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Finding God Beyond Science and Religion

Finding God Beyond Science and Religion

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Published by Stan Moody
Is Jesus the only path to God, or has science discovered God in "downward causation"?
Is Jesus the only path to God, or has science discovered God in "downward causation"?

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Stan Moody on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Finding God Beyond Science and Religion
Feb. 10, 2013Author: Stan MoodyMatthew 11:25-30Science, in its attempt to reach deep into quantum physics for the origins of life, has conceded. Science has discovered that there has to be more to life thanmaterialism and its component parts. As the antithesis of religion, that realm inwhich materialism is subsumed by spiritualism, science cannot plunge any deeper
without an admission of something called "downward causation".Downward causation, it seems, is the discovery of order in the mostmicroscopic of particles. For want of a term that will resonate with the masses,there are those who will defer to downward causation as "God". The god of scienceis the irrefutable evidence that the material world cannot stand alone without anon-scientific hypothesis. You cannot be a holistic scientist, therefore, if thematerial world stands removed from its causation.It will be a relief to you, then, that science has discovered God. We mightask, "If so, what need have we for Jesus Christ, the revelation of 'downwardcausation'?"While I was in AZ this past week, my grandson brought to my attention abook he was reading, "God is Not Dead: What Quantum Physics Tells Us aboutOur Origins, and How We Should Live". This book was written by eminentphysicist, Amit Goswami. I am sorry that I did not have sufficient time to readmore of the book, but what I did read seemed to bear directly on our text thismorning - that those who labor to find God can be put to rest through Jesus Christ,the prefect revelation to us of the Father. In a sense, then, Goswami seeks toelevate quantum physics to revelatory theology, rendering the Bible a moral andethical code rather than the revelation of the eternal God to His human creation.In our frame of reference, Goswami prefers morality and ethics overrighteousness, a condition that, ironically, seems also to be plaguing the churchthese days.
First, let me say that the book is well worth reading in that it leads us at thevery least to a single creator source, rather than to an ethereal presence of our ownchoosing. Yet, it is clear that Goswami rejects the biblical God as revealed in JesusChrist, preferring a god revealed by evolutionary science and New Age
philosophy. He picks and chooses through the best of all religions but makes theerror of a failure of objective revelation, a condition, again, that seems to beplaguing the church these days. Goswami finds precepts of biblical Christianity to
be indefensible, which, when you think about it, well ought to be indefensible froma scientific apologetic that rejects the mystical in favor of empirical research.If you can find the Creator in creation alone, with a few enlighteningphilosophies such as the Sermon on the Mount to guide your focus, you need not,in fact, be a believer in Jesus Christ. Jesus becomes simply the one who got it right.Science, through quantum physics, becomes the new Gnosticism, available only tothe truly educated and enlightened. Welcome to science, a new apologetic againstreligious fundamentalism, interjecting order in the place of such bothersome andsuperfluous doctrines as the virgin birth, the deity of Christ and the Resurrection.This flies in the face of our text in Matthew 11, where objective truth isdiscovered not through illumined minds but through the foolishness of "children".In those 6 verses is the key to life - the revelation of God the Father, "downwardcausation" if you will, through His only begotten Son, the Christ of Calvary.We will begin by asking the question, "Why are we here in this place of worship?" Are we here because we are smarter than the average person? No! Arewe here because we have analyzed every religion and have chosen the right oneout of our wisdom? No! Are we here because we are better educated than otherswho seem to have no basis in faith? No! Are we here because we are more moralthan "people of the snowmobile"? No! Are we here because, while we are pretty
good people who make a mistake now and then, we want to see how we can learnto make fewer mistakes? No!We are here because what makes no sense to the wise and educated makessense to little children - you and me. I suspect that that is not very encouraging inthis day of enlightenment and freedom of choice in everything, including religion.This may be a tough sell when we try to explain the why's and wherefore's of theChristian faith to those who are grounded in the material world. In fact, when youthink about it, it is sometimes a tough sell to ourselves because the Christian belief system does not make logical sense. That is why it takes faith to believe it and faithto live it.Jesus has sent out the12 disciples on their first missionary journey. He isoperating alone now but continues to teach and preach in the towns in Galilee.John the Baptist is in prison and is beginning to have some doubts as to whether ornot Jesus is the one who was prophesied to come or whether they should expectsomeone else. Things are not going according to John's plan. Jesus tells John'sdisciples what He has been doing and pays tribute to John by saying that no humanbefore John had been greater. He draws a crowd and begins to berate them:What did you go out into the desert to see? A reed swaying bythe wind; a man dressed in fine clothes? No! John came neither eatingnor drinking, and they say that he has a demon. The Son of Man cameeating and drinking, and they say, "Here is a glutton and a drunkard, a
friend of tax collectors and sinners because he socializes with thecommon people.Jesus likened them to children in the marketplace who could not decidewhich game to play. They found a way to criticize every prophet and rabbi. Theyclaimed to be people with the wisdom to discern whether or not a person washonest and legitimate. Their wisdom, however, was all talk and no action:"Wisdom is proved right by her ACTIONS - not her WORDS." He goes on to givemeaning to the difference between the wisdom of this world and that of theheavenly world by condemning the cities of Korazin, Bethsaida and Capernaumbecause the works that He did there did not result in repentance:If the miracles that were performed in you had been performedin Sodom, it would have remained to this day. But I tell you that itwill be more bearable for Sodom on the day of judgment than for you.Jesus then changes His tone and offers hope to those who are hearing Hisword. He begins by praising the Father. Instead of jumping in and praying for whatHe wanted, He praises the Father, saying, "I praise you, Father, because you havehidden these things from the wise and learned and have revealed them to little
children". That seems a bit strange in our world, does it n not? The Gospel of JesusChrist is, apparently, hidden from the wise of this world. It doesn't go to those whomay be more worthy. It doesn't go, apparently, to those who can stand on their owntwo feet or pull themselves up by the bootstraps. It doesn't go, apparently, only tothose who help themselves (you know, "God helps those who help themselves"). Itgoes to the unworthy; the broken; the naive; those to whom the crushing burden of their sin has been revealed.Jesus is praising the Father that He has hidden the Gospel - the Kingdom of God - from the self-righteous and the self-satisfied. Hiding or revealing the Gospelhas nothing to do with IQ. Hiding the Gospel has to do with keeping out those whothink they can make it their own way - to figure it out and find the path themselves.Hiding the Gospel has to do with keeping out the scientist who has founddownward causation in the tiniest particles of the atom. It has to do with thephilosopher who looks down a deep well for God and sees his own reflection.This praise of the Father extends into our day. The eyes and ears of theChristian cults that teach and preach salvation by works have been stopped. Thedenominations that have traded the truth for liturgies and pet doctrines of when,how and why Christ will return have been shut out. Baptists who think they aresaved because they have made some sort of decision - walked down the aisle,raised their hands, prayed the Sinner's Prayer - are being shut out because they see

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