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Published by Marco Smith

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Published by: Marco Smith on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Light Novel: Bakemonogatari
aka: Nisemonogatari
("Ghostory") is the first novel in aseries of Light Novelsby Nisio Isin which center onKoyomi Araragi, a third year high school student whorecently recovered from vampirism. One day, he meetsa classmate named Hitagi Senjogahara when shefallsdown the stairsinto his arms. Discovering that Hitagiweighs next to nothing because her weight has beenstolen by a crab god, Koyomi offers to help her andintroduces her to Meme Oshino (not
meme), themiddle-aged homeless man who helped him recover from vampirism and who specializes in supernaturalproblem solving.Studio SHAFTadapted the first series into an anime in2009 under the direction of  Akiyuki Shinbo, the manbehind the surrealism of 
Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei 
("Scar Story") is the second novel inthe series and is the prequel to
. Itreveals the story of how Koyomi encountered thevampire Shinobu, then named "Kiss-shot Acerola-orionHeart-under-blade", along with meeting Meme Oshinoand Tsubasa Hanekawa. It will be adapted into atheatrical film.
("Impostory") is the third novel in the series and a direct sequel to
. The novel's focus shifts to Koyomi's sisters, Karen and Tsukihi, the Fire Sisters of Tsuganoki 2nd Middle School. The cast encounters the "black swindler" who is responsible for several of the incidents involving the supernatural in this series. Its anime serial adaptationbeganairing in January 2012, still courtesy of Studio SHAFT.
("CatTale") is the fourth novel in the series and is divided into two halves,
Nekomonogatari Black 
Nekomonogatari White
. This installment focuses on TsubasaHanekawa, and
Nekomonogatari White
is told from her perspective, making this the series' firstdeparture from Koyomi as protagonist.
focuses on the Golden Week incident taking placebetween
Bakemonogatari. White
takes place after 
Nisemonogatari.Nekomonogatari Black 
aired as a two-hour special on New Year's Eve 2012.Studio SHAFTcurrently plans to anime the entire series of novels, split across three "seasons". Theorder goes as the following:Season 1
Nekomonogatari Black 
Season 2
Nekomonogatari White
("Slope Story")
("Flower Story")
("Decoy Story")
Hitagi with her trusty school supplies.
Page 1 of 12Bakemonogatari -Television Tropes & Idioms13/02/2013http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/LightNovel/Bakemonogatari?from=Main.Nise...
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("Demon Story")
("Love Story")
Season 3
("Possession Story")
("Final Story")
("Final Story Continued")
You can check out the official website and first PV for Second Seasonhere.The light novels have a fan-translationhere. There are set to be twelve novels in the series, withthe last two announced for release in 2013. Aniplex has released the first season in North America in November 2012. Adaptation Dye Job: In the light novels and Vofan's corresponding illustrations, Hitagi hadbrown hair. In the anime it's purple. There
the ending of episode six and the beginning of episode seven where everybody's hair is rather subdued and brown, but it's arguably due tolighting.In episode 13 her hair is quite visibly dark brown/black—even darker than in the originalillustrations. Adaptation Induced Plothole: In the
anime, the scene of Black Hanekawabeing taken down by Shinobu is completely inaccurate. It's shown with Black Hanekawacornering Araragi in an alley, while the actual incident as shown in
Nekomonogatari Black 
takes place inside an abandoned building, and Hanekawa is too busy writhing in paindue tothe cat refusing to give up her body, so one can't really say that Araragi is cornered. Airplane of Love: Done in the last episode, with it flying
right over 
the characters itsymbolizes. All Myths Are True: There is the exception of thewreathe-fire bee in "Karen Bee". Historical accounts of it were fabricated, and Karen's fever—characteristic of the bee's sting—was bothharmless and caused by hypnotism.Note that this explanationis questionable, as Kaiki is a notorious liar, especially so in thisscene where he is called out for it. And the Adventure Continues: "Karen Bee" ends with Karen and Tsukihi setting out to healthe damage done by Kaiki. Animation Bump: There are several examples, and usually in warranted places like fights or demonstrations of acrobatic skill. Then there are things like one short cut in
episode 4 where Shinobu and Koyomi are just talking and stretching in the bath yet aregratuitously well-animated.Special mention to
episode 15—the entire episode is, visually, movie-quality. Even the flashbacks only use Animation Bumpedmaterial from previous episodes. Art Shift: Koyomi occasionally flashes into the art styles of different classic manga, such as
. Asshole Victim: While never actually portrayed on screenit is implied that the people who cursed Nadeko would become cursed themselves and constricted by the same snakes. Notthat there is a whole lot of sympathy for people who placed a rather nasty curse on a girl justfor rejecting a guy. Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance: Applies to most of the character designs; most invokesome type of  Animal Motif while possessed by a monster which is removed once thepossession is resolved. For example, Nadeko wears a cobra hood-esque oversize hat whileunder the effects of a snake curse but gains a completely different outfit after the curse isbroken. Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever : The "staple stable" opening features a giant Hitagi. Author Appeal: According toWord Of God, the reason for all thefanservicein
was that Nisioisin originally wrote it for himself and had no plans to publish it. Awesome McCoolname: Araragi considers one of Hachikuji'smistakes, Shuraragi, to be one. For reference, "
" means"Asura"or "carnage".Banana Peel: The reason Hitagi fell in the first place.Be Careful What You Wish For : The Suruga Monkey arc.Beware the Nice Ones:
This show provides examples of:
Page 2 of 12Bakemonogatari -Television Tropes & Idioms13/02/2013http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/LightNovel/Bakemonogatari?from=Main.Nise...
