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New Research Results

New Research Results

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Published by Allen Alfred
International Academic Journals http://bellpress.org/Journals
International Academic Journals http://bellpress.org/Journals

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Allen Alfred on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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European Journal of Education and Learning, Vol.9, 2010ISSN(paper)2668-3318 ISSN(online)2668-361Xwww.BellPress.org 1
Wordsworth’s Glorious Stage
-The Source of True Education,Practical Wisdom & Spiritual Bliss
Bala Harish (Corresponding author)School of English, Bhai Gurdas Institute of Engg. & Tech.12B/58, Shivpuri Mohalla, Dhuri 148024, Sangrur, Punjab, India
William Wordsworth, a great lover, worshipper and admirer of nature and a nature poet par excellence couldreach the bottom of depth and the peak of height in the third stage i.e the glorious phase of his life in thedevelopment of his poetic mind and to generate the era i.e from 1797-1807 when he looked at mother naturewith a keen eye of joy and bliss. The great literary works
Lyrical Ballads, the Prelude, the Excursion, Thesonnets, and Poems in Two Volumes reflect the Supremacy of his incredible imagination and excellentcreativity. He could make poetry an unlimited and inimitable art that could break all the shackled and imprisonedchains of artificial convention.. The main objective is to provide practical wisdom and sanity, peace and serenityand satisfaction and relaxation to the ailing bodies, sinking hearts, perplexed minds and empty souls which isactually the goal of worldly education but in vain but his poetry proved itself to be the supreme source of trueeducation. This glorious phase of Wordsworth can really bring a drastic change in the educational field toachieve the ever-seeking motives and set goals in worldly education.
Key words
: education, spiritual bliss, nature, goals & contemporary time
William Wordsworth, a great lover, worshipper and admirer of nature and a nature poet par excellence couldreach the bottom of depth and the peak of height in the third stage of the development of his poetic mind from 1797-1807 i.e
the most glorious period of his life when he looked at mother nature with a keen eye of joy andbliss. The great literary works
Lyrical Ballads, the Prelude, the Excursion, The sonnets, and Poems in TwoVolumes reflects the Supremacy of his incredible imagination and excellent creativity that could make thehumans realise the importance of nature for the real and practical education to the sinking hearts and perplexedminds in this never escapable world. He laments the idea that nature is the real source of education and reflectsher supermacy over the worldly educational institutions that fail to achieve the real goal of education.
2.Nature is Not a Mere Vegetation But the Best Teacher
In his ever enjoyable poem
“She Grew in Sun and Shower” The poet compares the idea that Nature is not
amere vegetation, subject to the law of growth and decay but a manifestation of God. This poem is an elegy
(ameditative poem with a melancholic theme. It may be a poem of mourning, a lament expression of sorrow or afuneral poem).She is supreme and a great friend, the best teacher and ever helping guide. She makes the humansoul pure and pious, more enlightened and far away from the worldly fears, worries and ignorance by drinkingthe sweet nectar that cures all the illnesses and actually intelligent that is the real goal of worldly education yetthe teachers fail to inculcate these qualities.
As Stern writes,” intelligence is a general capacity of an individual
consciously to adjust his thinking to new requirements. It is a general mental adaptability to new problems andconditions of life.(Stern inc.1914).The
worldly people always seek opportunities to hurt us, to criticize us, topass hasty judgments on our work and actions and to make us miserable and our plight pitiable. They feel jealousof our excellent achievements and growth. Their hatred and contempt pain our hearts as they mock at us todiscourage us. The false love and affection due to hypocrisy and technical sophistication break our hearts andshatter our souls which are totally a contrast to the ancient long lasting and ever-true and loyal relationships. But
European Journal of Education and Learning, Vol.9, 2010ISSN(paper)2668-3318 ISSN(online)2668-361Xwww.BellPress.org 2
education believes in cooperation and loyalty in relationships but contemporary education never miss a chance tomake us totally self-centered. It makes us doctors, engineers, lawyers etc.yet fails to maintain our identities asgood human being
the shadow of the almighty.But nature like a true friend stands by us in every thick and thin,to encourage us always for every minor endeavour to enlighten our path in every difficult situation, to appreciateour work at every small success bit, to bandage our bleeding hearts; when the first drop of blood oozes out, theseworldly misfortunes, distresses and despairs can do a damn to destroy our ever
enlightened spirits.thenoteworthy example of this is that even the most callous hearts that are totally indifferent towards nature feelimmense joy and lot of peace and serenity in the lap of nature. Everyone wants to enjoy in the hilly areas wherethey could feel nature from the closer side to forget all the worldly worries and fearswhich is as true as the sunrises in the east
3.Nature's Education System is Totally Different From the Worldly Education
Nature's education system being totally different from the worldly education always puts us on the right track like any incarnation of God that becomes the midway to have Darshan of his lord, that supreme power, thatalmighty. It not only provides the light of wisdom and sanity to our perplexed souls and agitated minds, but alsochannelizes our precious energies and sound potentialities in right direction and makes us truly creative as
skinner writes,’’
