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Who is going to be the PM of India in 2014?

Who is going to be the PM of India in 2014?

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Published by Jayasree Saranathan
This is an astrological analysis on shortlisting the PM probables of May 2014 general elections in India.
This is an astrological analysis on shortlisting the PM probables of May 2014 general elections in India.

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Published by: Jayasree Saranathan on Feb 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PREDICTING THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER OF INDIABYJAYASREE SARANATHAN(Published in the January 2013 issue of The Astrological emagazine)
One of the daunting tasks for the astrologer is how to predict the next Prime Minister of India. It iseasy to predict the electoral outcome of the US Presidential elections but not so easy with theparliamentary elections of India where a plethora of parties with pre-poll and post-poll adjustmentsare ruling the scene. There are nearly a dozen leaders around, with
ambitions for the PM’s chair,
thereby making it difficult to predict who among them would be getting the Prime Ministership.Each of them will be capable of winning the election which can be made out from the running of thefavourable times and Raja yogas in their horoscopes. But who among them will become the PrimeMinister is something tricky to predict. There is also the problem of lack of reliable birth details of many of these leaders for astrological analysis. Though there is every chance that the date of birthavailable in the official records may be correct, the authentic information on the time of birth of most of the politicians is not available. In the absence of reliable birth time details, this article iswritten to explore other ways to identify the probable PM candidates among the aspiring leaders.This analysis is based on the premise
the one who takes up the mantle of Prime Minister’sresponsibility will have some connection with India’s destiny
such that certain factors in the
prospective PM’s horoscope must match with
Indian Independence chart. The rationale for this is
similar to how a man and a woman’s horoscopes are matched on the premise that the two share a
karmic bond and are destined to carry out their actions in tune with a shared destiny.The Moon being the Manokaraka, it is taken as the mind of the nation and also the people of thenation. The 7
house from the moon is the aspirant for the PM’s chair. The 4
house is the home of the people where
people’s aspiration
lie and the 10
house is the outcome of the 4
house whichshows whether the aspirations match with the charisma of the leader who would be propelled to
lead the nation and influence the people’s destiny.
In this mapping, moon is the central to allc
alculations. Saturn signifies people’s support. The presence of Sasa yoga ensures that a person
leads the people or the nation. Of all the three positions of Saturn
in Capricorn, Aquarius andLibra
the exalted location of Saturn in Libra is a highly
desired factor for winning the people’s
heart in a democracy, for, the 10
(karmic) aspect of Saturn from Libra falls on the house of moon inkataka which is the 4
house of home in the natural zodiac.
Rama’s horoscope had this combination wherein Moon
was situated in Kataka receiving the aspectof exalted Saturn. There is no need to elaborate how Rama was loved by his subjects and how hisdestiny was also shared by his countryman which is made out from the narration of how the peopleof Ayodhya grieved when Rama went on exile.Interestingly, Indian Independence chart has a predominant leaning towards the significances of Moon and Saturn. The Moon, signifying the mind of the nation and its people is positioned in its ownhouse (kataka). The 7
lord from moon is owned by Saturn which is joining Moon in Kataka. People
 leader connect is well made out in this combination and is seen manifest as hero-worshipingtendency of the masses of their favourite leaders. Therefore it is deduced that anyone aspiring torule the people must have Saturn well connected to Kataka (Indian Moon sign) and its 7
house(Capricorn). In addition, the Rahu-
Ketu axis binds the destiny of such a leader to the nation’s
destiny. This axis would favourably act between Kataka (moon sign of the Indian Independencechart) and its 7
