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Happiness 2

Happiness 2

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Published by Vonne Monai

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

Vonne Monai's Autobiography/Notes

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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I was always happy because I am ME.I like and Love Me!
This photo was taken around the time that Terri Shepardbegan starting physical fights with me.
*more about her and her abusing a very dark skinned girl,Denise Williams
She and her family of coons (Black inbred trolls) went tochurch and were never saved.*her Mother admitted to being an adulterer and had theirthird child (Pookie) she (Maxine) thought her husband wascheating and would leave her.
Russell was an MTA subway worker near the dangerousthird rail until my Mother pulled some strings for him to betransferred to Bus driver - ungrateful
*Dot tried to have sex with Russell
*Dot refused to have sex with Mr. Peeples
*Dot and David Williams
She boasted of her rewards for the beatings by telling methat she was married and had two kids and was theprincipal of the Intermediate school we attended, EdwinMarkham 51, Staten Island, N. Y.
I suppose she can brag about cheating on her husband asa prostitute with a White man like her Mother did whilewearing a cloth coat her trick bought he and laughingabout how her husband didn't even notice.
Orchestrated at King Kullen supermarket, Stapleton,Staten Island, N.Y.
I suppose they use supermarkets because they are one of the few places they allow me to go.Black females are nothing but delusional, jealous Jezebels.
They're not human.
I think Jesus' sacrifice was for humans and not Blackfemales like them because they are like their Father Satan.
Home is somethng I'm supposed to feel bad about neverhavng had.
The evil, pedophile, homosexual, sadistic, rapist who heldme captive as his sex slave always made fun of me nothaving a home or a family.
He was cruel to me and an evil criminal cohort whomarries women who have heroin addicted parents (mybiological Father).
He even tried to convince me that I was a beggar whocan't be a chooser.
I was robbed and "they are" the beggars who can't bechoosers.
Explioting people like me to degrade me and believing thelies about me not having the ability to cook because theywanted me to "you better feed that White man" TheresaCooke (most likely another one of his willing prostitutes
they tried to force me into a friendship with.
I was supposed to take foood out of my children's mouthsto feed that overweight, Sadistic, Satanist, former alterboy, anchor baby who believes
the can turn anyone out and "make" them into prostitutes just because they "need" artificial promotions.
Retarded, evil, theiving, cheap zeros who are hardened byJezebel whores.
To all of the Mark of the Beast Losers who saythat I'm not attractive or sexy:
First of all I don't care what slanderous retards think.
I have never wanted to be attractive or sexy to a worldthat has few men and zero standards.
I've seen the ugly, Black whores all males frequent asprostitutes because they have zero standards.
They will understand when it's too late that they ought tohave castrated themselves once they're in Hell.
I could see at an early age that appreciation of realfemininty and women was lacking and that most of theWhite males were sadistic homosexuals and the Blackmales were slaves to their manly females.
I can't be equally yoked to anyone who has "no standards"and think sex is love.
I have no communion with idiots who don't ave any humanvalues.
I am innocent and they aren't, therefore we have nocommunion.
They flaunt their ill gotten gains and never thank me fortheir artificial promotions which they would have neverhad if not for me having been born superior to them.

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