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Lighthouse 020713

Lighthouse 020713

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Published by: VCStar on Feb 14, 2013
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Vol. 13, No. 3 | Thursday, February 7, 2013www.thelighthousenews.com
Seabee battalions deploy
By Andrea Howry
The military tax-assis-tancecenterisnowopenatNavalBaseVenturaCoun-ty, Port Hueneme.People who have usedthe center before will no-tice a lot of changes.“Itiswaydifferent,saidKevin Carey, a Camarilloresident who volunteeredatthecenterlastyear,help-ing active-duty militarypersonnelandretirees pre-paretheirstateandfederalincome taxes for free.First of all, the service isnolongerfreeforeveryone.Peoplewhoearnmorethan$57,000 in adjusted grossincome now pay on a slid-ing scale.
Tax center now open
Photo by AndreA howry / Lighthouse
Tax center volunteer Kevin Carey, left, stops to answer atax-preparation question posed by IT2 Jaquay Burks of Navy Operational Support Center, Ventura County.
Naval Mobile Construction Battal-ion (NMCB) 5 arrived in Okinawa,Japan, Jan. 18 for asix-month deploy-mentthroughoutthePacificCommand.Stories inside:CampShieldsisheadquarterswhileSeabees leave for at least 17 differentexercises and missions.
Page 19.
• Seabees provide visitors a tour of Diego Garcia.
Page 19.
• NMCB 5 helps renovate a schoolin the Philippines.
Page 20.
• Seabees head for Thailand for Ex-ercise Cobra Gold.
Page 21.
For coverage of NMCB 4’s deploy-ment, see the Feb. 21 Lighthouse.
For the first time, it’s self-service
By Andrea Howry
Lack of funding has forced the cancellation of twomajoreventsscheduledforearlythisyearatNavalBaseVentura County (NBVC).The All-Navy Boxing Program, which would havebrought at least five Navy boxers to the base Feb. 25
Funding issues forcecancellation of events
See TAX, PAge 28See eVeNTS, PAge 27
Photo by ut3 (sCw) Jennifer stewArt / nMCb 3
SW3 Mark Bowlin from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3 helps his gunnerlocate and eliminate practice targets during an M240B machine gun qualificationand familiarization exercise held at Camp Roberts in Paso Robles last month. Theevent is a critical step in preparing to deploy.
Story, photos, Pages 16-17.
Allyson Thomas, 16, wins a Childouth Programs essay contest,writing on the topic, “How will you‘be the change’ in 2013?” Her essay is inside.
Page 15
Freshman Congresswoman JuliaBrownley, a member of the Houseeterans Affairs Committee, visitsNaval Base Ventura County Jan. 29.
Page 3
The Super Bowl and free buffetsraw crowds to the liberty centers atNaval Base Ventura County.
