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The Journal of Borderland Research 1970-11 & 12

The Journal of Borderland Research 1970-11 & 12



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Published by Esa Juhani Ruoho
This historical journal donated to MERLib.org, many thanks.
This historical journal donated to MERLib.org, many thanks.

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Published by: Esa Juhani Ruoho on Feb 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VOLUME XXVI, No 6Round RobinNOV-DEC 1970
he cfoinnnatl©©rdeoiamd]
TABLE OF CONTENTSDAMIS, Prom "Antiquity Unveiled"By J.M. Roberts
...................................................1-4GENTLE CARPENTER OF THE SNOWSFrom Oct. 1962 "National Geographic" . . 5 - 6COMMUNICATION GAP IS THE WORD!One Clip and One Quote .... . . 7 - 8THE STAR EXERCISEBy Al Goeke............................
.... 9 - 10YOU MAY CALL ME AQUARIAThrough Joan Dixon .......................................... 11-12AFIVE-YEAR OLD'S EXPLANATIONBy Sally George
............................................................13SOMETHING HAD BEEN DONE TO MY BRAINBy Hans Lauritzen.....................................
.14-16INSANE URGE TO DO WICKED THINGSFrom "UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse". . 17 - 19TEMPORARY SUCCESS OF ORGANIZED EVILBy Gurdjeef........................................................20-21CLIPS, QUOTES &COMMENTSA Simple Christmas Ritual, An Early ChristmasPresent, She Looked More Dead Than Alive,Activating The Head Area, The Monn Is JesuitTerritory, A Few Anecdotes From The Road,Dorey, Garrett, Aquavideo
THE JOURNAL OF BORDERLAND RESEARCHBSRA No 1: Published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation,Inc., PO Box 548, Vista, California 9208?, U.S.A.Edited by the Director, Riley Hansard Crabb, Doctor of Metaphysicsin the Society of St. Luke the Physician.The Journal is published six issues a year, with the assistance of the Associates, at the Director’s home, 1103 Bobolink Drive, Vista,It is mimeographed, 36 pages an issue. The Foundation was incorporated under California law, May 21, 1951> #254263, and has beenin continuous existence since then. Address all correspondence tothe PO box. The Journal is Included in the association membership°f |6 a year. Single copies and back issues of the Journal areIi1you dont care to join you may receive the Journal bydonating $6 or more a year to the Foundation. The Director’s wife,Mrs. Judith Crabb, is office manager.PURPOSES OF BSRA: This is a non-profit organization of pwople whotake an active interest in unusual happeningsalong the borderland between the visible and invisible worlds. Inthe words of the late Meade Layne, founder and director of BSRAfrom 1946 to 1959* "BSRA publications are scientific in approachbut employ few technical expressions. They deal with significantphenomena which orthodox science cannot or will not investigate.For example: the Fortean falls of objects from the sky, Teleporta-tion, Radiesthesia, PK Effects, Underground Races, Mysterious Disappearances, Occult and Psychic Phenomena, Photography of the Invisible, Nature of the Ethers and the problem of the Aeroforms (Flying Saucers). In the year 1946 BSRA obtained an interpretation of the phenomena which has since come to be known as the Etheric or4-D interpretation, and which has not been radically altered sincethat time. This continues to be the only explanation which makesgood science, sound metaphysics and common sense."The chief present concern of the Foundation is to, make this kind of unusual Information available as a public service at reasonable cost.Headquarters acts as a receiving,; coordinating arid distributingcenter. An important part of the Director's work is to give recognition, understanding and encouragement to people who are havingunusual experiences of the borderland type and/or are conductingresearch in one or more of the above fields. For consultation onborderland problems, or for Spiritual Healing through prayer, writeor phone (714-724-2043) for help or for an appointment. Donationstoward Foundation research programs and expenses are welcome .The 20-page list of BSRA publications is available from Headquartersfor
in coin or fctamps. This includes mimeo brochures and tapesof the Inner Circle, talking through Mark Probert, and Mr. Crabb’stape-recorded lectures on borderland subjects. Write to BSRF, POBox 548, Vista, California 92083* U.S.A.
DAMISThe Friend and Disciple of Apollonius of TyanaFrom J.M. Roberts' "Antiquity Unveiled", 1912"I Salute You, Sir: -- All subordinate conditions, or such as maybe regarded as of an inferior character, must give way whea?e agreat object is to be obtained. The spirit of opposition to what Iam here to say is of the most Intense character. Everything hasbeen done that it was possible to do to prevent my coming here. (Tothe seance room in Philadelphia where Damis took over and talkedthrough an entracned medium.)"In the first place I know personally the truth of all that Ishall here say; secondly, I know that the evidence exists that willsupport all I say; and thirdly, I know that Apollonius of Tyana, mymaster or teacher, was the Jesus Christ of the Christians. We mustnow proceed in a systematic way to prove the truth of what I havesaid."The place where I was born was Ephesus. I was an Ephesianand not a Cappadocian nor a Ninevite. I was born In the city whichwas the chief seat of worship of The Great Diana of the Ephesians.The bond of unity between myself and Apollonius was, that we wereboth mediums in whose presence materialized spirits appeared. WhenI was present with Apollonius the spirit manifestations that oceuredwere stronger, and so with the manifestations that occurred throughme, when he was present."Apollonius made two journeys to India, and not one as is generally supposed. The last of these was about from A.D. 45 to
It was, when on that journey, that he reached Farther India, whencehe brought back the Indian gospels in relation to the Hindoo godChristos. The first journey to India, by Apollonius, was about from36 to 38 A.D. On that journey he only obtained a few extracts fromthose Hindoo gospels. The first attempt of Apollonius to introducethe religion of Christos in Western Asia was made shortly after hisreturn from India, at Nazarita, a small village near Gaza. He thereformed a community according to the Gymnosophic ideas and practices."The principle of Initiation is expressed in that famous textof what is termed the Scriptures where it is said, 'Thou art a priestafter the order of Melchisedec.' The original meaning of that was,'A priest after the order of the Sun.’ It was also the Parsee worship and was at a remote period derived from the Golden Rules of Hermes Trismegistus or from Hesiod. The last named was the authorof 'The Seven Before Thebes' and 'Agamemnon'. The works of boththose ancient writers contained the expression, 'Thou art a priestMechel forever after the order of the Sun.'Nov-Dec 1970 RR, Page 1

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