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The Wobbles and Wos of Maddy Blue Part 1

The Wobbles and Wos of Maddy Blue Part 1

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Published by Suzanne Lane
Maddy Blue single fat and fifty is on a mission to change her life...
Maddy Blue single fat and fifty is on a mission to change her life...

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Published by: Suzanne Lane on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The wobbles and woes of Maddy Blue
April 2009 
“Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted tobe when I grew up” Nancy Mitford 
“And dating sites were always frowned on” 
Madeleine Ophelia BelleauThe computer is switched on, Google has beenlocated, dating has been entered in the search
box, A long list of possible sites has appeared …goodness … so many.
 It is a truth universally acknowledged, that adivorced lady of a certain age, in possession ofteenage children and lacking a fortune must be inwant of a partner.And this truth is so well fixed in the minds ofall partnered couples of a similar age that theaforementioned divorcee feels in some way to havefailed in her duty by not acquiring said partner.It would after all be a gross imposition toaccept an invitation if you are unable to fillthe chair next to you.So naturally this rules out meeting any suitablefuture partner at a dinner party.Pubs and clubs these days appear to be very seedyplaces with most of the gentlemen occupants notdeserving the title.And although I have been told that the gym is the
„new club or pub‟ it precludes all those lackingin said fortune…
As that is precisely what itcosts!If 99.9% of all ones friends are partnered thenweekends can be very trying times. Especiallywhen the Ex takes the kids.The social life of a suddenly single female,fifty something, is most definitely restricted.
I have to say though, there is a wonderfulluxurious feeling lying in a super king withcrisp new sheets and no one next to me to snore,grunt or fart in the night and no one I no longerfeel for, to make me feel guilty for not offeringor accepting conjugal rights.Of course a minor drawback to moving forwardfearlessly on the dating scene could be a slight
concern that I have fallen into disuse …… it‟s
been so long!Where did it all go so horribly wrong?Twenty years ago I lived in London, travelled allover the world, stood up in front of people, gavetalks, entertained, was fetedNow I live in the sticks, have a part-time jobaround the corner in a retirement complex, mywell-being business I have been trying to get offthe ground for the last ten years has crashed inthe recession and every full-
time job I‟ve
applied f
or hasn‟t even acknowledged my
application.I am trying to develop a new on-line well-being
project; but it‟s really slow trying to get it
off the ground
Something drastic is needed… on all fronts!
 I thought the easiest might be to tackle datingwhich has led me to my current not so happyplight,Staring at an Internet dating site,Fatter and 50 wondering how on earth I got here.
If I‟ve got to be on a dating site I‟m going towrite about it, in fact that‟s my new career …I‟m
a writer! And my nom de plume
will be „MaddyBlue‟ my nickname from school days on account of
my maiden name being Belleau.A bit of confidence for a dating site is a mustyou can easily be crushed:-I must say my self-confidence is a littleunpredictable and is not helped by the fact myhalf-sister Serena is eight years younger,
taller, slimmer with long flowing blond locks,large green eyes, perfect teeth, full lips andlarge cheek-
bones. I‟m 5ft 2 with a dark
-hairedbob and blue eyes; I used to be slim with anhourglass figure that even Sen envied, however
now I‟m a little matronly and her financial
successes created a very proud frontage from acouple of pancakes which today stand considerablymore upright than mine and without a bra!Despite the physical, personality and ethical
dissimilarities and Sen‟s untimely defection to
Monaco leaving me quite desolate, we are veryclose and spend most of our free time on Skypedisagreeing.So here we are with a couple of excerpts from myjournal, offered in support of all other singlefifty something mums in reduced circumstances whoare trying to earn a crust, support their kids,find soul mate and enjoy their lives!
April 2009
Well back again to my plight, I‟m really cash
poor and get very little help from the Ex, who isstruggling with great debts and has little tooffer to help with the children.
Damn it, I‟ve blighted myself again! These Law ofattraction books I‟ve been reading say you must
imagine you already have the riches!
I‟ve finally put my picture on the website
, Iwrote my profile weeks ago but was too fearful toput a picture up, What if someone I knowrecognised me?
I realised eventually no picture… no interest.
 After spending more time on a few lines than Itook writing a CV I finally produced:-

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