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Keeping Passion in the Field of Addiction Treatment

Keeping Passion in the Field of Addiction Treatment



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Published by veritasvilla5857
2008 Final Report from Veritas Villa - A residential drug and alcoholism treatment facility in Kerhonkson NY. This report focuses on keeping the passion in drug treatment. with year-end commentary by the team of drug and alcoholism treatment professionals at Veritas Villa.
2008 Final Report from Veritas Villa - A residential drug and alcoholism treatment facility in Kerhonkson NY. This report focuses on keeping the passion in drug treatment. with year-end commentary by the team of drug and alcoholism treatment professionals at Veritas Villa.

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Published by: veritasvilla5857 on Feb 17, 2009
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Summer 2008 Edition
P.O. Box 610
Kerhonkson, NY 12446Phone:(845) 626-3555Fax: (845) 626-3840www.veritasvilla.com
Celebrating Thirty Five YearsOf Hope and Recovery
When guests go through our program, we try todetermine what awareness they have of the needsand the feelings of others. If they are aware of theneeds of others, they are usually on the road torecovery. If they are locked into their own needsand feelings and can’t see beyond them, thenthey have not come to grips with their illness.Similarly, we try to foster awareness among our-selves. Awareness of other people’s needs is thefirst requirement of a dedicated and caringattitude among those who work here.We have hired a staff counselor who providescounseling to our staff. We also encourage thestaff to meet with one another on an informalbasis, at lunch, or after work. We suggest thatthey share their problems and ideas on apersonal level. They also meet weekly and utilizethe 12-Step philosophy. We try to get to know oneanother, and share our insights and strengths.We offer our support, friendship, and collegialityin a way that is contagious. This approachimproves the overall work environment andcontributes to the high quality of client care. Thismutual mentor approach has been very helpful tostaff, not only in helping them to cope withdemands of work, but in gaining pleasure andsuccess from their professional roles.”This appears to be the formula used to keep theinsatiable appetite and passion alive in our work.
Keeping Passion in the Field of Addiction!
By Francis Lovell
One of the challenges working in the field formany years is keeping the passion alive in our work with alcoholics and drug addicts. In Novem-ber 2007 a friend of Jim and Sue Cusack, Ronald J. Hunsicker published an article entitled,“Keeping the Passion Alive”, focusing on the Addictions Treatment field. Ronald J. Hunsickerstates in his article: “From my perspective of more than 30 years with the addiction treatmentfield, two characteristics have stood the test of time for clinicians and administrators, and theseare major parts of the answer to our workforce woes. These may not be unique to the addictiontreatment field, but they have contributed tomaking this field what it is today. Thesecharacteristics are passion and the insatiableappetite to be mentored. Without passion and thecommitment to be mentored (to learn from those we admire), we quickly lose the special bond thathas been built between providers and patients.Without these qualities, the workforce will befilled with people seeking jobs, not people re-sponding to a vocation or calling.”When I started in the field over 20 years ago I metmany people including Jim and Sue Cusack who were mentors who guided me in the field of addiction. Over the years I have had manymentors in my life all igniting a passion within methat is still present today which probably began with my own recovery from alcoholism. We cannot sacrifice more training and additional skillsfor the passion that was the hallmark of the firstgeneration of addiction counselors. This doesn’tmean that addiction counselors don’t neededucation and skills. However the importance of passion in our field should be emphasized. Jim Cusack has stated in his book Always Aware(page 146 and 147), “It doesn’t make much sensetrying to help people on the outside if we can’thelp one another inside. A staff based on goodfellowship is a tremendous asset. I take a greatdeal of pride in the quality of the people whohave been with us for such a long time. These are very dedicated people, people who care, whoreally want to do something to help the chemi-cally dependent. The quality of our staff is the keyingredient that makes Veritas Villa a specialplace.
