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Birthday, Christmas and Easter

Birthday, Christmas and Easter

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Published by sahiaku
My Thoughts on Birthdays, Christmas and Easter
My Thoughts on Birthdays, Christmas and Easter

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: sahiaku on Feb 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This topic is very hot and I would try my best to answer you in my opinion with someverses from the Bible, nevertheless let your conscience, the Bible and God guide youin accepting or rejecting it.PETER, This is a very typical argument some people would put forward why youshould not celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other Holidays.
They would begin by saying that: “the only birthday observancesmentioned in the Bible were two rulers who did not worship God (Genesis40:20; Matthew 14:9 and Mark 6:21) Pharaoh of Egypt and Herod Antipasand that they were both presented in a bad light especially Herod leadingto the beheading of John the Baptist, and that they were also held in honourof pagan deities and that Jesus disciples likely knew that celebrations wereconnected with superstition. Because of this, God certainly would not bepleased with any celebration that would link Jesus with superstition. Forinstance they say the ancient Greeks believed that each person had aprotective spirit that watched over him or her and that spirit had a mysticrelation with the god on whose birthday the individual was born accordingto THE LORE OF BIRTHDAYS.When it comes to Christmas it goes like this: “there is no evidence of thefirst-century disciples of Jesus observed such a holiday as Christmas. Theywould quote that THE WORLD BOOK ENCYCLOPEDIA says, the earlyChristians “considered the celebration of anyone’s birth to be a pagancustom.” They go on to say that hundreds after Christ, new Christianswished it to coincide with the pagan Roman festival marking the birthday of the “unconquered sun). Thus in winter, the sun was deemed at it’s weakestpoint, so the pagans held ceremonies to get this source of warmth and lightto come back and December 25 was thought to be the day that the sunbegan its return. Thus in an effort to convert pagans, religious leadersadopted this festival and tried to make it seem “Christian”. So that meansthat celebrating Christmas is filthy after all who would eat meat that hasfallen in garbage although it’s sweet.”Easter is not left out like many other holidays. In fact they say it has beenlinked to EOSTRE, or OSTARA, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and of spring. They say that it was from a pagan god who is described asresurrecting each spring on Easter, a day which was dedicated to Ishtar, themother goddess who was thought to be the Queen of Heaven andinterceding for all mankind. She is known by different names like Astarte byPhoenicians and Syrians, Ashtoreth in Israel, Ishtar in Sumeria andBabylonia, Cybele in Phyrgia, Demeter in Greece, Artemis in Ionia, Ceres inPoseidonia and others. In fact they say it is associated with eggs andrabbits and that eggs have been prominent symbols of new life andresurrection according to the ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, while the rabbitas a symbol of fertility. That means it’s a fertility rite disguised as acelebration of Christ’s resurrection. Thus because the Bible does notcommand or authorize the commemorating of Jesus resurrection then it’s a
MY TAKE ON IT There are a whole lot of questions which comes to my mind when people say suchthings. Would you say that the Bible is very bad book because some people use it tocurse? Oh am sorry I forgot this one, would you say that God is a mean and badperson because in the Old Testament He said that adulterers and fornicators shouldbe stoned? What about people who were supposed to be cut off from their peoplebecause they ate forbidden food?GOD is an omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient God and everything in the worldbelongs to Him. All days are equal to him as recorded in Romans. Let’s leave Romansalone, we will get back to that. Somebody may say that everyday is a new day so whydoes the day of your birth have to be special and if it was something worthy of celebration why did the Israelites not celebrate it but rather by Pagan worshippers.When somebody asks you how old you are, you say I am 10, 12, or 15 years old. Whydon’t you say that you are 30 seasons old or 5949393939 days old? But God in Hiswisdom, before even creating man made a way for us to keep record of things. InGenesis 1:14—And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky toseparate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark seasons anddays and years. Thus, we are able to give accounts of things that have happened inthe past or make plans for the future. To me I would say that to observe/celebratesomething does not reside in the merrymaking or sorrow in the case of rememberingthe dead that is attached to it but rather what comes to mind from your heart. Forinstance you can observe your birthday without making merry. The fact that you didnot make merry does not mean that you did not celebrate it but rather yourecognized