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Published by: Erik Čirkovič on Feb 12, 2013
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Compendium of Customs EDI Messages
Version 15
SARS EDI User Manual
 V15 22 October 2009
1 Introduction1.1 Structure of the SARS EDI User Manual1.2 Purpose of the Manual1.3 Target audience1.4 What is EDI ?1.5 Introduction to UN/EDIFACT1.6 The Customs Act and EDI1.5.1 Customs Act, Section 101A, Electronic communication for thepurposes of customs and excise procedures1.6.2 Rules to Section 101A of the Customs Act1.7 How to register for Electronic Commerce with SARS1.8 PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)1.8.1 Background to PKI
1.8.2 SARS PKI requirements1.8.3 SARS PKI application process1.9 User Manual maintenance1.10 Document version control2 Terms and definitions3 Service segments4 SARS communication details5 Code lists6 Interpretation of UN/EDIFACT documentation6.1 Data Mapping Guide6.2 Branching diagram7 SARS UN/EDIFACT messages7.1 CUSDEC (D96B)7.1.1 CUSDEC - Overview7.1.2 CUSDEC - Data Mapping Guide7.1.3 CUSDEC - Branching diagram7.1.4 CUSDEC - Example EDI interchange7.2 CUSRES (D96B)7.2.1 CUSRES - Overview7.2.2 CUSRES - Data Mapping Guide7.2.3 CUSRES - Branching diagram7.2.4 CUSRES - Example EDI interchange
SARS - EDI User Manual
 V15 22 October 2009
7.3 CONTRL (D3)7.3.1 CONTRL - Overview7.3.2 CONTRL - Data Mapping Guide7.3.3 CONTRL - Branching diagram7.3.4 CONTRL - Example EDI interchange7.4 GESMES (D96B)7.4.1 GESMES - Overview7.4.2 GESMES - Data Mapping Guide7.4.3 GESMES - Branching diagram7.4.4 GESMES - Example EDI interchange7.5 SANCRT (D96B)7.5.1 SANCRT - Overview7.5.2 SANCRT - Data Mapping Guide7.5.3 SANCRT - Branching diagram7.5.4 SANCRT - Example EDI interchange7.6 CALINF (D99B)7.6.1 CALINF - Overview7.6.2 CALINF - Data Mapping Guide7.6.3 CALINF - Branching diagram7.6.4 CALINF - Example EDI interchange7.7 CUSCAR (D95B)7.7.1 CUSCAR - Overview7.7.2 CUSCAR - Data Mapping Guide7.7.3 CUSCAR - Branching diagram7.7.4 CUSCAR - Example EDI interchange7.8 COARRI (D95B)7.8.1 COARRI - Overview7.8.2 COARRI - Data Mapping Guide7.8.3 COARRI - Branching diagram7.8.4 COARRI - Example EDI interchange7.9 CODECO (D95B)7.9.1 CODECO - Overview7.9.2 CODECO- Data Mapping Guide7.9.3 CODECO - Branching diagram7.9.4 CODECO - Example EDI interchange7.10 COSTCO (D95B)7.10.1 COSTCO - Overview7.10.2 COSTCO - Data Mapping Guide7.10.3 COSTCO - Branching diagram7.10.4 COSTCO - Example EDI interchange

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