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E Uri Functii Tehnologice

E Uri Functii Tehnologice

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Published by Andreea Scripcariu

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Categories:Types, Recipes/Menus
Published by: Andreea Scripcariu on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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E100 Curcumina Colorant galbenE101 Riboflavina
i riboflavina 5
- fosfatul Colorant galbenE102 Tartrazina Colorant galbenE104 Galben de chinolina Colorant galbenE110 Galben FCF (galben oranj S) Colorant galbenE120 Cochineal, acid carminic, carmine Colorant ro
uE122 Azorubina, carmoizina Colorant ro
uE123 Amarant Colorant ro
uE124 Ponceau 4R, cochineal Red A Colorant ro
uE127 Eritrozina Colorant ro
uE128 Ro
u 2G Colorant ro
uE129 Ro
u Ac Colorant ro
uE131 Albastru patent V Colorant albastruE132 Indigotina, indigo carmin Colorant albastruE133 Albastru briliant FCF Colorant albastruE140 Clorofile
i clorofiline Colorant verdeE141 Complexe cu cupru ale clorofilelor Colorant verde
E142 Verde S Colorant verdeE150a Caramel I Colorant brunE150b Caramel II sulfit caustic Colorant brunE150c Caramel III - amoniac Colorant brunE150d Caramel IV sulfit amoniac Colorant brunE151 Negru briliant BN, negru PN Colorant negruE153 C
rbune vegetal Colorant negruE154 Brun FK Colorant brunE155 Brun HT Colorant brunE160a Caroteni (amestec de caroteni, b - caroteni) Colorant galben-portocaliuE160b Anatto, bixina, norobixina Colorant ro
u portocaliuE160cExtract paprika (oleorezina),capsantina, capsorubinaColorant rosu-carminE160d Licopen Colorant ro
uE160e b -apo-8
-carotenal Colorant ro
u-portocaliuE160f Esterul etilic al acidului b- apo-8
-carotenoic Colorant ro
u-portocaliuE160g Canthaxantina Colorant ro
uE162 Ro
u de sfecl
, betanina Colorant ro
uE163 Antociani Colorant ro
u, violet, albastru
E170 Carbonat de calciu Colorant de suprafa
 E171 Dioxid de titan Colorant de suprafa
 E172Oxizi de fier si hidroxizi de fier (oxizi de fierro
u, oxid de fier negru, oxid de fier galben)Colorant de suprafa
 E173 Aluminiu Colorant de suprafa
 E174 Argint Colorant de suprafa
 E175 Aur Colorant de suprafa
 E180 Lithol rubine BK Colorant de suprafa
 E200 Acid sorbic ConservantE201 Sorabt de sodiu ConservantE202 Sorbat de potasiu ConservantE203 Sorbat de calciu ConservantE210 Acid benzoic ConservantE211 Benzoat de sodiu ConservantE212 Benzoat de potasiu ConservantE213 Benzoat de calciu ConservantE214 Hidroxibenzoat de etil ConservantE215 Hidroxibenzoat de etil sodic ConservantE216 Hidroxibenzoat de propil Conservant

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