the day as another year has gone by and that is what God put in motioneven before creation of man as Genesis 1:14 says. In Genesis 40: 1-23, thesignificance of the story is not about Pharaoh’s birthday but about what God can do inevery situation that we find ourselves in. Joseph was in prison and he used everysituation to lead people to God. When they told him that they had dreams but there isno one to interpret them, Joseph in Genesis 40:8b said: “DO NOT INTERPRETATIONSBELONG TO GOD?” It served as an avenue for Joseph to remind people that God is theoverall King of Kings. Although he could have used it to make himself look good, heturned it into a powerful witness for the LORD. The events came true as Joseph hadpredicted in Genesis 40:20-23 and it happened to coincide with Pharaoh’s birthday.NOW let’s analyze something here. In verse 20, it says that the THIRD day, which wasPharaoh’s birthday, he gave a feast for all of his officials and then as the dreams wereinterpreted, everything was fulfilled. In my opinion what can be deduced from here isthat, Pharaoh was the king of the land and he can choose whatever he wanted to do. The feast he gave on his birthday has nothing to do with the events that happened onthat day because as the king he can do anything that he wanted to do. Thus he couldstill have observed his birthday without any feast and would have had the cupbearerrestored to his position and the baker hanged. Thus whether the third day was
Pharaoh’s birthday or not, the events would have been fulfilled. Now let’s go toMatthew and Mark and see Herod of Antipas and the beheading of John the Baptist. The events which led to the beheading of John the Baptist started way long beforeHerod’s birthday. Herod was a tetrarch—one of the four rulers over the four districtsof Palestine. His territory included the regions of Galilee and Perea. He was the son of Herod the Great, who ordered the killing of babies when Jesus was born. This HerodAntipas was the same Herod that only Luke among the Gospels recorded as having atrial for Jesus. Herod’s half brother Philip, was another of Palestine’s four rulers andhis territories were Iturea and Traconitis. His wife Herodias left him to live with HerodAntipas. John has been saying to Herod Antipas in Matthew 14:4 that, “It is not lawfulfor you to have her” Thus John the Baptist was arrested but not killed because Herodwas afraid of the people because they considered John as a prophet. Again thebirthday of Herod has nothing to do with the beheading of John but rather theboastfulness of Herod. Herod promised the daughter of Herodias whatever she askedin Matthew 14:7. And he finally gave in. Again let’s analyze something here. In Mark6:22 after Herod said he will give anything to the girl, he promised her with an oath,“Whatever you ask I will give you, up to half my kingdom. As a ruler under Romanauthority, Herod had no kingdom to give. The offer of half his kingdom is a way of saying that he would give her almost anything, I guess he didn’t think about it. Whenthe girl consulted her mum she came back HURRIEDLY and said in Mark 6:25 “I wantyou to give me right now the head of John the Baptist on a platter.” He was greatlydistressed but because of his oaths and his dinner guests, he did not refuse asrecorded in verse 26. Again, the celebration could have gone on well without thebeheading of John if he had not boasted or given oaths. Even though he had givenoaths, as ruler he could still have stood on his grounds that the girl cannot demandthe life of another person. But Herod wanted to show that he had power and he wasthinking of what his guests would think about him. Furthermore he could notdiscipline the girl when he asked him to give it to her immediately. How can the smallgirl demand the life of another immediately from a ruler who in Mark 6:20 considered John to be righteous and holy man? Looking at these two scenarios it can be seenclearly that it’s not the celebration of the birthday but the individual events that hasalready been planned to happen in Pharaoh’s case and the inability of man towithstand pressure through making boastful oaths. The same happened to Pilatethough who knew that Jesus was innocent could not resist the people.How come the Bible only records only 2 birthdays and even that it was celebrated byPagan worshippers. The Bible is also a place of record keeping to help us understandWho God is. In Matthew, we see a record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham. This was to trace Jesus ancestry. In my opinion likewise,the 2 birthdays were not recorded because of the birthday per se but because of theevents that coincided with it and thus making it paramount to be mentioned.Birthdays were not much mentioned because in my opinion I believe it was a commonthing to be held so it was not much of an issue to be talked about. The fact that apartfrom these 2 birthdays, no mention is made of birthdays in the Bible does not provethat others did not celebrate it again. For example Circumcision was given toAbraham and his descendants. Genesis 17:10—“This is my covenant with you andyour descendants after you, the covenant you are to keep: Every male among you

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