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ChantalMouffe, AgonisticpublicSphere, DocuemtaXI, Democracyunrealised

ChantalMouffe, AgonisticpublicSphere, DocuemtaXI, Democracyunrealised

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Published by Daphanie Mende

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Published by: Daphanie Mende on Feb 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Democracy UnrealizedDocumental 1 Platformi
 Edited byOkwui EnwezorCarlos BasualdoUte Meta BauerSusanne GhezSarat MaharajMark NashOctavio ZayaHatje Cantz
This volume contains all contributionsDocumentall
Platforml, "DemocracyUnrealized," a series of conferences and lectures,held in Vienna, Academy of Fine Arts, March15- April 20, 2001, and in Berlin, House of World Cultures, October 9-30,
Managing Editor: Gerti Fieuek 
Editing: Philomena Mariani
Translations: Jefferson Chase, Vincent Martin
Visual Concept and Typography: Ecke Bonk 
Typesetting: Weyhing digital, Osdildern-Ruit
Printed by Dr. Cantz sche Druckerei,Ostfildern-Ruit
© 2002 documents und Museum Fridericianum-Veranstaltungs GmbH, Kassel, Hatje CanuPublishers, and authors
Photo credits:
pp. 212-219 O 2000 Francesco Jodice;
pp. 315—317 Courtesy archive Vladimir Paperny
Published by
Hatje Cantz Publishers
Senefelderstrasse 12
73760 Ostfildern-Ruit. Germany
Distribution in the USA
?, Distributed Art Publishers, Inc.
155 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013, USA
ISBN 3-7757-9082-9Printed in Germany
D.ie Deutsche Bibliothek — CIP-Einheits-
A catalogue record for this book is available from
Die Deutsche Bibliothek 
. ' The first part of Platform1 was organized in "'collaboration with the Academy of Fine ArtsViennaIInstitute for Contemporary Art; the secondpart was organized in collaboration with the House of World Cultures and DAAD (Deutscher AkademischerAustauschdienst — German Academic ExchangeService), Berlin.
Project advisors and research:
Oliver Marchart and Charity Scribner
Organization: Markus Miiller and Angelika Nollert
Lounge Vienna:
Seminar "Theory (Un)realized": Oliver Marchart
Film workshoplseminar "Imagining
Democracy": Hito Steyerl
Interior design: class of Heimo Zobernig
Thanks to:
Carl Pruscha, Rector, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Team Academy of Fie Arts Vienna:
Jessica Beer, Ruth Lackner
Pirmin Bium, Maja Grafe, Doris Guth,
Roland Kollniu, Wolfgang Meisinger,
Sonja Parzefall, Andreas Spiegl, Christina Werner,
Ingeborg Wurzer
Peter C. Seel, Director, Department of 
Literature, Society, Science, House of World
Cultures, Berlin
Michael Thoss, Director, Department of Fine
Arts, FilmNideo, House of World Cultures,
Susanne Sporrer, Director, Department of Public
Relations, House of World Cultures, Berlin
Friedrich Meschede, Director, Department of 
Visual Art, Artists-in-Residence Programme,
DAAD, Berlin
Platform 1 was realized with the generoussupport of:
Bundeskanzleramt, Sektion I1 —Kunstangelegenheiten, ViennaBundesministerium fir Bildung, Wissenschaftund Kultur, Vienna DAAD, Berlin House of World Cultures, Berlin
Preface Introduction
Democracy Unrealized: Alternatives, Limits, New Horizons
Stuart Hall
Democracy, Globalization, and Difference
 A keel Bilgrami
Identity, Relativism, and the Liberal State
 Bbikhu Parekb
Deepening Liberal Democracy
The Prospects of Radical Politics Today
Cbantal Mouffe
For an Agonistic Public Sphere
lmmanuel Wallerstein
Democracy, Capitalism, and Transformation
Dialectics of Sovereignty: Justice, Minorities, Human Rights, Citizenship
q~cndra Baxi
Global Justice and the Failure of Deliberative Democracy
Sean Nazerali
The Rotna and Democracy: A Nation without a State 133
 Ruth Woddk 
Inequality, Democracy, and Parliamentary Discourses 151
 Iain Chmbers
Unrealized Democracy and a Posthumanist Art 169
Counter-Politics: Direct Action, Resistance, Civil Disobedience
Florian Schneider /kein mensch ist illegal
New Rules of the New Actonomy 3.0 179
 Ma~k Poto
The State of Hate in America: The Growing Conflict Between
Identity Politics and Multiculturalism 195
Stefdno Boeri / Multiplicity
An Eclectic Atlas of Urban Europe 209
 Marta Calsina andElsa Ldpez lArquitectos Sin Frontera-Erpaia
Arquitectos Sin Fronteras-Espaiia (ASF-E) 231
hue Chrim, Gerald Eibeger, Robert Misik, and RudoIf Scholten/ 
 Demokratische Ofensiue
Demokratische Offensive 245
Oliver Marchart 
Enacting the Unrealized: Political Theory and the Role of
"Radical Democratic Activism" 253
 Enrique Dussel
Democracy in the "Center" and Global Democratic Critique 267
Cornelia Klinger 
The Subject of Politics - The Politics of the Subject 285
 Boris Groys
Beyond Diversity: Cultural Studies and Its Postcommunist Other 303
Outlook: The Political Discourse of Democracy
 Michael Hardt and Antonio Negrz
Globalization and Democracy
 Mdnuel De Landa
Democracy, Economics, and the Military
 Homi K Bbabha
Democracy De-realized
Wole Soyinka
Awaiting The Beautyful Ones
 Ernesto Lachu
Democracy between Autonomy and Heteronomy
 Zhiyuan Cui
In Search of Dynamic Republicanism for the 21st Century
 Harbans Mukbja
Liberal Democracy and Its Slippages

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