house, Capricorn.A simple statistical survey of the horoscopes of the Prime Ministers of India was done to checkwhether these two factors (Moon- Saturn connection to Kataka and Capricorn and Ra- Ke axisbetween them
) were present in their horoscopes to see how far they influenced the country’s
growth and stature.Name Birth details Rasi Navamsa1 Jawaharlal Nehru 14-11-1889,AllahabadMoon in Kataka Saturn in KatakaRa/Ke axis2 G. Nanda 04-07-1898,Sialkot, Pakistan- -3 Lal Bahadur Sashtri 09-10-1904,VaranasiRetro Saturn inCapricornMoon and Saturn inKataka4 Indra Gandhi 19-11-1917,AllahabadMoon in Capricorn,Saturn in KatakaSaturn in CapricornRa/Ke axis5 Morarji Desai 29-02-1896,Bhadeli, GujaratExalted Saturn (R)aspects Kataka3
aspect of SaturnRa/Ke axis6 Charan Singh 23-12-1902Noorpur,PakistanSaturn in Capricorn -7 Rajiv Gandhi 20-08-1944MumbaiRa/Ke axis Ra-Ke axis8 V.P. Singh 25-06-1931Allahabad- Moon in Capricorn9 Chandrashekhar 01-07-1927IbrahimpattiMoon on Kataka -10 Narasimha Rao 28-06-1921Karimnagar- -11 Vajpayee 25-12-1924GwaliorExalted Saturnaspecting KatakaRa/Ke axisRa/Ke axis12 Deve Gowda 18-05-1933HaradanahalliSaturn in Capricorn Ra/Ke axis
 13 I.K. Gujral 04-12-1919Jhelum,Pakistan- Ra/Ke axis14 Manmohan Singh 26-09-1932Jhelum,PakistanRetro Saturn inCapricornMoon in Kataka-
This chart throws up some interesting information that does indicate that the PM’s destiny matches
with the destiny of the nation. Foremost observation is that there were only 2 leaders who hadSaturn exalted in their horoscopes casting the karmic aspect on Kataka, the moon sign of India. They
were Morarji Desai and Vajpayee who were the only two leaders to reach the PM’s chair in a kind of wave like people’s support against the then existing governments. Among them Morarji Desai could
not consolidate his leadership whereas Vajpayee could, which is perhaps linked to the retrograde
motion of Saturn in Morarji Desai’s horoscope but a forward moving Saturn in Vajpayee’s horoscope.
The presence of Rahu- Ketu axis with Kataka and Capricorn in both Rasi and Navamsa charts of Vajpayee shows that his leadership was written in the destiny of the nation. His emergence wasindicative of a difference and deviation from the existing type of politics and the status quo.In comparison, V.P. Singh, Narasimha Rao and I.K. Gujral did not have Saturn in Capricorn or Libra intheir horoscopes showing their limited appeal with the masses. Gulzarilal Nanda had nothing of thebasics we deduced in both Rasi and Navamsa thereby showing his role only as a stop gaparrangement.The importance of Saturn in connection to Kataka is well made out from Charan Singh and DeveGowda who did have their appeal with their own constituencies which earned them a say in nationalpolitics. They were the only 2 Prime Ministers who had Saturn in own house in opposition to Kataka,the moon sign of India.Jawaharlal Nehru and Chandrashekar come us ideologues basically and that can be seen in their
moon in Kataka, the Indian moon sign which means their mind was on nation’s needs and they could
grasp what the nation needed. Chandrashekar had only this feature of the basic features, whereasNehru
could go an additional mile by virtue of having Saturn (people’s support and adoration) in
Kataka in his Navamsa. The Rahu- Ketu axis in his Navamsa ensured that he was capable of intruding
into the nation’s destiny.
 The almost forgotten Lal Bhagadur Shastri
was indeed the architect of India’s growth. He ushered in
the Green revolution and Milk revolution (Operation Flood). In addition he handled the worst crisisafter partition namely the Indo- Paksitan war and ended it with Tashkent declaration. One can seethat he had a far stronger karmic bond with India than Nehru himself. He had Saturn in the 7
housefrom Indian moon sign. Its retrogression shows reversal, meaning to say that he was not a darling of masses. But its aspect on Kataka gave him an inevitable role in nation building. His Navamsa havingboth Moon and Saturn in Kataka made him chart out plans that had people as the primebeneficiaries.
A similar trend, but to a limited extent can be seen in Manmohan Singh’s horoscope. He too has
retrograde Saturn in Capricorn like Lal Bhagadur Shastri thereby making him catapult to power with

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