creative thinking means that the predictions and or inferences for the individual arenew,original,ingenious,unusual.the creative thinker is one who explores new areas and makes newobservation,new predictions, new inferences (Skinner inc.1968). The human aptitude and attitude get mingled inthe bright light of knowledge and awareness from ignorance and insanity providing him something worthwhileto raise him from ordinary to extra ordinary and from common to uncommon.The sublimity of thoughts, thenobility of actions, the loftiness of mind, the purity of heart, the incomparable wit and wisdom, the divine beautyand charm and the spiritually enlightened soul are few noteworthy qualities that are the goals of education yetthe natural objects like teachers reflect these ideal features.Wordsworth has emphasized the moral influence of nature through the following noteworthy lines"The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,The guide, the guardian of my heart and soul, of all moral being"
William Wordsworth’s poems have the capability to transform completely the tensed and anxious hearts to
cheerful and blissful ones. His poetry has soothing effect on the pinched hearts and the inculcation of unity withnature in his literary works makes the human beings realize the essence of that almighty whom is the source of wisdom, sanity, truth, loyalty and never ever the feeling of being lonely which itself is a great feeling to take asign of relief among the worldly selfish and never reliable people and thus is the treasure of true and practicaleducation for the people of all the ages.it actually transforms our educational psychology.As crow and crow
writes,” educational psychology
describes and explains the learning experiences of an individual from the birth
through old age.’’
(Crow& Crow1973).So every sensible person realises the never-breakable bond with themother nature consciously or unconsciously which in turn is the shadow of the almighty- the real master and thereal educationalist.
4. Natural Objects-The Source of Peace and Serenity-An Ever Seeking Goal in Worldly Education
In Composed upon Westminster Bridge, Wordsworth makes his readers feel to the lees that the abstract solitudeand all solitary things have an extra ordinary and ever-appealing fascination which the poet had neverexperienced so intensely as at the sight of large and vast city lying in the bright sunlight. As he writes:Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!The river glideth at his own sweet will;Dear God! The very houses seem asleep;And all that mighty heart is lying still!
European Journal of Education and Learning, Vol.9, 2010ISSN(paper)2668-3318 ISSN(online)2668-361Xwww.BellPress.org 3
Wordsworth motivates his readers to be always in the company of ever-friendly nature as she is ultra clear, pureand pious and being objective and unbiased remains away from all the worldly impurity, materialism and self-centeredness. She teaches by showing her unbiased attitude irrespective of caste, creed, richness, status or powerunlike to the world where Might is Right.
”motivation is considered with the arousal of the interest in learningand , to the extent is basic to learning”(
Crow& Crow)
The Source of Extra-ordinary Courage and Self-confidence
Inculcation of extra ordinary courage and self-confidence
to surpass all the obstacles, mysteries, problems,negativities and unfavorable conditions are not confined to any worldly medicinal syrup or any hi-tech scientificinvention but is quite minor to ever existing yet so pure and simple but quite mysterious mother nature and in
turn to the omnipresent almighty. The poet’s wor 
ks also makes his readers capable to understand the mystery of nature and in turn the source of the ultimate power and wisdom to enjoy heaven in the most hellishcircumstances
which is eveseeking in the contemporary time.Wordsworth also imparts knowledge to thereaders about child the supremacy of his philosophy
and an eye among the blind irrespective of his being giftedor backward.
 prem pasricha writes,”the gifted child is the one who exhibits superiority in general intelligence or 
the one who is in possession of special abilities of high order in the fields which are not necessarily associated
with high intelligence quotient”
(Pasricha 1963)
while barton hall writes,”backwardness in general,is applied to
cases where theireducational attainment falls below the level of their natural abilities.(Barton1947) He is the bestprophet and seer who can find those hidden treasures of, knowledge, power, strength and courage and wisdomthat humans even could not dare to find in their dreams.
6. TheTotal Loss of Fear and Anxiety
As today's fast life has made the human beings just like machines and the ultra modernity and high technologyhas produced the anxiety and fear as the by-products, but Wordsworth poetry gives the easiest and sure shortmethod to satisfy the empty hearts, bewildered souls and the frustrated minds.The modern educationalists talk bigger but fruits are not even noteworthy.the man has lost control over himself.he has become a mere puppet inthis high-tech world where education produces machines as products and consumes human beings asreactants.but nature helps to enjoy the incredible bliss in this mortal world.a tensed mind gets relieved so easilyin the lap of nature where every possible medicinal syrup fails to do it so casually.
Poetry- A True Guidelines to Worldly Education
The today’s luxurious but totally lonely and pessimistic life has really tr 
ied every possible effort making thehumans teared away from their basic abode and also tried every vain effort to divert their minds from the naturalserenity. When the whole world was sailing in the boat of woes, sufferings, anxieties, tensions and
dissatisfaction of hearts and minds, then William Wordsworth’s poetry comes as a flicker of hope which
provides extra-ordinary and uncommon joy to the earthy people that was truly the motive of education whichwas far away from the territory of fulfilment as he
writes:(Dr. Sen)
15 A poet could not but be gayIn such a jocund companyI gazed and gazed but little thoughtwhat wealth the show to me had brought,For oft, when on my couch I lie,20 In vacant or in pensive mood,They flash upon that inward eye

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