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description: tags: 030397a

description: tags: 030397a

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Published by: anon-62305 on Jan 23, 2008
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Federal Register
 /Vol. 62, No. 41/Monday, March 3, 1997/Notices
Omnidirectional Citizens Band BaseStation (16 CFR Part 1204). Bypublication of this notice, theCommission announces that it hassubmitted to the Office of Managementand Budget a request for reinstatementof approval of that collection of information without change throughApril 30, 2000.The Safety Standard forOmnidirectional Citizens Band BaseStation Antennas establishesperformance requirements foromnidirectional citizens band basestation antennas to reduce unreasonablerisks of death and injury which mayresult if an antenna contracts overheadpower lines while being erected orremoved from its site. Certificationregulations implementing the standardrequire manufacturers, importers andprivate labelers of antennas subject tothe standard to test antennas forcompliance with the standard, and tomaintain records of that testing.The records of testing and otherinformation required by the certificationregulations allow the Commission todetermine that antennas subject to thestandard comply with its requirements.This information would also enable theCommission to obtain corrective actionsif omnidirectional citizens band basestation antennas failed to comply withthe standard in a manner which createsa substantial risk of injury to the public.
 Additional Information About the Request for Extension Of Approval of aCollection of Information Agency address:
Consumer ProductSafety Commission, Washington, DC20207.
Title of information collection:
SafetyStandard for Omnidirectional CitizensBand Base Station Antennas, 16 CFRPart 1204.
Type of request:
Reinstatement of approval without change.
General description of respondents:
Manufacturers, importers, and privatelabelers of omnidirectional citizensband base station antennas.
 Estimated number of respondents:
 Estimated average number of hours per respondent:
220 per year.
 Estimated number of hours for allrespondents:
1,540 per year.
Comments on this requestfor reinstatement of approval of acollection of information should be sentwithin 30 days of publication of thisnotice to Victoria Wassmer, Desk Officer, Office of Information andRegulatory Affairs, Office of Management and Budget, Washington,DC 20503; telephone: (202) 395–7340.Copies of the request for reinstatementof approval of a collection of information and supportingdocumentation are available fromRobert E. Frye, Director, Office of Planning and Evaluation, ConsumerProduct Safety Commission,Washington, DC 20207; telephone: (301)504–0416, extension 2264.
Dated: February 25, 1997.
Sayde E. Dunn,
Secretary, Consumer Product SafetyCommission.
[FR Doc. 97–5168 Filed 2–28–97; 8:45 am]
DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONNotice of Proposed InformationCollection Requests
Department of Education.
Notice of proposed informationcollection requests.
The Director, InformationResources Management Group, invitescomments on the proposed informationcollection requests as required by thePaperwork Reduction Act of 1995.
An emergency review has beenrequested in accordance with the Act(44 U.S.C. Chapter 3507 (j)), sincepublic harm is reasonably likely toresult if normal clearance proceduresare followed. Approval by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) hasbeen requested by March 10, 1997. Aregular clearance process is alsobeginning. Interested persons areinvited to submit comments on or beforeMay 2, 1997.
Written commentsregarding the emergency review shouldbe addressed to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,Attention: Wendy Taylor, Desk Officer:Department of Education, Office of Management and Budget, 725 17thStreet, NW., Room 10235, NewExecutive Office Building, Washington,D.C. 20503. Requests for copies of theproposed information collection requestshould be addressed to Patrick J.Sherrill, Department of Education, 7th &D Streets, S.W., Room 5624, RegionalOffice Building 3, Washington, D.C.20202–4651. Written commentsregarding the regular clearance andrequests for copies of the proposedinformation collection requests shouldbe addressed to Patrick J. Sherrill,Department of Education, 600Independence Avenue, S.W., Room5624, Regional Office Building 3,Washington, DC 20202–4651, or shouldbe electronic mailed to the internetaddress
FIRB@ed.gov, or should befaxed to 202–708-9346.
Patrick J. Sherrill (202)708–8196.Individuals who use atelecommunications device for the deaf (TDD) may call the Federal InformationRelay Service (FIRS) at 1–800–877–8339between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Eastern time,Monday through Friday.
Section3506 (c)(2)(A) of the Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (44 U.S.C.Chapter 3506 (c)(2)(A) requires that theDirector of OMB provide interestedFederal agencies and the public an earlyopportunity to comment on informationcollection requests. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mayamend or waive the requirement forpublic consultation to the extent thatpublic participation in the approvalprocess would defeat the purpose of theinformation collection, violate State orFederal law, or substantially interferewith any agency’s ability to perform itsstatutory obligations. The Director of theInformation Resources ManagementGroup, publishes this notice containingproposed information collectionrequests at the beginning of theDepartmental review of the informationcollection. Each proposed informationcollection, grouped by office, containsthe following: (1) Type of reviewrequested, e.g., new, revision, extension,existing or reinstatement; (2) Title; (3)Summary of the collection; (4)Description of the need for, andproposed use of, the information; (5)Respondents and frequency of collection; and (6) Reporting and/orRecordkeeping burden. ED invitespublic comment at the address specifiedabove. Copies of the requests areavailable from Patrick J. Sherrill at theaddress specified above.The Department of Education isespecially interested in public commentaddressing the following issues: (1) isthis collection necessary to the properfunctions of the Department, (2) willthis information be processed and usedin a timely manner, (3) is the estimateof burden accurate, (4) how might theDepartment enhance the quality, utility,and clarity of the information to becollected, and (5) how might theDepartment minimize the burden of thiscollection on the respondents, includingthrough the use of informationtechnology.
Dated: February 25, 1997.
Gloria Parker,
 Director, Information Resources ManagemenGroup.
Office of Elementary and SecondaryEducation
Type of Review:

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