languagelaws and formulasshow businesssplit personalitystock roomtropetruth and liestruth in television
Hanekawa at first seems like a very sweet and shy bookworm. However, later on itsrevealed that she has a much darker side, and is actually more of aManipulative Bastard.Even Senjogahara actively fears her.Both Araragi and Karen are terrified whenever Tsukihi gets angry.Big Bad:The villain of the first two books is revealed in
to beDeishuu Kaiki, one of the five con men briefly mentioned by Hitagi. In addition to his exploits in
,he's the one responsible for the divorce of Hitagi's parents and spread the word about thesnake curse that eventually targeted Nadeko in "Nadeko Snake".Meanwhile, the villain of later stories in the series isOugi Oshino, a relative of Meme's.Big Ball of Violence: Koyomi and Mayoi engage in this a couple times in episodes 3-5.Big Brother Instinct: Araragi was apparently something of a bully to his sisters when he wasyounger, but in episode 8 of 
(part 1 of 
Tsukihi Phoenix 
) while mistakenlybelieving that Karen is being bullied he demands the names and addresses of everyoneinvolved.Araragi also goes in something of a murderous rampage the moment he sees that hisyounger little sister gets torn in half in episode 10.Bittersweet Ending: In contrast to the happy endings of the other arcs, the end of 
in the anime hasKoyomi unable to defeat the Snake Constrictor. While he doesmanage to save Nadeko, Koyomi feels guilty knowing that the snake will attack the personwho originally placed the curse.Black Comedy Rape: Even if it isn't exactly rape, it's certainly takingRefuge in Audacity:
Koyomi: (voiceover)
There stood a high school boy who, forgetting himself, forcefully sexuallyharassed an elementary school girl with all his might. But I at least want to believe that wasn't me.
In episode 2 of Nisemonogatari,Koyomi himself gets a taste of this.Blatant Lies: As would any child, Mayoi occasionally tells absolutely impossible lies. For instance, she claims to know three people named "Basugasu Bakuhatsu" (that's just aJapanese tongue twister, by the way).Bob Haircut: Hitagi and Hanekawa in NisemonogatariBoke and Tsukkomi Routine: Lots of the comical dialog between characters is performed thisway, with Araragi usually acting as theStraight Man.Body Horror : May count for some of the afflictions.Breaking the Fourth Wall:Invoked indirectly in episode 9, 20:20. Do you, the troper, also have a secret fetish?
I can imitate your voice. So don't worry, leave it to me. After all, myvoice actressis excellent.
Voice actress!? What is this, an anime!?
Interestingly enough, the above line came straight from the original novel.This is also the reason why Oshino is often seen with a cigarette, but never with a
one. From the novels:
Well, if I lit a cigarette now wouldn't the anime adaptation become difficult?
Broken Aesop: Maybe. Araragi's anger when Hanekawa reveals that her stepfather hit her ina fight kind of loses its effect when you realize that Araragi earlier in the series not only beatup, but proceeded to "shamelessly molest" a fifth grader he had just met that day.But it wasfunny when he did it.It should be noted that even when Koyomi beat up Mayoi, Tsubasa reprimanded him—it'sabuse if you hit a child without giving a reason.Brother-Sister Incest: Since thetooth-brushing scenein
episode 8 iseffectivelyG-Rated Sex(well, more like PG)nearly escalating to R-rated sex before Tsukihi intervenedand Koyomi and Karen decide to continue it, their relationship is pretty close tothis.Butch Lesbian: Suruga, in that distinctly Japanese way: sure, she talks dirty and smacksKoyomi around (and more), but she still looks very feminine and caters directly to those with abicycle short fetish.Call Back:The
opening alludes to the events of "Hitagi Crab" (Hitagi's staple attacks,falling through the school staircase, the red text that swims around the shell of theotherwise invisible weight crab) and also makes visual and musical references to itsopening song, "staple stable".Episode 6 o
("Karen Bee") has a short montage where Hitagi is shown inall the outfits she wore in
.Later on in the same episode, Hitagi strikes the same exaggerated backward lean she didin "Hitagi Crab".
Page 3 of 12Bakemonogatari -Television Tropes & Idioms13/02/2013http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/LightNovel/Bakemonogatari?from=Main.Nise...

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