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"Heimlich maneuver for asthma" study reportedly conducted on 67 children in Barbados, W.I., aged six to 16, funded by the Heimlich Institute and the Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati

"Heimlich maneuver for asthma" study reportedly conducted on 67 children in Barbados, W.I., aged six to 16, funded by the Heimlich Institute and the Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati

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Published by Peter M. Heimlich

For more details, go to: http://bit.ly/XGUDqe

For more details, go to: http://bit.ly/XGUDqe

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Published by: Peter M. Heimlich on Feb 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Henry R. Winkler Center for the History of the Health ProfessionsUniversity of Cincinnati Libraries1, Henry J, HeimlJch, MD_and I, Patrick Ward (the representative of the DeaconessAssociation Foundation), (hereinafter referred to as the "Donors"), sole and absoluteowners of these materials, do hereby transfer, give, grant, and assign to the University of Cincinnati (hereinafter the "University") and its successors and assigns the materialsdescribed as follows:Awards, files, books, photographs correspondence, reports, and other written documentsin paper and electronic formats currently housed in the Hefmlich Institute and elsewherein the personal collection of Dr. Henry J. Heimlich.CopyrightDonors transfer all copyrights that Donors hold in the materials to the University.TransferDonors intend to physically convey the materials to the University by means mutuallysatisfactory to the Donors and the University on or before March 1,2011.Donors recognize that any materials that the University determines to be inappropriate forretention in the collection will be disposed of in accordance with standard Winkler Centerfor the History of the Health Professions procedures.Research AccessDonors recognize that the University will make these materials open to qualifiedresearchers pursuant to the access policies of the Winkler Center for the History of theHealth Professions.Future TransfersThe terms of this Instrument of Gift will cover all future transfer of materials by theDonors unless a specific addendum accompanies a particular transfer of materials.In full accord with the provisions of this Instrument of Gift, I hereunto set my hand.Donor Signature:
Printed Name: Hem
Donor Signature:
^\^/A\€^/X ^
Printed Name: Patrick Ward (Representative offePeaconess Association Foundation
2 MUl
dh I
311 Straight Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 (513) 559-2100
July 6, 1999Henry Heimlich, M.D.The Heimlich Institute415 Straight StreetCincinnati, OH 45219Dear Dr. Heimlich,I am writing on behalf of the Deaconess Institutional Review Board. I understand fromconversation with Charles McDowell that there is some doubt in your mind as to theposition of the IRB regarding your proposal to the IRB outlining the use of the HeimlichManeuver in the treatment of asthma in the emergency room. At the time that you andEric Spletzer attended the IRB meeting, members discussed their concerns relative toobtaining informed consent from patients in the emergency room seeking treatment forrespiratory distress. Members also recommended that this research might be betteraccomplished by gaining the support and cooperation of primary care physicians whohave known patients with asthma and who could assist with enrolling patients at a timeother that an acute emergency.Based on the above informed consent issue and the fact that our emergencydepartment sees a very limited number of children, smaller than the pediatric sampledesired in your study, the members of the IRB do not think it would be desirable toproceed with this research in the Deaconess Emergency Room. I believed that youunderstood the concerns of the IRB members and apologize for any confusion.Please feel free to call me at 559-2265 if questions remain.Sincerely,
Nancy WilsonDirector, Quality Resource Management

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