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MPRWA Draft Minutes 01-24-13

MPRWA Draft Minutes 01-24-13

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Published by SebViz2
MPRWA Minutes 01-24-13
MPRWA Minutes 01-24-13

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Published by: SebViz2 on Feb 13, 2013
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Burnett, Edelen, Kampe, Pendergrass, Rubio, Della Sala
 Directors Absent:
Staff Present:
Legal Counsel, Interim Executive Director, Clerk to the Authority
1. January 10, 2013On a motion by Director Pendergrass, seconded by Director Kampe, and carried by thefollowing vote, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority approved the minutes ofJanuary 10, 2013:AYES: 6 DIRECTORS: Burnett, Edelen, Kampe, Pendergrass, Rubio, DellaSalaNOES: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneABSENT: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneABSTAIN: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneRECUSED: 0 DIRECTORS: None
Opened public commentDavid Armanasco spoke representing the Deep Water Desal project and informed the Authoritythat DWD has begun the CEQA/EIR process and has been in contact with the CPUC to provideinformation in the Cal AM MPWSP EIR. He also said DWD has entered into an MOU with theCity of Salinas for a power sponsor agreement to purchase wholesale energy from Dynagy.The relationship will allow DWD to purchase energy at a cheaper rate and the data centerslocated on the Dynagy site will use the cold sea water to cool down the data center, in turnpreheating the water for desalination. This process will reduce total energy consumption andwill help the project achieve California carbon reduction requirements.Dale Hekhuis expressed concern about a published interview with Director Burnett in theHerald which indicated that Cal Am had a clear edge over the other projects. He alsoexpressed concern about the governance proposal and the proposed cost of the Cal Am projectin relation to the other projects. He questioned the criteria the Authority will consider to makethe selection of a preferred project. Director Burnett spoke to Mr. Hekhuis comments that hewas speaking on his own behalf, not on that of the Authority and that he was stating a position
MPRWA Minutes Thursday, January 24, 2013Monterey Peninsula Regional Water AuthorityRegular Meeting Minutes - Thursday, January 24, 20132with facts based from the SPI consultant’s report that they are further along in their processthan the other projects and do have an edge in various capacities over other project.Tom Rowley reflected on the public defeat of prior opportunities for public ownership of waterand attributed it to a lack of collective leadership by the public officials, which lead to peoplebeing mislead, and vote no. He then thanked all of the elected leaders indicating that taxpayersappreciate the collective leadership to get behind and support a project that the Peninsula sodesperately needs.Bill Hood said he would not object if the Authority selects the Cal Am project, if the decision isbased on the purpose to develop the lowest cost water supply and providing water in theshortest possible time. He commented on the surcharge that it should not be a burden on thetaxpayers, which it could leave with stranded costs, and encouraged sharing of the risk byutilizing the surcharge during less risky project phases.George (name) discouraged the Authority from acting too quickly but to grant a thoroughevaluation in the taxpayer’s best interest. If the Authority works diligently and prudently, theState Water Board should grant more time. He then spoke in support of local ownership andpublic independence encouraging more individual participation with rainwater capture and graywater incorporation, then encouraged the Mayors empower their citizens to be proactive.Safwat Malek spoke representing Rate Payers First and a provided a petition addressing theWater District, the Authority and the CPUC asking for lowest cost, and public ownership andfinancing.Rudy Fisher encouraged the Authority to still continue pursuing a contingency project as abackup plan and spoke in support of the surcharge as away to lower the overall cost ofproducing water. He encouraged structuring the surcharge as a “last dollar in” method toensure Cal Am adopts a certain amount of risk which would keep the project on track. Hedisagreed with Mr. George () comments that the authority should act quickly. With no furtherrequests to speak President Della Sala closed public comment.
2. Approve Contract for Executive Director Services with the City of Monterey (Discussion/Action)
Action: Approved 
Interim Executive Director Meurer presented the report including the recommendation that theAuthority approve the contract. The City of Monterey would be the hiring agency, and made theselection with the recommendation of the JPA. The position was budgeted for 600 hours for thenext 6 months, and 20 hours a week thereafter. Mr. Meurer also commented that this wascontingent upon all member Cities approval of additional allocations to fund the budgetadjustment passed on January 10, 2013.
MPRWA Minutes Thursday, January 24, 2013Monterey Peninsula Regional Water AuthorityRegular Meeting Minutes - Thursday, January 24, 20133President Della Sala opened the item for public comments and Bill Hood congratulated theAuthority and Mr. Reichmuth on his appointment. With no further requests to speak, PresidentDella Sala closed public comment and brought the discussion back to the Board. DirectorBurnett commented that he was pleased Mr. Reichmuth accepted and is willing to take on thechallenge and thinks he is the right person to work with the Authority.On a motion by President Della Sala, seconded by Director Pendergrass, and carried by thefollowing vote, the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority authorized entry into a contractwith the City of Monterey for Executive Director Services.AYES: 6 DIRECTORS: Burnett, Edelen, Kampe, Pendergrass, Rubio, DellaSalaNOES: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneABSENT: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneABSTAIN: 0 DIRECTORS: NoneRECUSED: 0 DIRECTORS: None3. Review and Discuss Project Evaluation Matrix Submissions by the TAC, Monterey PeninsulaWater Management District and SPI Consultants (Information/Discussion)President Della Sala opened the item indicating the Monterey Peninsula Water ManagementDistrict was not able complete the matrix due to the time constraints. Director Burnett, as Chairof the TAC, delivered the matrix with comments from the TAC from the meeting on January 24,2013 at 2:00 p.m.He prefaced the discussion indicating the TAC only made comments when they had a differentview than what the SPI consultants prepared and acknowledged that while there are threeprojects, based on the current questions surrounding the People's Moss Landing (PML) projectand no communication with them to refute, the TAC focused the deliberation on the first two ofthree projects. He requested If the PML is still a live project, they need to make that knownsince they have not been involved. President Della Sala commented that Director Burnett actedas a moderator for the TAC and represented the TAC members independent of DirectorBurnett’s personal perspectives and comments.Director Burnett then indicated the purpose of the matrix was to assist the Authority withcollecting the information communicated important by the Authority.Pendergrass asked if the intent of this discussion was to make a decision on project support.President Della Sala responded that the matrix is a tool that will assist with the decision making.He said there will be a special meeting on January 31, 2013 and it will be agendized to identifya project to support. Director Burnett discussed information on the matrix and answeredquestions of the board.Director Rubio, questioned if the possibility of a Tsunami was considered and if it would theplacement of other projects. Director Burnett answered that the TAC did not discuss the issueof Tsunami, but acknowledged it should be added to the matrix. With no more questions fromthe Directors, President Della Sala opened the item for public comments.

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