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6396311 the Occult Technology of Power

6396311 the Occult Technology of Power

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Published by sangene2

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Published by: sangene2 on Feb 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The OccultThe Initiation of the Son of a Technology Finance Capitalist intothe Arcane Secrets of Political and Economic of Power**********A Project of theSociety for Illuminatingthe Sources of Power**********^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The Occult Technologyof Power, 64 page Paperback Edition $8.95Copyright 1974 by Alpine EnterprisesPO Box 766Dearborn, Michigan 48121All Rights Reserved for Printed EditionsE-text editions may be distributed without limitas long as the address of the Copyright Holderor publisher is included. Print-outs from e-textare not allowed.Published by:Alpine EnterprisesPO Box 766Dearborn, MI 48121 (Include $2.00 postage and handling fee)ISBN 0-55950-009-3Library of CongressCard Catalog Number 88-083670For further information, sources, comments, & discussion write:Alpine EnterprisesPO Box 766Dearborn, Ml 48121^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^To My Son". . . the world is governed by very differentpersonages from what is imagined by those who are
not behind the scenes."-Benjamin Disraeli(Earl of Beaconsfield)In this thin volume you will find the transcripts of yourinitiation into the secrets of my empire Read them againnot for the arcane knowledge which is now second natureyou, hut in order to re-experience the shock and awe you felttwenty years ago when at age thirty the fabulous scope of my power was revealed to you by my trusted, and now mostly departed advisors. Remember the surprise, to thepoint of disbelief, with which you beheld the invisiblydelicate, but invincible chains of deceit, confusion, arcoercion with which we finance capitalists enslave this chaotic world. Remember the feats of will and strategy that havebeen required to retain our position. Then, inspect yourretinue carefully. Your heir must be equal to and eager forthe task much as you were. Choose him carefully. As I liehere waiting for the end I can afford to relish the thoughtour empire lasting forever as I never dared while in charge.Rational power calculations, so easily disrupted by the thrillof power, are now entirely in your hands."Know!--Will--Dare--and be Silent!"Aleister Crowley^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THE TRANSCRIPTSMy Introduction to your Initiation1. Professor A. on the Role of Fraud in Nature2. Professor Q. on Occult Knowledge asthe Key to Power3. Professor M. on the Economics ofCentral Banking4. Professor B. on the Functions of the CentralBank in the Mature Finance Capitalist System 5. Professor G. on Social and Business Legislationand Policy6. Professor D. on the Role of Public Education7. Professor X. on Prestigious Associations and
Secret Societies8. Professor Y. on Covert Operationsand IntelligenceMy Closing RemarksAfterword by the TranscriberSources:Indispensable Thoughts on History, Economics, Politics,Philosophy, and Human NatureThe Left on the Ruling ClassThe Right on the Conspiracy Theory of History^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MY INTRODUCTION TOYOUR INITIATION"Man is a rope stretched between the animal andthe Superman a rope over an abyss. ""I teach you the Superman. Man is something to besurpassed."-Friedrich Nietzsche"Self reverence, self-knowledge, self-control thesethree alone lead to sovereign power."-Alfred Lord Tennyson"And nothing, not God, is greater to one than one'sself is. "-Walt Whitman"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law."-Aleister CrowleyThe Book of the LawMy Son, the time has arrived to make formal what youhave confidently awaited for some years. Of all yourbrothers, sisters, and cousins, as well as the offspring of myclose allies, I have chosen you to be heir to my empire. Allthe trust funds, foundations, and accounts through which my

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