Page 4
By Captain Larry Vasquez
NBVC Conn Oc
The LighThOuse is puBLished aT NO COsT TO The gOVerN-meNT eVery OTher Thursday By The sTar, Of CamariLLO,Ca. The sTar is a priVaTe firm iN NO way CONNeCTed wiThThe deparTmeNT Of defeNse Or The uNiTed sTaTes NaVy,uNder wriTTeN CONTraCT wiTh NaVaL Base VeNTuraCOuNTy. The LighThOuse is The ONLy auThOrized CiViLiaNeNTerprise Newspaper fOr memBers Of The u.s. NaVy,CiViLiaN empLOyees, reTirees aNd Their famiLy memBersiN The VeNTura COuNTy area. CONTeNTs Of The paper areNOT NeCessariLy The OffiCiaL Views Of,NOr eNdOrsed By,The u.s. gOVerNmeNT, aNd The deparTmeNT Of defeNse,Or The deparTmeNT Of The NaVy aNd dO NOT impLy eN-dOrsemeNT ThereOf. The appearaNCe Of adVerTisiNg iNThis puBLiCaTiON iNCLudiNg iNserTs aNd suppLemeNTs,dOes NOT CONsTiTuTe eNdOrsemeNT Of The deparTmeNTOf defeNse, The u.s. NaVy Or The sTar, Of The prOduCTsOr serViCes adVerTised. eVeryThiNg adVerTised iN ThispuBLiCaTiON shaLL Be made aVaiLaBLe fOr purChase,useOr paTrONage wiThOuT regard TO raCe,COLOr,reLigiON,sex, NaTiONaL OrigiN, age, mariTaL sTaTus, physiCaLhaNdiCap, pOLiTiCaL affiLiaTiON, Or aNy OTher NON-meriTfaCTOr Of The purChaser, use, Or paTrON. if a ViOLaTiONOr rejeCTiON Of This equaL OppOrTuNiTy pOLiCy By aN ad-VerTiser is CONfirmed, The puBLisher shaLL refuse TOpriNT adVerTisiNg frOm ThaT sOurCe uNTiL The ViOLaTiONis COrreCTed. ediTOriaL CONTeNT is ediTed, preparedaNd prOVided TO The puBLisher By The LOCaL iNsTaLLa-TiON puBLiC affairs OffiCes uNder The auspiCes Of TheNaVaL Base VeNTura COuNTy puBLiC affairs OffiCe.
COmmaNdiNg OffiCer
Chief sTaff OffiCer
Capt. daVid SaSEk 
COmmaNd masTer Chief 
puBLiC affairs OffiCer
LighThOuse ediTOr
andREa HOwRY
fiNd us aT:
adVerTisiNg deparTmeNT
N aVa L B a s e V e N T u r a C O u N T y
pl bt o qton o cont to Lto eto an how t lto@nv.l
800-221-sTar (7827)
     T     h    u    r    s     d    a    y  ,     F    e     b    r    u    a    r    y     7  ,     2     0     1     3
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e
    w    w    w .
     T     h    e     L     i     g     h     t     h    o    u    s    e     N    e    w    s
 .    c    o    m
Question: The state of California does not requirethat military members register their vehicles — and  submit to a smog check — when they move here. Whenregistering my vehicle at Pass and ID, they said I needed to submit a smog check. If California doesn’t require military members to smog check their car, why should Naval Base Ventura County? Answer: Thank you for allowing me to address this.The requirement the staff at Pass and ID is enforcing is not a Naval Base Ventura County requirement, but instead is a Chief of Naval Operations requirement.
OPNAVINST 11200.5D, Motor Vehicle Trafc
Supervision, covers a variety of topics, but Chapter 3 is devoted to vehicle registration standards. If youlive, work or frequent a U.S. military installation, youare required to register your vehicle. To do so, youmust have a valid driver’s license, valid registration,and you must comply with the safety and air qualityrequirements of the state where the facility is located,rather than where your vehicle is registered. Not requiring you to register your vehicle in Cali- fornia is a courtesy to a military member. It comes withthe understanding that the military will enforce certain set standards; it is not a pass to avoid meeting state standards. I realize that it can be expensive to get avehicle tested, repaired and retested, but it’s the right thing to do — legally and environmentally.You can visit http://dmv.ca.gov/vr/smogfaq.htm for more information about California’s smog testing stan-dards. There are even links to programs that can helpdetermine repair costs and/or buy back older cars that can’t pass inspection. Keep the questions and feedback coming! You can submit via this forum at lighthouse@navy.mil, onlineusing the CO’s Suggestion Box at http://cnic.navy.mil/ventura/index.htm or at www.Facebook.com/Naval- BaseVenturaCounty. You can also follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/NBVCCalifornia and keep up onthe latest news and events.
Why is a smog check required on my vehicle?
T  h   eL  i      g h   t  h   o u s  e ew s 
. c  om
T  h   eL  i      g h   t  h   o u s  e
T  h   ur   s  d   a  y   ,F   e b  r   u ar    y   , 0  3 
A new exhibithonoring military families will be unveiledat the Seabee Museum at 10 a.m.Family-friendly activities continuethrough 2:30 p.m. See Page 4.
