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Published by niladri2310

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Published by: niladri2310 on Feb 17, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 1I was fed of all sorts of launch parties, but still Anirban had insisted me toattend. He also mentioned to me that there would be some surprise in store for me.Anirban, who was my childhood friend right from a playschool to completing ourmedia degree together. We were also lucky to get selected from our campus for thesame Ad Company.Anirban always had dreamt of setting up his own advertisement firm, he always hada vision of both of us working together and be extremely successful and on the Top5 list. He thought I was his lucky mascot. Unfortunately I was a kind of guy whoalways knew that 9-5pm job was perfect as it was quite a hassle to run your owncompany or you can say I always freaked out whenever I thought about owning abusiness. After two years of struggle Anirban along with Lopa (his wife) made hisdream come true by starting his own advertisement agency and named it “SPLITZ”.Anirban met Lopa at our previous organization and the day he saw her, he knew thatshe was the one. Lopa was one of my creative team members. Anirban dated Lopaaround six months after which they got married and are happy together.The dress code at this launch party was formal, I usually hate going to theseformal parties, I know I have to keep a fake smile and make sure my glass isalways half full. Anyways I manage to cut through the weekend traffic and reachedthe famous Banquet of Mumbai,” MAYFAIR”.Anirban was more creative and adventures than me. He always needed a bigger placeto show his talents, so whenever there was a launch instead of a 5 star hotel, hewould book a big private banquet hall. He would make sure that everything fromdecoration to food was perfect.I parked my car and took a bouquet for the couple. My choice of flowers neversuited them, but today I took orchids which lopa loves the most.Lopa was standing at the entrance, I presented her the bouquet of flowers, and shehugged me and said“Ujjan, you are supposed to come early and help us, nowadays you behave more of aguest than a friend”. I just looked away and gave an apologetic smile. Lopa wasloud enough for people to give me that glare, she immediately realized and with awarm smile welcomed me and showed me to the banquet hall. As soon as I entered Icould see all big personalities dancing and drinking. I waved to all my officecolleagues ,they were all set for the party.My ex boss Mr Sharma was surrounded byall up coming models. He behaved as if he was judging these models for some talenthunt competition.Everyone was in formals and was wearing Ritu Kumar and Satya Paul sarees,Armanis, Gucci etc. Luckily I picked up a Versace while I was in London last week.All of a sudden I could hear a loud voice with all possible profanities, I wassure it was Anirban. I quickly moved towards him before he could approach me.“Son of a bitch, how come you are so early, party is yet to begin”. There was anapologetic smile on my face. I hugged him and congratulated for yet anothersuccess. He went away quickly as he had to greet other guests too.Loud music was blasting all over and Mr Sharma had already started dancing withthe models, sometimes I feel pity for him as his wife was flirting with the malemodels. I guess Tit for Tat proverb suits them best. I moved towards the bar andasked for a drink and lighted a smoke. My eyes were searching for some known facesbut suddenly I saw a face with the same glow that I had seen few years back. My
heart almost skipped a beat. “No it can’t be her; I don’t want that face to beher”Was Anirban talking about this surprise? I finished my drink quickly and headedtowards the opposite direction. Lopa caught me with a pale face and got worriedand asked“Ujjan are you alright, you look very sick, Is everything alright? “I was short of words; actually I was not able to speak. I don’t know if I wasangry or scared. I quickly told her, “It’s just that I am tired and need somefresh air”She asked a waiter to give me a glass of cold water and guided me towards thebalcony. I wanted to ask her if she or Anirban had invited her. I was hesitant toask lopa at that time.“Lopa I will be back in ten minutes, don’t worry I will be fine, you please goinside, it’s your day today “I started thinking about that face again. The cold breeze blew on my face and feltrelaxed. I saw a chair and made myself comfortable there and lighted one moresmoke. After sometime I could hear some footsteps walking towards me, I couldsense that I knew this person coming towards me. I started sweating and I wantedto run away as fast as could but my legs were not moving at all “Please God, itcant be her “.Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder.“How are you Ujjan?”I turned my head, Oh my God; the same beutiful eyes and the same glow on her facestill mesmerizing me. She looked the same as I saw her first time in my office. Ididn’t know how to react, I was sweating very badly. The girl who I couldn’tforget all these years is standing right behind me. I could only say“Rhea you!!!”Chapter 2Rhea banerjee a beautiful, hot, sexy, adventuours and glamourous. She alwayswanted to fly high. I just can’t stop talking about her. Wherever she goes shewould cast a spell on everybody. Guys made extra efforts just to be with her andshe loved the attention she would get from guys. She was always proud about herbeauty and never stopped praising about herself. The best thing about her was theglow in her face, which used to make people attract towards her. People couldapproach her very easily as she loved gifts and chocolates, But she would targetonly certain kind of people who would help her to fly. Girls around her wouldnever understand that why everyone is so focused about her.Rhea was from a middle class family and right from her childhood she used to dreamabout glamour, money and posh cars. One thing she was sure of that her beauty willhelp her get all the things she has desired in life. She had two brothers whowould always be protective about her, she mingled with all rich guys and that’s
the reason they were very concerned about her. They didn’t know that she was veryintelligent and didn’t let anybody take advantage of her anytime. She knew that toget a glamorous life she needs to enter media so she decided to do her bachelorsin mass media.It was her last year in college when her mom suffered a major heart attack, shecould not recover properly as she was tensed about Rhea’s future. She insistedRhea to get married as soon as possible.Rhea was not ready at all as she knew all dreams would get shattered if she getsmarried, but she had no choice as all her family members and relatives forced toher to agree to her mother’s wish.Fortunately their close family friend the Chatterjees were looking for a girl,they wanted an early marriage. Their son Sujoy was working with the Indian Armyand posted in Jammu and Kashmir. They want him to get married before he could joinback. Sujoy was a very handsome and only son of the Chatterjees who were one ofthe richest families in the cities. In two months time Rhea got married and theyhad to leave for Srinagar where Sujoy was posted. She started living there as ahouse wife and did all the things which she had never dreamt off.Chapter 3After completing my bachelors in media, I joined an Advertisement firm “ADDreams”. It was from campus recruitment. I and Anirban were the only guys selectedfrom our college. We were vey excited to be associated with an international firmas our first assignment. I as a person was totally contrast to Anirban. I wantedto lead a simple life, tension free and be away from complication. However Anirbantook risk all throughout his life which made him stronger and outrageous. He wasnever afraid of taking new challenges. I was only passionate about one thing“Girls”. Anirban always said that I could do magic with my words and any girlcould fall for me with that quality.Life was fun those days launch parties, discos, outings every weekend. I neverthought after few years my life will make a complete turn. After One year or so Igot promoted to head the creative team and Anirban was given the charge ofhandling the firm. Anirban dated a girl name lopa who was from my creative teamand in six months time they got married. Lopa always helped me to introduce to allthe girls and she always wanted me to settle down. But I never took anyoneseriously just dated .Lopa used to hate my policy of life.“I will not approach anybody till I really fall in love and untill that i willwait for all the girls to approach me, I made sure that they do it by my magicwords.”One day as usual I was in my cabin checking through some models portfolios toselect for our next campaign, Lopa enterned and told me that she has a new memberin our team which Anirban had selected. I was surprised how come I was not

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