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IT Management

IT Management

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Published by tps5970
Answers to DMS Course from IIBMS
Answers to DMS Course from IIBMS

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: tps5970 on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IT ManagementCASE 1
Q1 In what ways is the Wi-Fi technology changing the life of Dartmouth students? Relate your answer to the concept of the digital society.
1: The college society is changing under the influence of Wi-Fi technology. The college societyis enjoying the new and influential network in many ways, but is yet developing constantlyimprovements how to make the technology even more effective by introducing new programmesand procedures. The wireless technology is accelerating the innovation among the society,resulting emergence of new technologies that the students are developing. Wi-Fi has changed theway the college
s professors educate and also how the students are learning. Interactivity hasincreased students
involvement during the taught courses and using new technology has enabled
students ―wanting to give answers‖. Wireless network has
introduced virtual communities,provided on-line entertainment and altered the way the students obtain information
allcharacteristics of the digital society.
 Some say that the wireless system will become part of the background of everybody’s
 that the mobile devices are just an afterthought. Explain
2. In the near future companies and societies are introducing increasingly more wirelesssolutions because they tend to increase productivity by simplifying communication, removingphysical obstacles and when installed they are able to serve big masses at the same time.Wireless systems will also replace wired systems and it has already started in a large scale. Somestates have even introduced a nation-covering wireless networks for the citizens. The wirelesstechnologies give pressure to the device manufacturers to produce such devices that takeadvantage of the given wireless technology.
Q3 Is the system contributing to improved learning, or just adding entertainment that may reduce the time available for studying? Debate your point of view with students who hold a different opinion.
3. WI-Fi system is impacting positively on both studying itself and increasing entertainment inthe network. Actually, partially the increased entertainment is a result of innovations made by themembers. Further, new teaching techniques enabled by the new technology motivate students tobe active and involved during the courses. People who want to study will study no matter howmuch entertainment was available.
Q4 What are the major benefits of the wireless system over the previous wireline one? Do you think wireline systems will disappear from campuses one day? (Do some research on the topic.)
4. Major benefits of the new technology are numerous. The most obvious one is that thecomputer and other devices do not need no be physically attached to wire lines anymore. Thisenables people to use the network where ever in the network area. The second benefit is that boththe students and the college's employees learn to use the technology effectively. Innovativeness
increases as people try to use the given technology even more effectively. The third benefit forthe college, students and the society is that the new teaching methods make students moreinvolved. The involvement will increase the learning intensity and thus the college will producepeople with more knowledge to the society.Wireline systems are old-fashioned and will be replaced by the Wi-Fi in the near future. In manyUniversities it has already happened entirely and some Universities have applied the newtechnology partially. Of course, some server units must remain in the network.CASE 2
Q1 IVR systems are still popular. What advantages do they have over even older systems inwhich the reps mailed or faxed reports?
1. IVR systems are still popular because they are appropriate in some services. For example, Ioften use directory-inquiry service in my mobile phone (you push definite number button
answering on different questions and get necessary information), it’s really very convenient.
 If compare with mailed and faxed reports, IVR system is more reliable and
require extrahardware (computer, fax machine).
Q2 Summarize the advantages of the new system over the IVR one.
Directly information exchanging between managers and reps: manager can electronicallysend daily schedules and other important information to each rep
Functions of the EDI system: reports include inventory-scanned data from retail stores
Decision support
Ability to capture more detail information about product and market analysis
Reducing reps errors
Elimination of gap between time
of capturing information by reps and it’s receiving by
Decreases employees stress-level
Q3. Draw the flow of information in the system
PDF information Headquarter database Managers fromrelevantfrom reps departmentsDistrict managers
Q4 The existing technology enables transmission of data any time an employee can access the Internet with a wireline. Technically, the system can be enhanced so that the data can be sentwirelessly from any location as soon as they are entered. Would you recommend a wireless system to Maybelline? Why or why not?
4. Most of the decisions that Maybelline needs to make are not time sensitive on a day-to-daybasis, so the company does not need the continuous connectivity and added expense of wireless.In a more volatile market, like the paper industry, the cost would be justified. In that industry,real time pricing and availability is the only way to sustain a competitive advantage, so wirelesswould be very useful. In cosmetics, most women will wait a few days, or go elsewhere to get theproduct, so whilst inventory levels are important, they are not critical.I would strongly recommend implementing wireless system to Maybelline, because it will speedup an up-to-
date information transmission and, as a result, accelerate manager’s
reactions to newmarket situations.CASE 3
What were the drivers of SPRS?
Previous inefficient information system forced to implement SPRS. For example, frequentmismatches between accounting sales figures and information scattered among numerousdatabases forced users to query multiple systems, even when they needed an answer to a simplequery. Summarized data made it difficult to conduct analysis. Finally, errors were virtuallyinevitable when calculations were based on data from several sources.
 How did the data warehouse solve Sears’s problems?
Data warehouse
united previous 18 old databases in one and includes comprehensive sales data,information on inventory in stores, in transit and so on. Sears now fine-tunes its buying,merchandising and marketing strategies with previously unattainable precision. SPRS allowsauthorized employees to view necessary information from a multidimensional perspective (byregion, district, store, product line and individual item). Sears managers can monitor exemine

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