Love your body onValentine’s Day. Firstlunchtime 5K of theyear put on by Morale, Welfare andRecreation. Registration 11 a.m.;run at 11:30 a.m. Bee-Hive Gym,NBVC Port Hueneme. Walkers,strollers welcome. Info: 989-7378.
PortHueneme Police Chief Robert Paul Gager isthe guest speaker atthe noon luncheon in the BardMansion. Social time begins at11:30 a.m. Reservations and baseaccess: Jim Cecil, 482-8215;Arlene Fraser, 985-3559.
ContinuesFeb. 15. 10 a.m. to 4p.m., behind the gasstation at NBVC Point Mugu. Info:982-2400.
VenturaCounty Chapter of the National Activeand Retired FederalEmployees Association meets forsocial time at 11:30 a.m., lunch atnoon, at the Elks Club, 801 SouthA St., Oxnard. Cost: $9. Reserveby Feb. 25 by calling 482-1801.
By Kimberly Gearhart
NBVC Public Affairs
Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC)Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC)staff hosted a visit from one of the new-stmembersof CongressandtheHouseeterans Affairs Committee – Jan. 29.U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley, who repre-sents California’s 26th CongressionalDistrict, in which NBVC is situated, vis-ited several military and veterans serviceproviders in Ventura County during avisit to her home district last month.For Brownley, the visit was about get-ting a feel for what kinds of services tran-sitioning military members and veteransare receiving and where services can beimproved.“I’m newly elected to Congress,Brownley said, noting that she was ap-pointed to the House Veterans AffairsCommittee and is the ranking memberof the subcommittee on veterans’health.“I have a lot to learn. Not only do I wantto understand what’s going on for veter-ans and military here in Ventura County,but I want to take that knowledge andhelp veterans across the country.”Afterabriefingregardingtherevampedtransition assistance program, now calledTransition GPS because it focuses ongoals,plansandsuccess,BrownleytouredFFSC at NBVC Port Hueneme withCapt. David Sasek, NBVC’s chief staff officer,andLauraHamilton,FFSCdirec-tor.Hamilton discussed the types of pro-grams and services available at FFSC formilitary members and their families be-yond basic transition services, includingfinancial planning classes and counselingservices for the entire family.“I hope that this is the first in a seriesof meetings,Brownley said. “As a new-ly sworn-in member of Congress, I havequite a learning curve, and I want to besure we have good services for veterans.I want to be vigilant.”
Freshman congresswoman visits base
U.S. Rep. Julia Brownley, newly elected to the 26th Congressional District, which includesNaval Base Ventura County, listens as Capt. David Sasek, chief staff officer of the base,discusses the many different programs available to Sailors and their families.
By Andrea Howry
The Blue Angels, the U.S. Navy FlightDemonstrationSquadron,willbethefea-turedactatthisyear’sairshow,scheduledfor Sept. 28 and 29 at Naval Base Ven-tura County (NBVC) Point Mugu.Oneof thenewestmembersof theteam,and its first Chinese-American, is Lt.Cmdr. Michael Cheng, whose previousassignment was deputy air operations of-ficer at NBVC.Cheng returned to the base last month,flying in a blue and gold F/A-18 HornetpilotedbyLt.RyanChamberlain.Thesideof the jet was emblazoned with theirnames.
Blue Angels members fly in for air show meeting
Lt. Cmdr. Michael Cheng, formerly the deputy air operations officer at Naval Base Venturaounty and now No. 8 on the Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron, recently returnedto the base for an air show planning meeting. The Blue Angels will perform at the air showSept. 28 and 29.
It’s a homecomingfor former deputy airoperations officer whosnow with the squadron
See AIR SHOW, On 26
NBVC will participatein Solid Curtain-Citadel Shield throughMarch 1. This annual forceprotection training exercise may affect services, such as the taxcenter. Call ahead, and look formore in the next Lighthouse.

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