, alcoholism, and relationshipwoes.
During his attempts to do so, Leon’s
former lover, RoxanaBustamante, kills the eldest of the Castorena family in a hit-and-run accident on the way back home from a heated andviolent argument at the Padilla residence.
As a result, the Castorena’s are driven to more desperate
means of obtaining the money they need to begin a new lifeelsewhere.
Castorena family must move from small apartment toNetzahualcoyotl
, one of the “colonias proliterias,” which is a
squatting settlement on the outskirts of town.
Meanwhile, the Padilla family is attempting to cope withvarious substance abuse issues as well as social stresses.
Leon is battling bipolar disorder and leads a chaotic, maniclife fueled by alcohol and drug addiction. Engages inspontaneous travel and reverie
amid Mexico City’s upper
Mrs. Lupe Padilla struggles with her own drug addiction,albeit a more socially acceptable one, combining diet pills,pain killers, and alcohol.
Mr. Carlos Padilla is a real estate executive and has to dealwith putting people out of their homes in order to makemoney for himself and his family.
After months of work, the Castorena family finally hasenough money to make it up to Tijuana in order to hire a
“coyotaje” to escort them across the border.
The Padillas have secured housing in the Los Angeles areaand Mr. Padilla has obtained employment with his real
estate firm’s sister company.
They prepare for the move.
Upon arriving in Tijuana, the Castorena’s
find that they areunable to afford the coyote, however, they are tipped off bya cab driver, hired to recruit individuals attempting toimmigrate illegally. He tells them that a group outside of Rosarito, a city to the south, can transport them by boat for alesser cost.
They are transported to San Diego by boat for the cash theyhave ($2000), but are informed upon arriving in San Diegothat they owe an additional $4000. They hold Mrs.Castorena as collateral.
The remaining members of the Castorena family attempt toraise the money as fast as possible with the help of theirfamily that lives farther north in Pomona, CA.
The Padilla family enjoys a leisurely drive from Mexico Cityto Los Angeles, CA and is allowed to enter America with awork visa and proper documentation.
They establish residency as Leon attempts to begin a careeras a writer with little luck. Mr. Padilla works hard as anexecutive for his real estate firm, which deals withcommercial tourism between Mexico City and SouthernCalifornia.
The Padilla family slowly begins to fall back into the sameroutines that dictated their lives in Mexico City and find that 
they haven’t escaped the alienation of the human experience
at all, but merely exchanged settings for their self-destructive patterns of behavior.

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