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#Ophiuchus #Ascendant of the #USA

#Ophiuchus #Ascendant of the #USA

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Published by Academic_Zodiac

13+13=26 #USA #ascendant #SerpensCauda
http://ow.ly/hz9jD | #Serpens #Ophiuchus
#astrology #horoscope #tarot #zodiac
#news #breakingnews #scoop

13+13=26 #USA #ascendant #SerpensCauda
http://ow.ly/hz9jD | #Serpens #Ophiuchus
#astrology #horoscope #tarot #zodiac
#news #breakingnews #scoop

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Published by: Academic_Zodiac on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2013 the Year of the 13
sign doubles the zodiac to 26 Signs
 VIP Brochure, Eon Chronology & Professional Catalog 2013
Stay tuned to
Copyright © 2013 by Klaudio Zic. First published byKlaudio Zic Publications, 2013
The Academic Zodiac is Copyright © 1972 - 2013 byKlaudio Zic. All Rights Reserved. No part of this materialmay be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by anymeans, electronic or otherwise, for commercial purposesor otherwise, without the written permission of the Author.The Academic Zodiac is privately owned © 1972 – 2013 by Klaudio Zic VIP RTRRT Services
ACADEMIC ZODIAC CONCEPTLinking the world through one zodiac for the planet
: the original zodiac as shared by allastronomical observatories across the planet and off-planet
as well.DIAMOND 2013 YEAR The positions of the planets along with their 
zodiacal placements for New Year 2013.
55 Cancri e
is of course your Diamond Planet.
 STARS IN THEIR RESERVOIRESWhy can’t the bureaucrat imagine universe? What does one care about stars in thereservoirs? One does as one is told. One day it will be 13 ascendants: despite the 16 asvisible with one’s own eyes: but a bureaucrat has no eyes: no mind: his own mind is nothis own at all.22 TODAY 26 TOMORROWToday it’s 13 signs, tomorrow 22 or 26. That depends on dictatorship from central office.The central office could not care less of things, but as soon as a critical mass is in favor of whatever, it is made official cult. That is how religions are usually set in favor of theruling few.9-11Every country is a military concern: they just tell you that we live in civil society. TheWTC was not hit by pseudo-Vedic superstition, sidereal nonsensei or the worst asininestupidity of all – alleged tropical zodiac. It was hit by real stars: here is a brief – for theremaining terabytes of material, see to our site.Eris 0 altitude W
in Cetus
NYC + Osama Moon
Orionis = WTC 9-11.And did we mention that Pluto was stepping on the rattlesnake of Serpens Cauda, thereptilian ascendant of the USA?
 22 or 26?Splitting the zodiac into halves was never our intention: it just happens that the novel 13superstition comes handy in promoting the 1973 – 2013 jubilee of the Academic Zodiac.26/2 = 13?While the 13 solar stations are a simple fact this end of superstition, the total number of zodiacal stations is 26 – Pluto permitting. In other words, the 26 zodiac is a Plutonostalgia affair: for those who want Pluto back, the number of zodiacal stations is still 26.ASTRONOMY DOMINOHow come astronomers ignore the fact? They will eventually catch up with 26. The IAUwas informed. As to the rest: superstition needs time to dissolve even through brightestsynaptic networks, of which ex Internet was never part of, indeed.13?Does one have to downgrade to 13 sings or vice-versa? Nothing changes as the historical
 P zodiac
always had 26 signs: it was with the demotion of Pluto from planetary status thatthe zodiac was established as 22: to the overwhelming joy of Tarot initiates.

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