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Modulation-Developed Electromagnetic Spinning

Modulation-Developed Electromagnetic Spinning

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Published by mkrinker1296
The paper considers origination of an electromagnetic spinning in vicinity of a resonance-adjusted antenna. The spinning itself is phenomenon of a great importance.
The paper considers origination of an electromagnetic spinning in vicinity of a resonance-adjusted antenna. The spinning itself is phenomenon of a great importance.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: mkrinker1296 on Feb 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Modulation-Developed ElectroMagnetic Spinning
Mark KrinkerCity College of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and TelecommunicationTechnology, CUNY, New York mkrinker@aol.com
Origination of additional magnetic spinning in vicinity of a resonance-adjusted antenna isconsidered. The additional magnetic spinning mostly takes place only in a case of a modulatedsignal. Development of the spinning is attributed to superposition of side bands caused by themodulation process. The observed spinning is non-stationary by its nature and is of a greatinterest due to specific properties of non-stationary rotation. As one of the products of thespinning, specific low frequency processes origin. The important role of non-stationary processescan be partially explained with origination of the low-frequency component in their spectra andrelation of this component to 1/f noise. Quantitative estimation of the effect was performed withspinning electric vector analyzer SEVA and a special magnetic probe.
Magnetic spinning is one of sources of origination of specific torsion fields,associated with any spinning and rotation, disregarding the source: electrical,mechanical or others.[1]“…scientists today are recognizing that "spinning fields" really do exist. Just aselectromagnetic fields are caused by a charge and gravitational fields are caused byweight
((to be more precise – by a mass, M.K.)),
torsion fields are created by anyrotating objects.” [2]Spinning fields have a profound impact on animate and inanimate world.In [3] electric spinning was introduced as
[ ]
 E  E 
ϕ ω 
is a frequency of rotation,
-phase shift between parent vectors
Therefore, the spinning is a vector value proportional to an area covered by aradius equal to the vector product of parent vectors, multiplied by the angular  frequency and a phase shift between the vectors. On a screen of the oscilloscopeit’s proportional to a glowing area inside a visible ellipse. A physical sense of 
isthat there is possible anisotropy of space-time metrics along its direction, proportional to its value.
By analogy, same can be said about magnetic spinning, where we have to replaceelectric vectors for magnetic induction
There is a reason to believe that spinning fields can impact Space-time metrics.For instance, spinning electric fields are associated with Geo-pathogenic zones,GPZ, which affect health of humans living in them. Practically GPZ areencountered everywhere, having more or less magnitude. By this reason, studyingspinning field is of great interest, both scientific and social.Telecommunication technology is one of considerable sources of the spinningfields.Modulation of the carrying signal is a profound component of this technology.On the other side, the modulation can be considered as a non-stationary factor.According to Kozyrev’s conception, namely non-stationary rotation of agyroscope results in known weight-variation effect [4]. The weight-related effectscan be considered as a manifestation of distorted space-time metrics. On the otherhand, conception of the field-gyroscope and its analogy to mechanical gyroscopesallows claiming importance of non-stationary spinning for field effects.Current research deals with phenomenon of magnetic spinning caused by anamplitude modulation.
Experimental Installation
The installation consists of RF-generator TENMA 72-585 (100 kHz-450 MHz)having switched amplitude modulation, specially designed magnetic spinning
probe, oscilloscope and the modified spinning electric vector analyzer SEVA,earlier versions of which where shown in [5,6].The 30% amplitude modulation is accomplished with 1 kHz sine wave.The magnetic spinning probe comprises two orthogonally located Hall sensors andan amplifier.During the experiment antenna was adjusted at resonance (180 MHz) byindication of the oscilloscope probe in vicinity of it.SEVA with connected magnetic probe and the RF-generator are shown in Fig.1
Fig.1. Spinning Electric Vector Analyzer SEVA with connected spinning magnetic sensor and the RF-generator with adjusted ¼ wave antenna next to the sensor.
Results of the Experiment
Fig.2 shows a background magnetic spinning in a room, on a screen of theoscilloscope. Activation of the transmitter, with no modulation, minimally changesthis pattern.

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