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The System

The System

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Published by David Bruce

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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: David Bruce on Feb 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SYSTEM:Write down your GOALS!Write down your DREAMS!Write down your WHY!STEP 1:
-Make a large list of friends in your social network and phone contact list. These people should be friends or acquaintances that you know on a personal level. List peoplewho desire to better their lives and financially improve themselves. Also people who arehealth conscious would be perfect people to contact. Think of high school and collegenetworks and large arenas of young people. Most of these young people fall into thesecategories:1) work minimum wage jobs part time.2) are unemployed or under employeed.3) are currently in college and have student loan debt.Your initial list of people will be from your current network (social circle) and mostlikely be people you come into contact with on a regular basis. Overtime as you havesuccess you will start expanding to other networks out of your city or state. YOUR LISTMEANS NOTHING IF YOU DO NOT INVITE CORRECTLY!STEP 2:
IF YOU EXECUTE THE INVITE CORRECTLY YOU WILL HAVE LONGTERM SUCCESS IN VEMMA.PROCESS:1) Clear their schedule2) Show how excited you are!3) Tell them there is something big they need to check out that is worth their time!4) don’t answer questions!6) Confirm they are showing up and plan out how they will get to the event.7) Remind them 12 hours before the event that it is happening.
Example Invite
:(Remember to plan on inviting a half hour before the event so that your prospect has timeto show up to the event)Ex. Monday night meeting at 7 pmBrand Partner: Hey Patrick how’s it going? You free tonight at 630 pm?Prospect: Well what’s going on? I’m free.
Brand Partner: Well there is something big going on that you need to check out! There isinformation that you need to know that I want to share with you. It will tremendously benefit your life. So since you are free at 6:30 pm ill come pick you up or do you want tomeet up?Prospect: sounds good well what are you talking about? What information are youtalking about?Brand Partner: Dude it’s going to be big and I can tell your interested so ill fill you in at630 pm when we are both free! You need to know what I’m talking about! It will benefityou.Prospect: ok sounds good see you soon.****DON’T EVER BRING UP VEMMA OR VERVE OR A BUSINESSOPPORTUNITY OR ENERGY DRINKS********BE EXCITED AND STRAIGHT TO THE POINT AND CONFIRM THAT THEYWILL BE SHOWING UP TO THE EVENT****Step 3:
Home Event Presentation
1)Greeting/Introduction : The host sits everyone down and verve is passed out.Everyone sits down and the event starts on time.2)Excited Leaders : get up and explain why they are excited and talk about the#YPR. Ask a couple questions along these lines?-who has a minimum wage job they don’t like?-who is unemployed and has no source of income?-who has student loan debt?3) Show the Alex Morton Verve video4) Team leaders explain and break down these topics:-
Vemma the company
( health and wellness company created in 2005 byBk Boreyko. Based out of Scottsdale, Arizona)-
Vemma the nutritional formula
(Vitamins, Essential Minerals,Mangosteen, Aloe Vera)-
Verve the product
(Vemma formula with some guarana seed extract for natural energy and purified water)-
#Young People Revolution
: high school and college students who aretired of working minimum wage jobs, who are unemployed, or who havestudent loan debt and have no way to pay it off. These are the people whoare ambitious and want to make significant change in their life.-
Credibility behind the product
(Dr. Oz recommends Verve on his show,Pheonix Suns made Verve the official product of their franchise, MichaelJordan who owns the Charlotte bobcats made it the official energy drink of 
his franchise, Men’s Journal made Vemma the number 1 superjuice on the planet)-
Credibility behind the business
(The business model is rated A+ by theBetter Business Bureau, NBA Lawyers, Men’s Journal, U.S. Government)-Why is this not a Pryamid Scheme?-Pyramid schemes are illegal in the United States. A Pyramidscheme is a passing around of money based on signing people up for your scheme WITHOUT THE TRANSACTION OF A TANGIBLECOMMODITY OR PRODUCT. (verve is the product so that makes itlegitimate)5) Diamond or above UPLINE-break down the concept and the business model and talk about how it isthe same as Facebook -explain how all your friends spend money on this type of product-big picture-how to start your business (stress silver builder pack for those who areserious and want BMW/Mercedes)-Upline leader tells his storySTEP 4:
6) To end the event the new people who brought their friends get up and explainwhy they want them on board with this and how it’s such a great opportunity infront of the whole event!7) Break off into small groups and enroll the most excited people. (Look for bodylanguage that is showing excitement)(go for the most excited person!)8) Educate your friends and teach the Business!STEP 5:
Teach the INVITE-Make the LIST-Pass out Jim Rohn CD’s and Robert Kiyosaki CD’s-Get them reading 3 books:1) The Secret by Rhonda Byrnnes2) Business of the 21
Century by Robert Kiyosaki3) How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins-Set up the next event and have the new member bringing peopleDUPLICATE THE SYSTEM AND PASS IT ON TO EVERYONE IN YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!Things to think about:-This is not a get rich quick scheme, make a commitment to be here a year from now-The only way you can fail is by not doing anything or by quitting

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