Congratulations Father Jack on 37 years as a priest. You are God’s instrument of hope
News Bulletin:
 Veritas Villa receives three year renewal on
Chemical Dependence OperatingCertificate from the State of New YorkOffice of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.
Passion Written by Jane Brown
There are those who fly to Tuscany to fulfill their passion.There are those who climb up the mountains of theHimalayas to fulfill their passion. I, unbelievably, did nothave to “look further than my own backyard.”It’s as though the Villa has an underground passagewayto good living. My passion for helping other alcoholicsand addicts runs deep. It is the fervor that makes metick. Presently, I work on the Women’s Unit and I amproud to be part of the women’s team. It is where wehelp gals find the way. Women can find the first steps of the path here. The team walks side by side with those who have the desire to stop the insanity. When womenexperience a true surrender to disputing the insanity,they discover their potential. The effective skills that the women’s team utilizes helps to provide immediate assis-tance for women in crisis, or women just plain ol’ tired of the consequences brought about by drugs or alcohol.The way that the women’s team listens and responds tothe client’s needs is crucial in the building of a helpingrelationship. Communication amongst the team is thefoundation of our ability to interact and allow the processto unfold. The team holds the hands of the sick and tired.The women’s team is passionate about finding light where there is darkness, and finding hope where thereis despair. We believe in the Prayer of Saint Francisespecially the words stating that it is in pardoning that we are pardoned. The cornerstone of this gift is to knowthat it is in “giving that we receive.”Women that check onto the Unit are mommies, sisters,daughters, aunts, and grandmas. Women that checkonto the unit are gals that have had loved ones prayingfor them to settle temporarily on “Daisy Lane” and meetthe willing workers under the guidance of Director, LynRubin. The mutual passion for the field of addiction ispresent in our hearts. The mutual passion for “womenhelping women” is abundant. We have the desire toassist women reclaim their dignity and self worth. Wehave the desire to compassionately exhibit understand-ing, both verbally and nonverbally.Women taking care of women. Even the Team takescare of one another. The passion encompasses all of us.Helpers and those being helped. Not only do counselorskeep a watchful eye on the fellowship’s currentemotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state, but SueCusack is sure to remind the staff of the women’s unitalso to check in amongst the team and provide supportfor one another. I so enjoy being part of the Women’sTeam at Veritas Villa.It’s a “craving,” “a desire,” something I “must” do. TheWomen’s Team yearns for family preservation. Webelieve there is a way. The Unit has a promising,optimistic spirit. We teach clients not to project, yet ledby our caring professionals, we project that they CANchange and improve their lives. We believe in recovery.
News From the Women’s Unit
 Veritas Villa, Inc. has recently introduced Creative Arts Workshops into its Women’s Treatment Programas a means of addressing the holistic approach tohealing and 12-Step Recovery. All clients areencouraged to participate in a variety of activitiesincluding sketching, painting, collage, knitting andcrocheting to help with concentration, coordination,and finding a connection with a Higher Power throughcreative inspiration. Participants work individually andas part of a team to develop talents and skills whichhelp them re-establish self-confidence and regainself-esteem.
Women’s Fellowship Poems 
I’ve been toying with alcohol and drugs since I’vebeen 13 years old.I’ve tried growing up with the stuff—missing out on somuch, being left out in the cold.It used to be fun—Oh, the wild and crazy times I had.I don’t remember too much, but I know a lot of thethings I did were real bad. And, slowly but surely, the addiction took hold on mysoul and my life;I could feel nothing any more except the despair andthe strife.So, I’ve turned it over to God and pray for my soul tostart healing.So, enough of this pain; I’m going to start living again,a new life with meaning. RM
Sobriety is not just about not drinking; sobriety isabout healthy thinking.It’s about reaching out for help and for hope; giving toGod your problem with dope.It’s about getting a sponsor that knows more than you;about the Steps and the Promises too.It’s about taking your Inventory at the end of the day;and reflecting on how to make better your way. JS

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