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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Feb 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Terms, Names, Organizational Abbreviations, and Code Words in OSS RecordsABDA American-British-Dutch-Australian CommandAbwehr German military intelligenceACC Allied Control Commission (of occupied territory)AFHQ Allied Forces Headquarters for operations in the western MediterraneanAFO Anti-Fascist Organizations, BurmaAFPFL Anti-Fascist People’s Freedom League, BurmaAKAK A Trans-Pyrenees Chain of agents operated by OSS SpainALFSEA Allied Land Forces South East AsiaALIU Art Looting Investigation Unit, OSSALOT American Liaison Officer Team; dealt with partisans in ItalyAMZON American Zone of GermanyAPC Alien Property Custodian, USAzusa Designation for atomic energy informationBAAG British Army Aid Group, ChinaBaker Street SOE headquarters in LondonBCRA French Gaullist intelligence and operational servicesBIA Burma Independence ArmyBirch OSS agent that penetrated Germany through Scandinavia in 1945BIS Bank for International Settlements, Basel, SwitzerlandBlack Series Kappa Messages dealing with the Balkans (1944); also questionablereports coming from the VaticanBlue Sweden in 1943 Kappa messagesBEW Board of Economic Warfare, USBNA Burmese National ArmyBonty A Kappa indicator for Lisbon, PortugalBoston Series Intelligence reports based on George Wood/Kappa informationBPF Burma Patriotic FrontBreakers German opposition groupsBroadway British Intelligence (MI6 Headquarters)Brown A Kappa indicator for SpainBSC British Security CoordinationBuffalo OSS Agent in IraqBunny OSS Agent in IraqBurns Allen Dulles, OSS Chief in Bern, Switzerland (1942-1943)CAPS An intelligence network in Geneva, Switzerland reporting to the OSSCALPO Comite “Allemagne Libre” pour l’Ouest, or Free German Committee forthe WestCarat OSS Agent in LebanonCarib F. L. MayerCassia Anti-Nazi underground group in Vienna, AustriaCastle Indicator for messages dealing with the German threat to SwitzerlandCBI China-Burma-India Theater of OperationsCCS Combined Chiefs of Staff (US-UK)C&D Censorship and Documents Branch, OSS
CE Counter EspionageCereus Circle Well-connected individuals in Istanbul, Turkey that provided informationto the OSSCIB SHAEF Counter-Intelligence BranchCIC Counter-Intelligence Corps (G-2)Circle OSS codeword for intelligence relating to the VaticanCLNAI Committee for the Liberation of Upper Italy (Comitato di LiberazioneNazionale per l’Alta ItaliaCoachman Ernst KaltenbrunnerCOI Coordinator of Information [predecessor of the OSS]Cousins The BritishCritic German SS General Karl Wolff Crossword British designation for Operation SunriseCrown Jewels Germans deemed to be important for postwar purposesCSDIC Combined Services Detailed Interrogation CenterCT or CTO China Theater of OperationsThe Cub Hans Bernd GiseviusCulber Hans Bernd GiseviusDeuxieme Bureau French Intelligence ServiceDGER Direction Generale des Etudes et Recherches, a French intelligence unitDIP Division of Intelligence Procurement; unit of OSS London in charge of German penetrationDivision 19-SW A NDRC unit created for the exclusive purpose of developing weaponsand devices for the OSSDogwood Source in Turkey (Alfred Schwarz) and head of the Cereus CircleDrum Presumably an OSS staff member at Bern, Switzerland and point of contact for “Drum” messages early in the warDrumbee, Harold Cover name for an Italian opposition figureEAM Greek resistance movementEbert OSS Agent in MozambiqueECONIC Economic IntelligenceEDES Greek resistanceELAS Greek resistanceElmer Elmer Davis, Director of the Office of War InformationEmperor German Field Marshal Albert KesselringEOU Enemy Objectives Unit of the Economic Warfare Division of the USEmbassy, London, EnglandERR Einsatzstab Riechsleiter Rosenberg, Nazi art looting operationESD 44 Economic Survey Detachment/Group 44ETO European Theater of OperationsETOUSA European Theater of Operations U.S. ArmyFAAA Units OSS First Allied Airborne Army Detachment activated in August 1944Fat Boy German Reichsmschall Hermann GoeringFEA Foreign Economic Administration, USFEB Far Eastern Bureau, the British PWE mission in IndiaFED Foreign Exchange Division, OSS
FETO Far Eastern Theater of OperationsFFI Forces Francaises de l’Interieur (Free French Forces)FIDES OSS field detachment headquarters in France, 1944-1945Flash Allen Dulles evening radiotelephone transmissionFlute Professor Paul ScherrerFN Foreign Nationalities Branch, OSSFO Foreign Office, BritishForce 136 British SOE in the Far EastForking Code name for a German Jew residing in Ascona, Switzerland that was asource for Allied intelligenceFriends BritishFTP Communist-controlled French resistance groupsG-2 US Army IntelligenceG-5 Civil Affairs, US ArmyGarbo War Refugee BoardGensis Direct Rome-Bern communication system for Operation SunriseGeorge Project Established June 6, 1942 for the purpose of securing from sources abroadsecret information. George Project located in New York City under thecover of the Western Continents Corporation.Gerplan General Donovan’s plan for infiltration of Germany in 1944Grand German Foreign Ministry or German Government in Berlin (in KappaMessages)Gray A Kappa indicator signifying FinlandGreen A Kappa indicator signifying ItalyGregory OSS chief in Lisbon, PortugalGrimm Germany
a Swedish ship used to exchange civilians and diplomatic prisonersbetween the belligerents
 Handel und Wandel
Weekly business publication produced by OSS in SwedenHarvard Plan A German-language propaganda periodical produced in Washington anddistributed by OSS StockholmHIHI A Trans-Pyrenees Chain of agents operated by OSS SpainHOHO A Trans-Pyrenees Chain of agents operated by OSS SpainIAMM Independent American Military Mission (to Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia)IB or IBT India Burma Theater of Operations [beginning 1944]Iceland A category of material transmitted between Bern and Italy in 1944ICRC International Committee of the Red CrossIDC Interdepartmental Committee for Acquisition of Foreign PublicationsIIU Insurance Intelligence Unit, OSSINA Indian National ArmyITF International Federation of Transport WorkersISLD Inter-Service Liaison Department, British (SIS/MI6 in the Middle East andthe Far East)JA Jewish Agency for PalestineJack and Jill A German opposition group associated with BreakersJadwin Mission An operation designed to achieve the withdrawal of Bulgaria from the war

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